The New York Times Tries to Save Face After Supporting and Covering Up for the Hillary Clinton Machine. Vicki Iseman Is Named John McCain’s Lover by the Scandal Sheet

UPDATE: The New York Times may not exist as we know it this year or next. The crash is happening faster than any of the experts had predicted.

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End Times
Virtually all the predictions about the death of old media have assumed a comfortingly long time frame for the end of print—the moment when, amid a panoply of flashing lights, press conferences, and elegiac reminiscences, the newspaper presses stop rolling and news goes entirely digital. Most of these scenarios assume a gradual crossing-over, almost like the migration of dunes, as behaviors change, paradigms shift, and the digital future heaves fully into view. The thinking goes that the existing brands—The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal—will be the ones making that transition, challenged but still dominant as sources of original reporting.

But what if the old media dies much more quickly? What if a hurricane comes along and obliterates the dunes entirely? Specifically, what if TheNew York Times goes out of business—like, this May?

It’s certainly plausible. Earnings reports released by the New York Times Company in October indicate that drastic measures will have to be taken over the next five months or the paper will default on some $400million in debt. With more than $1billion in debt already on the books, only $46million in cash reserves as of October, and no clear way to tap into the capital markets (the company’s debt was recently reduced to junk status), the paper’s future doesn’t look good.

“As part of our analysis of our uses of cash, we are evaluating future financing arrangements,” the Times Company announced blandly in October, referring to the crunch it will face in May. “Based on the conversations we have had with lenders, we expect that we will be able to manage our debt and credit obligations as they mature.” This prompted Henry Blodget, whose Web site, Silicon Alley Insider, has offered the smartest ongoing analysis of the company’s travails, to write: “‘We expect that we will be able to manage’? Translation: There’s a possibility that we won’t be able to manage.”

The paper’s credit crisis comes against a backdrop of ongoing and accelerating drops in circulation, massive cutbacks in advertising revenue, and the worst economic climate in almost 80 years. As of December, its stock had fallen so far that the entire company could theoretically be had for about $1 billion. The former Times executive editor Abe Rosenthal often said he couldn’t imagine a world without The Times. Perhaps we should start.

Granted, the odds that The Times will cease to exist entirely come May are relatively slim. Many steps could be taken to prolong its existence. The Times Company has already slashed its dividend, a major source of income for the paper’s owners, the Sulzberger family, but one that starved the company at precisely the moment it needed significant investments in new media. The company could sell its share of the brilliant Renzo Piano–designed headquarters—which cost the company about $600million to build and was completed in 2007, years after the digital threat to The Times’ core business had become clear. (It’s already borrowing money against the building’s value.) It could sell The Boston Globe—or shutter it entirely, given what the company itself has acknowledged is a challenging time for the sale of media properties. It could sell its share in the Boston Red Sox, close or sell various smaller properties, or off-load, the resolutely unglamorous Web purchase that has been virtually the only source of earnings growth in the Times Company’s portfolio. With these steps, or after them, would come mass staffing cuts, no matter that the executive editor, Bill Keller, promised otherwise.

It’s possible that a David Geffen, Michael Bloomberg, or Carlos Slim would purchase The Times as a trophy property and spare the company some of this pain. Even Rupert Murdoch, after overpaying wildly for The Wall Street Journal, seems to be tempted by the prospect of adding The Times to his portfolio. But the experiences of Sam Zell, who must be ruing the day he waded into the waking nightmare that is the now-bankrupt Tribune Company, would surely temper the enthusiasm of all but the most arrogant of plutocrats. (And as global economies tumble around them, the plutocrats aren’t as plutocratic as they used to be.) Alternatively, Google or Microsoft or even CBS could purchase The Times on the cheap, strip it for parts, and turn it into a content mill to goose its own page views.

Regardless of what happens over the next few months, The Times is destined for significant and traumatic change. At some point soon—sooner than most of us think—the print edition, and with it The Times as we know it, will no longer exist. And it will likely have plenty of company. In December, the Fitch Ratings service, which monitors the health of media companies, predicted a widespread newspaper die-off: “Fitch believes more newspapers and news­paper groups will default, be shut down and be liquidated in 2009 and several cities could go without a daily print newspaper by 2010.” — Michael Hirschorn.



In a effort to retain their crown as the liberal beacon of Western Civilization, the old gray lady, The New York Times, found that not only its circulation, advertising and stock price are falling, now their editorial authority is irrelevant. Obama is crushing the Hillary Clinton machine and the massive coverup of voter fraud in New York and New Hampshire can’t be kept behind closed doors.   Not only are some leaders in the Democrat party pointing out the voter fraud, the liberal mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg called it exactly that. What does The Times do?

Instead they print  a smear job on the front page, attacking the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain.

White House Spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters that he and others working in the Bush administration felt the influential newspaper had a history of going after Republican presidential candidates.

“I think a lot of people here in this building with experience in a couple campaigns have grown accustomed to the fact that during the course of a campaign, about — seemingly on maybe a monthly basis leading up to the convention, maybe a weekly basis after that, The New York Times does try to drop a bombshell on the Republican nominee,” Stanzel told reporters.

Stanzel also said the newspaper sometimes makes “incredible leaps to try to drop those bombshells on the Republican nominees.”

It’s too late. The bombshell didn’t work this time. The truth is spreading via blogs. And it is too late for The Times to jump on the Obama band wagon, just yet. The editors are thinking ahead. They know that they will have to switch their support to the Democrat front runner in the next few weeks, graciously dropping Hillary. They have a first look at the poll results for Clinton and she is losing in Texas and Mississippi, big time it appears.  

So, in a last ditch effort, the NYT’s editors drop a bomb on McCain. They even endorsed the moderate war hero a few weeks ago. Take a look at the affair they are reporting that McCain had with Vicki Iseman. Who are the sources? What does Ms. Iseman have to say?
Vicki Iseman
Why didn’t they do that kind of reporting on Bill Clinton? First, before he was elected, but more importantly, when he was being serviced by a young intern in the oval office?
The Internet has toppled the elite liberal media in 2008. I predict the NYT stock price to fall below $15 in the coming weeks.

80 thoughts on “The New York Times Tries to Save Face After Supporting and Covering Up for the Hillary Clinton Machine. Vicki Iseman Is Named John McCain’s Lover by the Scandal Sheet

  1. The manipulation of the public by the elite liberal media has been a crime.

    Well, it’s over. The Internet won. The curtains have been pulled down. It is not a pretty scene.

  2. To anyone who’s been on the inside of a newsroom, this does not look like “liberal media hit job.” The answer — not necessarily any more complimentary to the Times, but less nefarious — is probably this: The paper spent weeks trying to nail down an affair between McCain and Iseman. It failed — whether because there wasn’t one or some other reason is irrelevant. But the reporter and editors involved had invested a lot of time and energy on the project and would have been unwilling to let it go. So, they asked themselves, is there a story here? If not an affair, then what? They came up with the “McCain trusts himself too much” angle as an excuse to use the reporting they’d done on Iseman.

    Thus you get a story like this — disjointed (note that Iseman shows up in the lede and then not again until the end), filled with background material and stitched together with a convoluted attempt at a broader context.

    Bias against McCain? Nah. The same kind of thing happens to all manner of stories. Look at the Obama drug use story a few days ago — same deal. Obama writes in a book that he was a casual drug user in high school. The Times goes digging and can’t find anyone who remembers him being anything more than a casual drug user. So how do they justify their time? With a story that suggests the page and a half Obama devoted to drug use in his book may have been overstating his involvement.

    db, very good analysis. That being said, the NYT bias is so strong, even casual readers know it now. Ironically, this smear piece will actually ignite more support for McCain. You seem to have been inside a newsroom. How about sharing the laughs and cat calls your fellow journalists made when Reagan was shot?

  3. My question is why would conservatives care if the media goes after John McCain? Don’t you people need to be spending your time finding a candidate? Ha ha you lack unity.

    Anonymous, come on, we all know it’s too late to find another candidate. A lot of us are not “conservative.” We just aren’t ready for Socialism and BIG BROTHER/BIG SIS.

  4. Ask yourself this, who owns the media? Corporations. Big corporations. And they AIN’T liberal.

    Long Shot,

    Actually, individual investors own the media in most cases. But with the New York Times, it is different. They have an old fashion two-tiered system where most of the stockholders don’t have voting power, that is reserved for the Sulzberger family.

    P.S. they are very liberal.

  5. Mr. Gshot,

    You couldn’t be more wrong. What makes you think big corporations aren’t liberal? You check out Warren Buffets politics lately? He is only one of many. Even Rupert Murdock of Fox News Channel has fund raisers for Hillary. Your analogy is flawed. I’m a conservative, and no lover of a John McCain who is an open borders advocate, but this is an example of how some of the comments above have caused the NYT to desparately try to make themselves relative once again, when just the opposite is true.

    Jeff, great come back to LongShot. Many of the big wigs are liberal: Nancy Pelosi owns Napa vineyards, hotels, restaurants and runs non-union shops while she get millions from the working stiffs’ union dues in campaign contributions.

  6. db hit the nail on the head. All the NYT hatering republicans are making too much out of this. It might not go away though, simple because the republicans, those right wing folks who for some reason can’t see McCain as their only hope, won’t let it die. Just another log to put on the fire for Hannity and Limbaugh and the rest who are going to shoot themselves in the foot on this one, and as Hannity is already saying Conservatism in Exile will be better! What is that all about? I always knew conservatives were narrow minded, but to not see this opprotunity to at least keep the White House and influence the Supreme Court, the real center of lasting change, is incredibly stupid. So go into “exile” and let the Demos have that opportunity and they will realign the court once again or at least equalize the power structure there. Not a good move righties!

  7. db don’t feel bad. I’m a democrat. I don’t see how this is going to affect Mr. McCain’s image. If I were Mr. McCain I would come out and admit it was mistake. sorry!. And YES REPUBLICANS DIGG better chicks. Vicki Iseman is hot rich blonde with class. She’s not like Monica Lewinsky!!!

    Great point, Imposter! Vicki Iseman is also 40, not a 22 year old star=struck intern fresh out of college, servicing the prez in the Oval Office.

  8. Reading comments like these make me wonder if America will ever be the same again. McCain possibly having a relationship with a lobbyist versus Liberal corporate media versus Rupert Murdoch versus… It definitely makes me think that some of you never wrote your outlines before you wrote your book reports. The New York Times is not the last bastion of Liberal media, nor an old gray mare. Your supposition is that you read it and then made up your own story about their story. My question is do you write for Fox News, the last bastion of the Right Wing Make-it-up-as-we-go-Media?

    Curtis, please smile and admit that the “Old York Times” has been in the pocket of the Clinton machine for 15 years now. The McCain story is a hatchet job. Come on, just admit it.

  9. Every time I see half-baked editorials by the self-proclaimed citizen journalists like these, I’m glad we don’t allow citizen surgeons.

  10. to Jeff Wimmer

    Sir, are you actually implying that Rupert Murdock IS A LIBERAL! ARE YOU SERIOUS! Corporations are known to contribute to democrats and republicans. Murdock is having fundraisers for Hilary for his own purposes, and I would venture to guess those purposes have absolutely nothing to do with a LIBERAL AGENDA.

    And, as for Warren Buffet, he is a tiny voice in a sea of conservatism, and I would imagine he is quite solidly conservative in most of his thinking. As he once stated, what is going on in America today is “class warfare….and my side is winning.” An honest man.

    You mentioned Buffet is “one of many.” Care to give us a few more example of wildly liberal corporations involved with the media or politics, in general? I guess Ben & Jerry would qualify, but who else in that realm is driving this country towards socialism?

    The real power today is the news talk programs, and outside of an occasional Keith Obermann, we have O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, and about 100 more. Check out Talker Magazine’s top 100…a handful of “liberals” at best. THOSE are the people who steer the course in this country, not the New York Times, and they are on the radio, television, public appearances, books, any public conveyance they can market themselves on, and are heard and read by millions. Where is the liberal equivalent to that?

    And, if all is controlled by liberals, how do these right-sided talkers get any exposure at all? The “liberal corporations” are doing a rotten job of quieting the right-wing voices in this country, if that is what they are attempting to do.

    Mary, you are honest. That is a rare quality among progressives. How about George Soros, is he a liberal corporate giant?

  11. I think the terms liberal and conservative have become confusing. Some people are socialy liberal (think homosexuality is not a sin) but fiscally conservatives (think taxes are a sin) an example is Ruper Murdock. And some folks are fiscally liberal but socially conservative (multinational coporations should be taxed heavily, but aborations and the death penalty are a crime) a la Huckabee.

    But in a world that can’t seem to tolerate complexity, folks tend to use simple terms liberal versus conservative that no longer have precision

    Missy, you have a very good grasp of the power of words. In fact, the terms liberal and conservative have been flip flopped. Teddy Rosevelt, a Republican, was a progressive. Liberal used to mean free enterprise, and freedom of choice. Now progressive and liberal mean BIG BROTHER/BIG SIS totalitarian government of high taxes, socialized, government controlled education, income, housing and soon, health care.

  12. I’m amazed that all of you do believe that the voting system is a fair system. Come on! No matter whom you vote for, the elected one will chosen by the big money. Of course, dream are still free. Dream on.

    cj, you know it. Hillary was on the front cover of Forbes magazine and Fortune about six months ago. She was on the board of directors of Wal-Mart. She and her hubby, bill were big investors in Occidental Oil along with Al Gore. Actually, Ronald Reagan came from one of the poorist backgrounds. You wouldn’t know it reading the New York Times.

  13. You seem to be an illiterate conservative:

    “open boarders advocate”

    You mean open borders. Boarders are those who pay to rent a room or space in a residence.

    Keep buying into that “liberal media” mindset…….

  14. I am not interested in any politician’s personal indiscretions. If we took all of the senators and congressmen out of office who had been guilty of an inappropriate relationship, we would have about two or three left. I didnt think it was a national issue when it was Bill Clinton and I don’t think it is one with John McCain. Let’s look at the issues that WILL affect our lives, not the ones between his wife and him.

  15. I loved it when Cindy McCain said “John would never do something like that”. Yes he would Cindy. He was banging you while he was still married to his first wife, the woman who raised his children while he was in a POW prison in Vietnam. You knew he was a snake, when you took him in.

  16. Iseman is not catch, but I am sure she is far randier between the sheets than McCain’s dope-addled hag. His wife is a Page Hopkins look-alike alien with LV bag full of Oxy-Cotin. She even stole pills from her “charity” that she was running.

    McStain is a CFR stooge who will wreck this country. The old Gay Lady was trying to do him a favor by giving him an excuse to exit stage left. After the Keating-5 fiasco, I am surprised this old dude has the guts to face a reporter.

  17. I am envious of John McCain whether he was involved with her or not. Anytime an old man like John McCain can get the attention of someone like her they should give him a medal. I would be interested in knowing what his secret is. He also has an attractive young wife. Write a book John there are a lot of us out there that are having no luck at all & drawing social security is the most exciting part of our lives.

  18. I don’t know what the fuss is about. She’s not bad. I reckon John should fess up and tell the world he gave her one.

  19. What Missy said: The words “liberal” and “conservative” are so corrupted we should probably kick them to the curb, along with ALL THREE CFR STOOGE “frontrunners:”

    Hillary Clinton is David Rockefeller’s political representative. Rockefeller is the West Coast architect of the present “New World Order” plan: One world government rule by elites, one world religion, one world currency and a 70-80% reduction of the world’s population by any means necessary.

    Barack Obama is Zbigniew Brzezinski’s political representative. Obama’s sponsor Brzezinski IS THE ARCHITECT OF THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR and the “let’s kill the mooslems and steal their oil and rule the global thermonuclear wasteland” Master Plan. Zbigniew is most certainly a fascist, as he advocates the overthrow of democracy in favor of an authoritarian state that rules the WORLD with an iron fist. Just read his autobiography. Suffice it to say Obama is Brzezinski’s Manchurian Candidate.

    John McCain is Henry Kissinger’s political representative. Kissinger is a war criminal who can’t even leave the country for fear of arrest and a trial at the Hague. Kissinger is a German in the Nazi SS tradition (google “Operation Paperclip). I don’t understand Kissinger’s politics except to observe he must be in favor of mass genocide, as it seems to take place in every 3rd world country he “touches.” The anti-Midas touch.

    So THESE are my choices? CRAP. I think I’ll write in Ron Paul’s name on election day. He’s the only candidate still in the running who has any morals whatsoever, nevermind his politics. He’s not a corporate stooge and a warmonger like the others.

  20. You have your terminology wrong. One of the primary goals of journalism is to monitor sources of power. Except for Clinton and Carter, Republicans (usually assumed to be “conservatives”) have been in the executive office since JFK. That means that media organizations will naturally be pecking at Republicans, and this gives the impression that NYT is an “elite liberal media empire.” The bottom line is that organized journalism is a flawed practice, and NYT does it as effectively as possible, and with the most emphasis on ethical standards.

    Another mistake: the New York Times is not part of a media conglomerate. In fact, NYT and Washington Post are two of the last newspapers in the country (if not the world) that haven’t been consumed by an international multimedia company. For example, Gannett owns hundreds of papers around the country, and shape their news-gathering practices and content according to what will generate the greatest profit margins. NYT has no allegiance to corporate stockholders, and can focus their attention on presenting complex information to an intellectual audience.

    You are correct in suggesting that NYT is still a source of power, and if they are in a position to be critical of conservatives in power, then they appear to be exerting their power from a liberal standpoint. But you’re pointing out a flaw with newspapers in general, not just NYT. However, to say that “citizen media” and the Internet will eliminate liberal (i.e. – counteractive to Republicans) movements is bologna.

    The Internet provides the greatest means for countering corruption of power that the human race has ever seen. If we have degenerates leading our country, or running for the chance to lead, the Internet will swiftly lead to a better democracy. All information leads to all truth, and truth leads to democracy. Secrets will diminish. Interconnectivity will rule.

  21. well, it does look like a political hit job. McCain isn’t widely accepted among conservatives because of some of his “liberal” values.

    At the same time, Democrats want to push their candidate to the fore and no Republican candidate is more dangerous to the Democrats -be it Obama or Clinton- than a John McCain on the loose with all guns firing.

    John McCain is one of those politicians who is brave enough to talk his mind, no matter how unpopular what he is saying will be and I guess after 8 years of destructive W-ism, the American public really wants to hear someone that can speak directly to their hearts, thus the enduring popularity of him as a frontrunner.

    It kind of suits both sides that McCain is shot down, so I guess in the grey area of politics, as my former Prime Minister Mahathir used to say, “no one is a permanent friend and no one is definitely a permanent enemy”

  22. Just when you think the NYT couldn’t sink any lower…
    Personally, I can’t stand John McCain, but I think there rest of the field is worse. I keep praying for a 3rd party candidate with a whole brain functioning so I’ll have someone to vote for. 🙂

    Nice bloggin Mick.

  23. People, The NY Post endorsed Obama. I work for this big investor who collects all media, newspapers, television stations, books and more. Its his hobby and it sure is an interesting hobby.

  24. Mick—I gave up referring to myself as a “progressive” the day Hilary said that’s what she was. I come from a long line of American-loving liberals and see no reason to change my way of thinking.

    As for George Soros being a liberal corporate giant, I never said there weren’t ANY around, but they certainly aren’t in the majority.

  25. Darus and NDMeador are voices of reason. I thank God I live in a country where strong opinions are allowed to be voiced on all sides, where reporters and citizens of all persuasions and political bents act as watchdogs over the powers that be, and where a system of checks and balances has largely kept our Democracy from imploding. My only major complaint: people who do not vote or exercise their rights as citizens should just keep their mouths shut.

  26. Reading these posts is like reading the New York Times, if you want to believe it, you will. If you want to contradict it, you will. And if you believe John McCain, you will. And if want to find out more, you will.
    Personally, I had hoped for a clean fight from both sides of the ring, but you know that is not going to happen. Even if the candidates themselves do behave and try to keep from dipping in the negative pool, there will be self-interested third parties who read the National Enquirer and think like them and lie like them. It’s easy to misled the American public if you have enough money to do it. Follow the money trail on the forthcoming river of propaganda and dissemination and you will find the people responsible for the ulitimate destruction of our political process. The America that believes that rot get the president they deserve. John McCain deserves better, so do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. We all do.

  27. Good analysis of what’s driving the NYTimes. You are correct, the internal polls are showing Hillary behind in Texas and Ohio. That entire campaign staff is a mess as many begin to realize they latched onto a loser (Hillary) rather than a winner (Bill).

    Watch for Obama operatives to push some version of the line, “Hillary does not respect your vote”, to counter the delegate poaching the Clintons (aka Ickes) plan.

    Get on board at Political Night Train

  28. I am an old man who has used up much of his life. I and my wife served our country in the Navy from the late 50’s through the early sixties. We are terribly disappointed in the Liberal media and especially the New York Times. There is no reason to slur and demean a man just for his political affiliation. John McCain is probably as liberal as the lousy reporters who dreamed up this bogus story. The times is working it’s way out of the journalistic business and at the expense of its shareholders . It is really time to do a complete clean out of editors, and maybe even CEO’s, before a complete crash. Join the real world and report the news from a world prospective, not the bias of the rest of the liberal press. Now we can see why FOX news is the leader in the industry…The Browns

    Mr. and Mrs. Brown, that was an excellent analysis and the real reason for the demise of the once great New York Times.

  29. Most of the U.S. will not learn about The New York Times’ hit piece, that John McCain had an “inappropriate” relationship with a 40-year-old attorney, from the old gray lady. They’ll hear it from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, even FOX News (but they drill into the real story). They’ll read it in their local papers, rehashed or from wire services, or talk radio hosts. So that’s how the rather small circulation of the New York Times, less than 1 million, can compound and spread the word.

    Now what about the backlash? The credibility of the liberal mainstream media is diminished along with The New York Times. That’s what they get for letting their media outlets be run by J-school dropouts, socialists, and slackers; angry about their bad choice of a career. We all know that 95 percent of the Press belong to the Democrat party. Take a look at what the Browns wrote below.

  30. Mick:
    You think with the long record of the credibility issue, or rather the lack of it, concerning New York Times these commentators would certainly give a disconcerning eye/ear to the NYT when the print ANYTHING.
    And great comeback on the old, worn out socialist/Marxist rhetoric about the evil “rich” man versus the “poor” blue-collar worker. It is outdated as the fashion dress of the 1930s.
    And, as you stated the Internet citizen journalists are finally getting folks to think more than those writing this nonsense and propaganda in mainstream media.
    Good job – never give up, there are people awakening across America, and I hope that more of them awaken soon. It is time for the period of apathy to end, quit being loyal to political parties and instead, loyal to fellow Americans, the Constitution and what our nation’s government was meant to be – a democratic republic.
    Best Regards …

  31. How could anyone admit that they get their news from Fox News? It smacks of a breach of Patriotism. How could anyone with a clear head and clearer conscience concede that? To call a story in the New York Times a smear campaign or a fabricated story is one thing, but it wasn’t the New York Times that were there at the time, it was different campaign insiders who were worried for John McCain. The New York Times didn’t invent the story or change it to be an affair, that was done by pure speculation and people read it and interpreted it the way they wanted to, just like most of the Fox News broadcasts. Never blindly accept what the news has to say. Read or listen to the distinct words they have chosen to explain the news, usually there are keys words that will direct you to which side of the story lies their truth.
    All of us, ALL of us, have opinions, what to believe and how much truth there is in a writer or editor’s story. We take what we believe and remember from the story and hopefully make up our own minds. I don’t think the New York Times story betrays their credibility. If that is the case, then we all are guilty by association. Do you read the National Enquirer, the Washington Times, or the USA Today? Edited by some of the most talented fiction writers of our day, yet some people do believe what is there. Always question, newspaper news, tv news, radio news, internet news. None of it is above reproach, that includes the New York Times and Fox News.

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