Israel is poised to push the button on Iran.

‘Israel Will Have to Attack Iran on Its Own’

It has been reported that a diplomatic-security source in Israel said that “in the end, Israel will have to attack Iran in order to prevent it from achieving nuclear capability,” Maariv-NRG reported Friday. The source is “well versed in materials connected with Iran’s nuclear development, contacts between Israel and the U.S. and timetables.”

The source and other senior officials think that the chance of a U.S. strike against Iran is growing slimmer as time goes by.

President Bush would jeopardize McCain’s chance for the presidency.

Israel is preparing for war and retaliation. The time frame is estimated to be in August.

7 thoughts on “Israel is poised to push the button on Iran.

  1. Iranians had suffered devastations in the hands of hordes of Mongols, crazy Alexander of Macedonia, fanatic Arabs and others over their history.

    Do we want our name to be on the same list as Genghis Khan for our brutality by attacking Iran? Have we not inflicted enough damage on Iranian people since 1940? Iraq should be our last war of aggression.

    It does not make any difference who starts the attack on Iran, USA or Israel. We are just proxy for Israel.

  2. You are doing a excellent job reporting on the reporters as well as the stories they don’t or can’t touch. I’m a regular reader of now. Congratulations on over a quarter million reads!

  3. There is no win for anyone here. Iran’s leader is a meglomaniac that has openly said he desires to destroy Isreal.

    There is infact one timeline, at one point Iran will attack Isreal, or Isreal will attack Iran.

    If nothing is done on our current timeline, Iran will have nuclear weapons grade components in a few years and they will be used to harm millions.

    If however, Isreal decides to confront Iran and attack all of thier nuclear facilities, they silence Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and stop the madness for a spell.

    There is no easy way out, Isreal must attack.

    Since our current administration has no backbone and are more concerned about destroying health care and placing America on its knees with this “Copenhagen Treaty”, we can only stand by and watch history through the lense of televisions.

    Obamination indeed.

  4. Well, the reason it will be likely that Israel will attack Iran around August is because then Obama is more likely to be on Israel’s side since it is election time.
    Here is an article I wrote for my school newspaper on why Israel, and/or America should not go to war with Iran.
    If you look through my blog (Just started it today) you’ll see another article I wrote about the Arab Spring back in October that was in campuswatch, a Zionist watchdog website focused on colleges that posts all the anti Zionist things on every campus, for those who don’t know about it.

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