Democrat Darling Woody Harrelson’s Hit Man Father Said He Was Involved in the JFK Assassination

Mick Gregory


I’d imagine you didn’t read any of this in your New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post or San Francisco Chronicle.

This report is a little treat for people like you who read citizen journalist Web pages to get more depth. The mainstream media has been glossing over inconvenient stories that could tarnish the image of the left and Democrat party for some 60 years in the U.S. For “the greater good” the press has been downplaying or even hiding some striking events. Instead, Paris Hilton is covered 24/7.

The outpoken, Hollywood Democrat, Woody Harrelson had a role model that may have helped him in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers, Woody’s father was a top-notch hit man. Charles Voyde Harrelson was caught and convicted to two life terms for killing U.S. District Judge John H. Wood in 1979. That is the extent of the coverage in the press.

First of all, hit men like Charles Harrelson do not get hired unless they come with excellent credentials and are  highly recommended by clients. Charles Harrelson had already earned a “rep” for getting the job done and keeping his head down and mouth shut on some previous kills.

There are people reporting that Charles Harrelson earned the honor of a best-in-class hit man in the early ’60s. Before he was convicted for Judge Wood’s killing, he was a contractor for several other successful operations and what made them so successful, no trace to the clients. 

There are reports that Harrelson’s father was one of three “homeless men” arrested on railroad tracks near the “grassy knoll” in Dallas, minutes after of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They were questioned and released.

The most amazing fact not being reported is that Charles Harrelson openly admitted being involved in the JFK assination. He has made public statemenst about it. So why didn’t Dan Rather or Mike Wallace talk to Mr. Harrelson and find out more about his statements?

Too late now, Harrelson died a few months ago of an apparent heart attack at the Supermax facility in Colorado, he was 69.

Prior to the Wood murder, Charles Harrelson was tried for the 1968 killing of Hearne, Texas grain dealer Sam Degelia in Edinburg, Texas. Harrelson’s attorney was Percy Foreman, who had been counsel for convicted Martin Luther King assassin James Earl Ray. Foreman produced a surprise witness: a nightclub singer who claimed that she had been with Harrelson at the time of the murder. The trial ended in a hung jury: 11 for conviction, one for acquittal.

Harrelson was retried in 1974 in Brownsville, Texas. Texas Ranger Jack Dean, the lead investigator on the Degelia case, was in the courtroom with a perjury arrest warrant for the nightclub singer. But she had learned of it and fled to Aruba. Without the help of her testimony, Harrelson was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. With time off for good behavior, he was free in five years.

Harrelson has declared and made public statements that he was involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Why would he admit that while trying to appeal his life sentences?

Informants have reported that he was one of the three “tramps” photographed after being arrested on November 22 1963, in a boxcar in the railyard near Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Harrelson’s arresting officer, Marvin L. Wise, claims that the three men in his custody were released after a few hours of questioning. The other arresting officer, David V. Harkness, testified that there were several individuals removed from the train that day other than the three individuals in the photograph. Dallas Police Department documents presented to the public in 1992 indicate that three transients were arrested by Dallas officer W.E. Chambers.

Oliver Stone depicted the arrest of the “tramps” with clean hands and clothes in his docudrama JFK.
One has to wonder what kind of conversations Stone and Woody Harrelson had regarding the Warren Commission findings and Woody’s infamous dad. 


In Harrelson’s Texas murder trial for killing Sam Degelia the prosecution introduced an eyewitness, Jerry O’Brien Watkins, who at one time had posed as a CIA agent and tried to buy weapons for anti-Castro exiles in Miami, a scam that apparently involved Harrelson. There is good evidence that Harrelson had ties to exiles doing drug and gun smuggling and other serious business in Florida before and after the JFK assassination.

It is clear that between 1960 when Charles Harrelson was arrested for a petty crime in California and the mid-‘60s when he was driving new big luxury cars, living all over the country, and wearing expensive clothes, he did something to get a serious reputation as a contract hit man. It’s also clear that even after his very first arrest he had a strong will to keep his mouth shut and lie about big crimes he had committed.

A blogger named “James” stated, “I have no doubts that the JFK assassination was orchestrated with the use of cutouts (cutouts are individuals involved, but do not know the big picture) to recruit small operating cells. People who circulate in the professional killing business are fully aware of the dangers… These people have to be handled from the time they are recruited for the job, to the time they are tucked safely away. To even be considered for something like the Kennedy hit, you would have had to possess a solid track record, reliability in a crisis, and the ability to keep your mouth shut no matter what. These professionals were tried and tested operators known to the cutouts and known to the plotters.”

It is a Hollywood script cliché to say that by participating in a high-profile assassination you sign your own death warrant. No one would volunteer to get involved. This fact also helps explain that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he said, “a patsy” and then silenced by Jack Ruby. Oswald was the perfect patsy. He had been a communist defector, never mind a former U.S. Marine with black ops experience who was let back in the U.S. with no problem, not even a small fine.

Here is a recording from one of the last men alive to know anything about the JFK conspiracy, by E. Howard Hunt. He also died a few months ago of this year. His son Saint John Hunt is finishing a book with his father’s death bed confessions. LBJ had set the assassination plan and helped greatly in its coverup.

25 thoughts on “Democrat Darling Woody Harrelson’s Hit Man Father Said He Was Involved in the JFK Assassination

  1. Wow Mick,
    That is amazing. What really floors me is that if his father did make these statements about being involved in the assassination of JFK – how could Woody have not hated his father? Isn’t he a devout Democrat. JFK was the holy grail candidate, the ideal president, the yardstick by which all Dem presidents since him have been compared. Cripes the Kennedy’s are alway referred to as the American Royal Family. Yet, ol’ Woody didn’t publically disown papa? Interesting.

    As to Woody’s and Ollie’s conversations, I think they were both smoking the same thing at the time, so intelligible conversation probably didn’t occur. Quite the role models, these two.


    Yes, LOL! I’ve talked with a Hollywood screen writer who worked with Stone. He said the guy was party animal and heavy drug user. MG

  2. The little communist (Oswald) cant even get the credit for his only claim to fame.

    Black Dog. I have to believe the evidence that Oswald was a U.S. Marine who joined the CIA, “defected” to Russia, but was soon alowed back in the U.S.A. Why after a night of questioning, with no notes or recordings, did Oswald say to the press, “I’m a patsy.” Why wouldn’t he be proud of what he had done? See the movie “Shooter.” It’s about a ficticious hit. But there are some interesting comments about the JFK assassination and the way people can be set up.

  3. Jones, the editor of the Midlothian, Texas newspaper, and a simple honest man, told me upon my return to the United States: “I shall never forget Le Harvey Oswald’s face, beaten brutally to a pulp, of his terrified expression when he was being led by beefy policemen the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. And this young man kept shouting ‘I am a patsy’…I am a patsy!…’ And,” continued this elderly newspaperman, “I swear to God I knew that he was telling the truth.”

    I had a premonition the day of Kennedy’s assassination. 3,000 miles away, in Haiti, that Lee was involved in some way, that he was in deep trouble. It’s strange how those things work…

    Think on the inscription on the picture we had discovered in our luggage. How could a hunter of the fascists be the assassin of a young and liberal President? Would Lee address this photograph so endearingly to me, knowing well how much I liked John F. Kennedy, had he intended to assassinate him?

    Would his wife call him even sneeringly, “the fascists” hunter, if her husband was preparing to assassinate the most liberal President America ever had?

    Whether you were responsible, even partially, even as a patsy, in the conspiracy to assassinate, I do hope that this book will help you sleep in peace.

    Knowing Lee and his truthfulness, my wife and I believe that had Lee had the chance to speak, he would have told the truth. If he even had some part in the assassination, he would have proudly thrown to the world his reasons for it.

    Lee was above all an individualist, an idealist who hoped to change the world, not a blind slave led by his prejudices, by an excessive devotion to a defined doctrine, to proconceived notions.

    He denied that he was the assassin to the last moment of his life. And while Dallas police questioned him for forty some hours, he never admitted anything. For some reason, the police chief never reseased to the Warren Committee any notes of this interrogation and he denied that the interrogation had been tape-recorded. Dallas police supposedly had not a single tape-recorder at the time. As primitieve as the Dallas police had been, such negligence is hardly credible.

    Chief Justice Warren, while interrogating the chief of police who had said “we never got around to buy a tape-recorder”, asked acidly: “wasn’t it worth while to borrow a tape recorder when the assassination of the President of the United States was beign investigated?”.

    The City of Dallas was certainly rich enough at the time to have acquired a tape-recorder.

    And so the tape of Lee’s interrogation either did not exist or had mysteriously disappeared.

    In my opinion Lee would have told the truth during this lenthy interrogation, during which he must have been beaten and maybe tortured, he would have cracked down but his last words were: “I am a patsy!” And so he was.

  4. You are so right about this, but the “powers that be,” you remember them, continue to say it was just like the Warren Commission said. A recently published book, Deadly Delusion, is an account of the JFK Assassination told in the fictional voice of Lee Oswald.
    Excerpts from book appear almost daily at

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  6. Oswald’s statement that he was a “patsy”, if added to the admission (I call it confession) of leading Warren Commission member, Gerald R. Ford in 1995 to the Assassination Records Review Board, that he (Ford) did order the Commission’s medical illustrator to “move upward by several inches the JFK back wound from where it appeared in the JFK autopsy photographs, but only to clarify things,” is, in my humble book, all that is necessary to unequivocally say that Oswald did NOT kill Kennedy!”

    If you see, you will mee the FBI Special Agents who found the man who in fact did shoot from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. He is 67 years old now. He didn’t do like Charles Harrelson, and come forward to say anything about the JFK killing. He was found by the FBI when they were looking for a man involved in mafia crimes in 1979 and 1980 in Chicago and Dallas, Texas.

    They investigated his criminal past. They talked with an FBI informant who told them of a remark when the informant, under-cover, was told by this man as they drove through Dealey Plaza: “If the American people ever found out what really happened here, they would not be able to handle it.”

    That statement was turned over to the FBI by their informantl That led to a police chase of the man who made the above statement. He tried to shoot a Chicago cop. He missed. He is in jail now at Stateville Prison, Joliet, Illinois.

    He new Lee Harvey Oswald, and their mutual CIA handler was David Atlee Phillips. Phillips’ name was one mentioned by E. Howard Hunt’s confession that we have all heard online. Phillips was connected to LBJ’s good friend, Cord Meyer. Phillips was also connected to Frank Sturgis who had worked for Nixon, Hunt, the CIA leadership, Bush, Sr., in Operation 40.

  7. There is a new file on Wikipedia for Charles Harrelson that is the file of evidence collected on the Murder of Sam Degelia.

    In the file, there are lots of details about how abusive he was to his girlfriend, exactly how he killed Alan Berg, and new information that shows that Pete Scamardo did not hire Harrelson to kill Sam Degelia. Harrelson’s girlfriend says that he owed Scamardo a favor for losing some heroin.
    All the papers say that it was a murder for hire for insurance money.

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