Bottom-up change of America by Obama — Lowering the middle class

Trickle up poverty,  a phrase coined by someone who deserves an award or something, is probably not well liked by the far right. Why not try trickle up economic support?  Most of us consider ourselves “middle class.” I’d imagine even Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh think of themselves as middle class, on the upper end, of course.

For political “big tent” purposes, the middle class is now about 80 percent of the country, including the  millions who don’t pay income taxes. We now know that  Joe the Plumber will soon be too rich for middle class status or Obama’s tax cuts. Welcome to the new lower middle class.

The Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn unpacks Barack Obama’s “tax cut for 95% of the people” hooey. The short version:

Now, if you have been following this so far, you have learned that people who pay no income tax will get an income tax refund. You have also learned that this check will represent relief for the payroll taxes these people do pay. And you have been assured that this rebate check won’t actually come out of payroll taxes, lest we harm Social Security.

You have to admire the audacity. With one touch of the Obama magic, what otherwise would be described as taking money from Peter to pay Paul is now transformed into Paul’s tax relief. Where a tax cut for payroll taxes paid will not in fact come from payroll taxes. And where all these plans come together under the rhetorical umbrella of “Making Work Pay.”

All of this is breathtakingly dishonest. (As Al Gore would say I think we need a lock box.)

Welcome to the world of MSM-lapdog-ism. But I can’t blame the MSM. McCain was too frozen in country club Republican politics to respond. 

5 thoughts on “Bottom-up change of America by Obama — Lowering the middle class

  1. Would it make any difference in your thoughts about refundable tax credits if I told you McCain was proposing them as well? I thought not.

    He is, actually. It’s part of this health care plan to give $5,000 refundable tax credits to families for purchasing private health insurance.

  2. Ken, there is quite a difference, isn’t there? McCain isn’t “spreading the wealth” around, rather his plan is to give families a choice with health care decisions.

    Of course, you knew that. I predict from today on McCain/Palin’s poll numbers continue to climb while Obama’s star falls. Biden is a joke. He may even get pulled “for medical reasons.”

  3. Your claim about Biden is quite startling, especially when the new polls from McClatchy and the Wall Street Journal show that Sarah Palin is the top concern that voters have about John McCain.

    In the WSJ survey, 34% named Palin as their major reason for moving away from McCain. The next, at 23%, was that he would continue George W. Bush’s policies. Palin is a bigger albatross around McCain’s neck than George Bush! Who would have guessed that Americans have a lower tolerance for mavericky maverickness than they do for gross incompetence?

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