Chinese upset with Greorge W. Bush’s speech at Olympics about freedom

What kind of reception will Bush get? Perhaps a steaming platter of dog or perhaps a horse penis, both delicacies in China.

In a speech highlighting America’s historic freedoms and challenges ahead  in Asia, President Bush had boldly pushed China to enact a free press, free assembly,  freedom of religion  and labor rights in China, and spoke out sharply against its imprisonment of its citizens, human rights advocates and religious leaders. He said he wasn’t trying to antagonize China, but called such reform the only path the U.S. rival can take to reach its full potential.

This  sets the stage for an interesting reception when he attends the opening ceremonies Friday evening and meets with Hu on Sunday after attending church.

No other U.S. president has been so blunt with the Chinese  in modern history.

What kind of reception will Bush get? Perhaps a steaming platter of dog or perhaps a horse penis and testicles,  delicacies in China.

3 thoughts on “Chinese upset with Greorge W. Bush’s speech at Olympics about freedom

  1. August 7, 08
    I am pleased to see that President Bush has spoken out strongly about issues of importance to and about China such as human rights, freeding dissidents, enabling religious groups, etc. Besides the Chinese tit for tat response that can be expected, I suspect that having said this as urged by many human rights advocates, then Bush and President Hu Jintao will have a very cordial meeting and enjoying the Olympics together. No doubt President Hu will chastize Bush for the US human rights violations in Abu Grab, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay.This friendliness between Bush and Hu, which goes back to the 9/11 incident and Hu’s immediate response of solidarity assumes that the 100,000 plain clothes police will be able to keep the Olympics sanitized and trouble free. Personally, I hope that it will be a great Olympics and that the contest for gold medals is fully joined by China, Russia and the US. It is not likely that either Hu or Bush will be pleased if someone pulls a Tibet flag out from under his or her clothes, but if it happens, China and the US would both be better served by letting such incidents pass without 5 plain clothesmen, or even angry young Chinese, with a current fervor of nationalism, grabbing the offender and escorting him or her out of the arena, while all of the world’s tv cameras are focused on the ceremony. I don’t personally object to Bush going as the US president to enjoy the opening of the Games and attending some other events,
    especially since he has now made the obligatory strong speech about human rights in China which will get the anticipated sharp response by Hu Jintao. And then let the games begin as the world’s current most intercultural event with more than 10,000 atheletes participating and more than a billion people watching parts or all of the games on tv or the internet I hope that “One World, One Dream” will be an actuality for the first summer games in Asia.

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  3. Michael,
    I admire Bush for taking a stand for freedom at the Olympics. He needs a memorable quote, something like “Mr. Hu, tear down this wall of Big Brother oppression. Let freedom reign throughout China.”

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