MediaMatters started with U.S. taxpayer’s money, now hijacked by central European socialist groups

Google MediaMatters and see the face of the Democrat party. On the 4th of July, no mention of the Declaration of Independence. Instead, attack after attack on John McCain’s war record and strange stories about FOX News.

UPDATE: MediaMatters put a little Happy Fourth of July phrase in its banner. Yeah!

Do a little research on Media Matters and see what happened to the line between journalism from PBS, (of course, supported by U.S. taxpayers), and what is now a left-wing propaganda machine.

The articles on MediaMatters, based in Washington D.C., are aimed at attacking Republican and independent candidates and support Obama and Democrat candidates. Imagine if a conservative group took over “Fresh Air” on NPR and turned it into a propaganda tool.

No mention of the Supreme Court decision to uphold and clarify the Second Amendment.

Some questions for the staff of Media Matters:

Which is more important? An individual’s right to protect themselves with firearms or the right of the government to keep control of firearms.

How were the Great Lakes formed in the United States?

How is oil formed?

When was the last Ice Age?

If the North Pole has lost all its ice this year, why haven’t the water levels risen?

What role do sun spots and solar flares have on weather and climate?

What caused the great ice ages and warming periods?

What does the 4th of July mean to you?

What is your problem with the Second Amendment?

What was Brown and Root’s role in LBJ’s rise to power? Did you know that Brown and Root are now KBR, the military contractors?

Does it matter to you that NBC and MSNBC are owned and controlled by General Electric, one of the biggest war contractors in world history?

Why is it fine with you and the Democrat party for China and Cuba to draw oil off the coast of Florida, but not the U.S.?

Which country is polluting more? The U.S., China or Russia?

Please comment. We would like to know more about the people who work for Media Matters.

One thought on “MediaMatters started with U.S. taxpayer’s money, now hijacked by central European socialist groups

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