Natasha Richardson dies, victim of Canadian nationalized health care?

Sadly, Natasha Richardson died after her simple ski accident on a “bunny hill” in Canada. After spending a day in a Canadian hospital with only observations, she was rushed to a well-equipped New York hospital where it was discovered the 45 year old was brain dead. 

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Why wasn’t there a scan and X-ray? The normal procedures in a head trauma. The blood could have been drained and prevented her death. That is a snapshot of what socialized health-care is about. Basic services. Get to a U.S. hospital as soon as possible. 

Helmets will become much more popular on the slopes. Nationalized healthcare will still be on Obama’s agenda. The media will not go there.

But of course, citizen journalists will.

Here are some facts that you may never see in your “friendly neighborhood media” —

Despite spending more on health care than any other industrialized country in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) except Iceland and Switzerland, Canada ranks poorly in several categories according to a new study by the Fraser Institute. 

For instance:

  • Canada ranks 17th in the percentage of total life expectancy that will be lived in full health.
  • It also ranks 22nd in infant mortality, 15th in perinatal mortality and fourth in mortality amenable to health care.
  • Other rankings for Canada included 9th in potential years of life lost to disease, 10th in the incidence of breast cancer mortality and 2nd in the incidence of mortality from colorectal cancer.


  • On an age-adjusted, comparative basis, Canada, relative to comparable countries of the OECD, has a small number of physicians, ranking 24th out of 28 countries.
  • Notably, Canada had the second-highest ratio among 20 OECD countries for which data were available in 1970.
  • Since 1970, however, all but one of these countries have surpassed Canada’s growth in doctors per capita.
  • While the age-adjusted proportion of doctors in Canada grew by 24 percent, the average increase in the proportion of doctors in the other 19 countries was 149 percent.

With regard to age-adjusted access to high-tech machinery, Canada performs dismally by comparison with other OECD countries:

  • Canada ranks 13th of 24 in access to MRIs and 18th in access to CT scanners.
  • It also ranked 7th of 17 in access to mammographs, and tied with two other nations at 17th of 20 in access to lithotriptors.

Lack of access to machines also means longer waiting times for diagnostic assessment, and mirrors the longer waiting times for access to specialists and to treatment found in the comparative studies examined for this study.

Source: “The Fraser Institute: High-Priced Canadian Health Care System Provides Poor Access to Care Compared to Other Nations,” Fraser Institute,” November 5, 2007.

For study:

43 thoughts on “Natasha Richardson dies, victim of Canadian nationalized health care?

  1. It’s amazing to watch. Natasha Richardson is left to die in Canadian hospitals and then flown to NY when family and friends realized what was happening. By then, it was too late. That’s a snap shot of the quality of universal health care.

  2. You’re just trying to scare people by leaving out certain facts and spinning the story to make universal health care look bad.

    She is dead because she initially refused treatment. She was given an MRI in Canada. She was seen immediately when she went to both hospitals. She was not flown to the US for treatment. Because she was already too far gone by that time.

    We will have universal health care in the US regardless of what you say.

  3. Ed, I don’t know the specifics of Natasha Richardson’s care, but it’s amazing that she did have an MRI as quickly as she did under the Canadian system. Perhaps it was her celebrity status?

    Of course her care there has to be questioned, whether or not she turned down help initially. Was she seen by EMT/EMS type of people on site? Who examined her initially after the accident? How much was she encouraged to seek medical help? Would it not be more cost effective to NOT push her to seek more help under their system?

    Yes, she refused help, but how aware was she of the possible hidden dangers of head injuries?

    Having lived under a nationalized health care system ( in the UK) – Ed – please be very careful about your wishes. It’s dangerous to have the entity that’s paying for your care in charge of doling out that care. Quite dangerous…

  4. Candyslice,
    She turned away the EMS that were dispatched when the accident initially happened. She was told that she should be seen by the rescue squad that brought her down off the mountain, by her instructor, and by the staff at the hotel where she was staying. But, she declined their recommendations.

    And, I have lived in a country with a universal health system (Ontario, Canada), totally pleased with the level of service and that includes having used it several times.

    Additionally, keep in mind that Quebec’s system was not paying for Richardson’s health services. Since she was not a resident of Quebec, she would not have been covered under that province’s insurance system (which in actuality is the socialized aspect of the system), the doctors are private businessmen working for themselves. Richardson would have been directly responsible to pay for the services she received.

  5. Ed,
    The fix is in, we all know it. The Democrats will push through universal healthcare in the U.S. this year. The rich will continue to go to their private doctors and top hospitals. The middle class will be sucked into the mediocre system and pay more for less care. Illegal immigrants will get a place in the front of the line as Big Brother chooses who gets operations.

  6. Candyslice,
    Thank you for shedding light on the Big Brother low level healthcare plans for the U.S.

    Ed, why would they fly Natasha to a U.S. hospital if she were already brain dead? That is dishonest of you to say that. Where did you get your information?

  7. They flew her to a U.S. hospital so that her sons, and the rest of her family could say a final goodbye to her. After they had their goodbyes, then she was taken off life support.

    If she could have been saved in Montreal, she would have. Otherwise, you wouldn’t put a person with an epidural hematoma on an airplane because of the lower air pressure in the cabin.

  8. Ed,
    Why don’t you admit that the Canadian health care is way below U.S. standards? Try and reach deep down and be honest with yourself.

  9. Because it isn’t. The US has 40 million people without insurance. And the argument that nobody can be denied treatment might be right, but what do they do when they get home and find a $20,000 hospital bill waiting for them, that they czn’t afford to pay? Plus, they’re only given treatment when it has escalated to the point of being an emergency.

    Lastly, Canada has a longer life expectancy.

  10. “Plus, they’re only given treatment when it has escalated to the point of being an emergency.”

    Hmmm, sort of sounds like canada, except for the dying on waiting lists, esp. if you’re old, and receiving the cutting edge of medical technology, from the 1960s. And I suppose once you pay 60% in income taxes, you haven’t really amassed enough Canadian property to lose. Government already owns everything for the Canadians. So what’s the difference? BTW, if you can’t truly afford to pay in the US, you don’t, ever. The tax payers do. I witnessed just one such case when my friend had a heart attack. He couldn’t pay and never did.

    Lastly, Canada has a longer life expectancy.

    Not when you figure out the third worlders that are here illegally. Just like when you figure out Canada’s high abortion rate of at risk pregnancies, Canada’s supposed infant mortality supremacy then disappears.

  11. “And, I have lived in a country with a universal health system (Ontario, Canada), totally pleased with the level of service and that includes having used it several times.”

    Your family might just feel differently if you fell on your head in Quebec. You wouldn’t of course, b/c retarded French paramedic would work over time to ensure your death.

  12. “Plus, they’re only given treatment when it has escalated to the point of being an emergency.”

    Hmmm, sort of sounds like canada,

    No – it sounds like the .001 % of incedents in Canada that the opponents of universal health care keep repeating to scare some Americans from even think about implementing that type of a system.

    Just like the Republican’s new tactic is to just call anything that the Democrats what to do, Socialism, because they know it’s a scare word. Most Americans don’t know what socialism is, but they have it branded into their head that it must be bad.

    Meanwhile, they don’t realize that public schools, libraries, police, fire departments, social security, and medicare are all forms of socialism in one form or another.

  13. Ed,
    social security will be bankrupt before i see any of the money they’re taking from me, and medicare is a flawed system that the illegal immigrants take advantage of…

    if thats what socialism brings us, then i want nothing to do with it. You can argue that we have 40 million without insurance, but its better than having people die on a waitinglist. Sure there are people who work hard to make ends meet, and at the end of the day can’t afford health insurance, but there is a great number of people who don’t work hard and are going to be given free care by the taxes of hard working americans. The nationalized approach will not solve our health care problems, and it will definitely make our economic problems considerably worse. You can’t expect the government to keep pouring money into programs, and for us to climb our way out this national debt and our deepening economic depression. Spending money the government doesn’t have to help those who can’t help themselves is a sure-fire way to failure and a true economic collapse. Life doesn’t guarantee that everyones needs will be satisfied, life is not fair, and at the end of the day you can’t spend more than you make if you want to get through life, its true for you and me, and its true for the government, so instead of spending time and money trying to make those who are struggling happy, the government should spend its time trying to climb its way out of debt and standing this country up on its own two feet, not just for those of us living here now, but also the future of America.

  14. This story is a perfect example of American media’s fondness for taking advantage of unfortunate incidents in Canada in order to portray the Canadian healthcare system in a negative light.

    “Why wasn’t there a scan and X-ray?”

    There was no scan or X-ray because she refused to go to a hospital. The main reason that she didn’t survive was that she didn’t see a doctor soon enough. The problem with epidural hematomas is that they often feature a lucid period during which patients don’t feel particularly sick. Had she been on an American slope when this happened, she would have been just as likely to refuse treatment there, which would also most likely have resulted in her death.
    “Despite spending more on health care than any other industrialized country in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) except Iceland and Switzerland, Canada ranks poorly in several categories according to a new study by the Fraser Institute.”

    This point is absolutely hilarious when iterated from the perspective of an American. The American systems spends FAR more per capita on healthcare than Canada, but has health outcomes that are far worse. You can try to make the Canadian system look bad by comparing to these other countries, but the American system does far worse. Notice how this article didn’t even include the United States in the statistical comparisons?

  15. Spacey,
    Natasha didn’t “refuse” to go to the hospital, she simply said she was OK to her ski instructor. That’s a common reaction from injured people. Her ski instructor stayed with her for an hour, then she had an extreme headache and the instructor called the ER for an abulance. They drove her laying down for another 1/2 to a “bandage and sprained ankle” Candian hosiptal where she grew worse. Some 12 hours later, they drove her to a larger hospital in Quebec, within an hour they new it was too late. And this was Canada’s best of the best healthcare under socialisim. You are sad bastards.

  16. I’m from England and can’t believe that selfish people want to deny a state healthcare system for all.The lies and pure biased nonsense I have read on here beggar belief! If you want to compare healthcare systems one good way would to check which countries have the greatest life expectancies.

  17. Explain the life expectancy between Utah and Nevada? These two states have a great difference in life expectancy and they share a border. Who are you trying to fool?

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  20. Nobody goes to Canada for health care. Except for cheap drugs, which is another story. But geez, an awful lot of Canadians come to America for good health care. What are the Canadians gonna do when the U.S. goes the way of crappy Canadacare? They must be pretty upset about all of this.

  21. In an emergency situation in Canada you can be refused medical help. You can also be blacklisted from care,tests and treatment. Damage can be concealed so you cannot sue. This can go on for years until you figure it out. You can also be refused medical tests at private clinics with you footing the bill.

    I was refused medical help shortly after having a LP done in an ER.The necessary tests for the infectious disease were not even done. The refusal of care was then part of the cover up. No safety and no standard in the system that covers everything up.

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