Will terrorists strike again? Why is the U.S. pouring 20,000 troops into cities? There must be some ‘chatter’


The Washington Post reports that the Pentagon has issued the marching orders to mobilize 20,000 millitary troops to secure unspecified cities within the U.S.

Homeland Securtiy issued warnings of a terror attack on New York City’s mass transit system from Nov. 28 through the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah) the mainstream media doesn’t even have the intellectual honesty to report which holidays. Commuters and vacationing shoppers are supposed to be uneasy and many may even put off their trips to buy gifts. This, as we watch to bloodbath from Nov. 26-28, in Mumbi, India where the death toll has reached 200 from a group of 10 terrorists.

Who did it? We know the terrorists hate Jews. That narrows it down. 

What do the learders of Iran, Palistine and Syria have to say about the bombings? 

A Brooklyn rabbi and his wife were found among the dead in a series of terrorist attacks in India that have claimed more than 150 lives. In response to the attacks, the NYPD beefed up patrols around large hotels and Jewish centers, including the Lubavitcher headquarters, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

The department already was on alert because of a warning earlier this week of a possible al-Qaida plot to strike the city’s rail systems over the holidays.

“The threat is serious, the threat is significant, and it is plausible,” said Congressman Peter King, R-Long Island, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, who ran the Chabad-Lubavitch local headquarters in Mumbai were killed during a hostage standoff at the center, said Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin, a spokesman for the movement. 

On Wednesday, federal authorities warned New York police of an unsubstantiated (but reliable) report that al-Qaida operatives discussed an attack on New York’s subway system or rail lines like Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road.

A spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he had no plans to comment. (Keep shopping sheelple). 

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said additional resources were being deployed in the mass transit system in an “abundance of caution,” a common response when police receive new information about a threat.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the city’s 468 stations and 6,480 subway cars, released a statement saying there was “no reason to be alarmed.”

The terrorists have been weakend from eight years of George W. Bush as Commander and Chief. 

We can be thankful for that time.

5 thoughts on “Will terrorists strike again? Why is the U.S. pouring 20,000 troops into cities? There must be some ‘chatter’

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  4. Internet users were able to read and watch first-hand reports on the series of deadly Mumbai attacks that rocked the Indian financial capital within hours of the first blasts, a sure sign that the World Wide Web is revolutionizing the way information reaches. Thanks to citizen journalism portals like http://www.allvoices.com/india, merinews etc.

  5. Ok, Mick, let me talk you down carefully on all this. Step slowly away from the panic button and let’s talk, can we?

    Nobody is deploying American troops to American cities. The Washington Post story only said that three special response units are being created within the U.S. military to respond to disasters, natural and otherwise. These units are to be ready, if the next administration continues funding for the initiative, by 2011.

    Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist and becomes too frightened to ride a subway or shop for Christmas presents, this is not being done in response to any specific threat. Planning for the initiative has been underway for several years. The first brigade asigned to this duty became ready Oct. 1 at Ft. Stewart, GA. Two more brigades are planned, along with additional National Guard troops, as a rapid response unit for disasters of all types.

    We live in sufficiently interesting times already. All of us need to be careful about hyping threats and inflating dangers — and we need to especially be certain that we have hard facts at our disposal before we make accusations or take actions we may come to regret.

    This is especially true in situations like the abhorrent attacks in Mumbai, where this extremely dangerous situation would benefit from caution by all parties. Lest we forget, we have two nuclear-armed adversaries here. A rush to judgment, something we have seen all too often in recent years, will not benefit anyone.

    I emphasize I am just speculating here, but let’s think this Mumbai thing through. It is entirely plausible that those who attacked Mumbai were specifically trying to foment new tensions between India and Pakistan. It would not be the first time that a border incident or other provocation has caused armies to mass on both sides of their border, several times causing outright warfare since the nations split and Pakistan became independent in 1956.

    Who would benefit from those tensions? Perhaps the radical Islamic elements in Waziristan and in the tribal areas along the Afghan border?

    These are the groups that the Pakistani government, under new Prime Minister Gilani, has just begun to crack down on after years of foot-dragging from former Prime Minister Musharraf. It seems logical to me that a group that wanted to divert the Pakistani military from this task might want to foment unrest elsewhere, perhaps even cause a war between India and Pakistan. Elements of the notorious Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, that have long been sympathetic to the Islamists, may have helped. It is not only possible, but entirely plausible that this is what has occurred.

    For India and Pakistan to rush to judgment in this case could be extremely dangerous and play right into the hands of the Islamists. (See George W. Bush, Iraq War, et. al.)

    Last point, if terrorist organizations have been so weakened under Bush, why are they still capable of attacking us and others? The evidence, according to our last National Intelligence Estimate, is that al Qaeda and its franchisees are more capable of action today than at any time since 9/11. They have a safe haven in the mountains along the Afghan-Pakistani border, they have successfully trained in sophisticated operations in Iraq and have more anti-American adherents than ever before. Leaders like bin Laden and al Zawahiri continue to leer at us in videotaped communiques and they have killed more Americans since 9/11 than they did on that horrible day.

    To me, that is the ultimate ironic tragedy of the Bush administration. An administration that set out to protect America did so many of the wrong things, took so much of the wrong advice and pursued its own ideological agenda in such troubling ways that it ended up helping our enemies more than it hurt them, eroded our moral standing in the world and made American less safe.

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