Joe the plumber is in deep sh*t now for speaking up against Obama

By Mick Gregory

You knew it would happen. Joe the Plumber’s 15 minutes of fame in last night’s debate have turned into a round of public humiliation for the wannabe business owner. The Toledo Blade is reporting that Joe has no plumber’s license.

To make matters worse, the Blade also found that the Ohio Department of Taxation placed a lien against Joe because $1,183 in personal property taxes had not been paid. The piling on has begun. The media is searching for more dirt on Joe. Why aren’t journalists looking at William Ayers and Obama’s ACORN support and the Fannie and Freddie financial disastor with as much vigor?

You know why, don’t you. Welcome to the new United Socialist/Democrat States! Where the media is in lockstep with Big Brother and Senator Government. Make way for a wave of taxes and government control not seen in this country since Jimmy Carter, or LBJ’s Great Society, maybe even FDR’s New Deal. It’s BO’s time.

It took a hard working, average citizen to expose the media propaganda and lack of reporting on Democrat candidate for president, Barack Obama. Rather than report on Obma’s ACORN and William Ayers long-term alliance with Obama’s political support, they turn to ripping into Joe from Ohio.



We know that more than 90 percent of the major media consider themselves liberal. Even more so, the “minor media” like loser reporters in Scranton and those working for the Stribe.

We know that the small town Scranton fat, homely liberal reporter who made up hearing people at McCain-Palin saying “terrorist,” etc.

11 thoughts on “Joe the plumber is in deep sh*t now for speaking up against Obama

  1. Meanwhile, the Democrat party is asking for the U.S. Supreme Court to let Ohio keep 200,000 fraudulant, incomplete and ficticious voter registrations. Ohio’s top elections chief has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over whether the state is required to do more to help counties verify voter eligibility, a spokesman for her office said Thursday.

    Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, filed an appeal the high court late Wednesday, said spokesman Jeff Ortega.

    On Tuesday, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati sided with the Ohio Republican Party and ordered Brunner to set up a system that provides names of newly registered voters whose driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers don’t match records in other government databases.

    The GOP contends the information for counties will help prevent fraud.

    At least 200,000 newly registered voters have mismatched data, according to an initial review by Brunner’s office.

  2. I think some in the McCain campaign are now wishing that they had picked Joe the Plumber instead of Sarah Palin for VP. In just a single day, he’s done more media interviews than Palin has done since her selection. He’s also made more sense.

    The economy is the biggest reason John MCain has slid so far and so fast in the polls. Palin is second. The very voters she was supposed to bring to McCain’s camp are the ones she has clearly alienated, the Hillary women, women in general and independents.

    About the only ones who remain excited about Palin are the far right GOP base, the anti-elitist crowd who thinks an elite is someone who graduated from high school.

    The latest CBS / NYT poll has Palin’s favorability rating at 32%, just 8 points ahead of George Bush and 2 points behind measles. Her popularity topped the day she was announced as the VP nominee. The more voters have gotten to know her, the more negatively they have responded.

    It’s gotten so bad that the McCain staff has even turned on National Review’s Bill Kristol, who is said to have recommended that McCain choose Palin.

    But if Joe the Plumber is in deep sh*t now for his actions, he has a great advantage. He’s a plumber, the most famous one since the Nixon administration!

  3. Ken,
    Nice zinger at the end of your well-crafted Palin bashing, subtle call for help from Hillary PUMAs. I would be willing to bet you that Palin has a higher IQ than Obama, Biden, Kerry or Gore.

  4. Yeah, that Palin must be the dumbest VP ever – she can’t even spell. Oh wait, that was Biden (Dem VP) who thought that J-O-B-S is a three letter word. I guess the Dems have the dumbest VP ever.

    The Dems are also straining their minds when they say the polls indicate Obama will beat McCain. The margin of error exceeds the alleged lead -ergo a statistical deadheat for both candidates, even though the left-wing media is trying desperately to ordain Obama/Biden, without success. I guess the only group with worse poll #s than Palin is the Dem run Congress (in the single digits!)

    This “anti-elitist” (I am an attorney with licenses in two states) thinks Palin is pretty smart to appeal to the base of her own party. including women.

    Palin represents Joe the plumber and most of the anti-socialist in America. Palin will push McCain into the Whitehouse.

    What do you think of that Ken, the manure-using gardener ?

  5. Well Marjon, just like a lawyer to read the words but not work the numbers.

    The average of all polls nationally today gives Obama a 7.5% lead. Some are within the margin of error and some give him up to a 12-point lead. Not one gives McCain a lead. With all polls giving Obama the lead, statistically the chances of him winning the popular vote currently exceed 90%.

    But as we all know (I’m from Al Gore’s state, after all), it’s not the popular vote but the electoral vote that elects presidents. And about the best I can find now for McCain is Obama beating him with 313 electoral votes (271 are needed). And where does that worst-case scenario come from? Umm…well, it comes from Karl Rove’s latest calculations.

    Does this mean the race is over? Of course not. I’ve been around politics long enough to know that two weeks is a lifetime. But if I were John McCain, I wouldn’t bet any of my eight houses on my chances.

    As for Palin, it’s not her intelligence. I think she is actually a very smart, accomplished woman in many ways. Her problem is that she is stunningly, breathtakingly ignorant of all the important issues facing the nation. It’s not that she has positions that I disagree with — she doesn’t have positions. Even the McCain campaign thinks so. They have put her in a bubble, refusing to trust her to answer questions like any other person would have to if he or she sought one of the two highest offices in the land.

    She’s great at talking points, something I see from many of my conservative friends. But when it comes to understanding and analyzing the issues, she has no history whatsoever. There are monstrous cram sessions everytime she goes out in public to see that she doesn’t embarrass herself. It concerns me greatly that if something should happen to President John McCain, we would have a clueless, empty vessel in the White House who had to be crammed to understand what is happening. The question also arises, who is doing the cramming and telling her what to think? Is that a question we really want to ask about someone who could be the next president?

    Palin also seems to have a teensy problem with telling the truth. She was against the Bridge to Nowhere (except she was for it), she sold the state plane on e-Bay (except she didn’t), she was found innocent of all ethical violations in Troopergate (except she wasn’t) and she is an all-American, pro-American girl (except she is married to a guy who, for seven years, was a member of an anti-American, secessionist political party). And I’m just hitting the highlights.

    Palin does appeal to the conservative base, the folks who are still stuck on the divisive social wedge issues. Unfortunately, none of these social issues is going to get our economy out of the ditch, solve our energy problems, regain America’s respect in the world, provide affordable health care to families, make our nation more secure or get anybody a job. It seems to this simple gardener that these issues are a bit more on people’s minds today than flag pins.

    And in a brief footnote, puhleeeeze don’t talk to me about socialism when the Bush administration has just been forced to nationalize major parts of our largest industry.

  6. Funny this isn’t on the front page of the NY Times, Washigton Post or SF Chronicle today?

    Last week we experienced the biggest one day gain of the DOW in shear numbers, IN HISTORY. And for the week, the Dow rose 4.8%, its first such gain since the meltdown of Lehman Brothers Holdings set off a global financial crisis in mid-September. The gain was also the Dow’s biggest weekly rise in percentage terms since March 2003.

    Gas prices cut in half! I filled my tank on $1.69 at a Chevron. Later I saw gas for $1. 62 at a Citgo (Shitco). The price of a barrel of oil was also cut in half this week , falling to $70 per barrel.
    I’m even getting credit card applications in the mail.

  7. Wealth should be redistributed using tax credits to those who don’t pay taxes.

    Thirty percent of Americans don’t pay federal taxes.

    Obama lost five-tenths of a point from yesterday’s report, while McCain gained another six-tenths of a point. It was the third consecutive day in which Obama’s numbers slipped and McCain’s numbers increased.

    McCain has once again moved above 45% support overall, a mark he has not seen since the second day of daily tracking reports. Obama’s slip under 48% support is the first time at that level in nearly a week. He now stands within one-tenth of a percent of where he stood when the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking began almost two weeks ago. McCain is within two-tenths of a percent of where he was when the tracking poll began.

  8. Mick continues to get it right, without wasting time pointing out the inaccuracies of the liberal /neo-socialists (i.e. Palin said she put the plane on E-bay, not that she sold the plane on E-bay) .

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    Mick is part of the “soft-spoken (not completely silent) majority” that will save this country.

  9. JOe the Plumber should have stayed home….the more he opens his mouth he gets dumber & dumber….he doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out…..he doesn’t even have a plumbing license but no money to buy a business…he was a plant….he walked over to Obama and I heard he already contributed to McCain’s campaign….and as for Palin..she doen’t even know what her duties will be as VP…she lied to a 3rd grader…….she said she was kidding earlier when she didn’t know…..but I think she just doesn’t get….read the constitution….

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