American flags dumped in trash bags in and piled next to dumpsters

The black trash bags were in the dumpster and stacked next to the trash bins —  left there for a week after the Democrat convention.

“The flags were there for a week and a day and no one came looking for them,” said a vendor at Invesco Field, site of the Obama acceptance speech.

Questions that were not asked:

Why wouldn’t the Democrat delegates and super delegates take the flags home with them as souvenirs rather than throw them out? Instead, they took home their OBAMA signs.

Why were piles of busted balloons, confetti and soda cans mixed in with the flags? If the flags were being shipped somewhere, why weren’t they boxed up? When has UPS ever allowed black plastic trash bags as shipping containers?

Note that the news media isn’t bothering to interview the Boy Scouts who rescued the flags out of the trash bags.

What do Democrats care about little American flags? They have a higher calling — Obama.

25 thoughts on “American flags dumped in trash bags in and piled next to dumpsters

  1. Just another example of what the liberial left, anti-business, anti American democrats and the Obama camp think of America, Americans and American Values.

    They just don’t get it! Then they can’t understand why they can’t sway American voters like myself away from voting republican ticket.

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