The Ayatollah Khomeini was praised by the New York Times as a saint 30 years ago. That’s when Iran’s nightmare began.

Do the Democrats want to see Syria look like Iran? Women should be barefoot and in Burkas like they now do in Iran?


Flashback to 30 years ago to the fall of the Shah of Iran and his pro-Western government. France and America’s Democrat party let him go.

Ayatollah Khomeini was sending daily broadcasts to his Islamic followers while “in exile in Paris.” The French gave him free international phone services so he could continue his campaign to take over Iran. Soon after, movie theaters were burned down by the scores. They were “sinners”  according to Khomeini’s Islamic teachings.

In one horror, Islamic followers, locked the doors of a theater and burned over 500 Iranians alive. There were also killings of Christians and Jews by the Khomeini mobs.

A strange call from Washington DC came in for the Shah.  It was to be A CALL FROM SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY the leading liberal from the US, calling about human rights. It turned out to be some kind of elaborate hoax. When the Shah picked up the phone a quiet voice kept repeating “Mohammad abdicate, Mohammad, abdicate.”

Did Carter’s new CIA pull the prank?

Today. The Iranian people are fighting for their freedom and life and getting no support from the mainstream liberal media: the New York Times, Washington Post, SF Chronicle, LA Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, and America’s dominant political party, the Democrats. As they did 30 years ago the “elite liberal media”  are not reporting the crisis in Iran.

The are back on the same playbook  that  Jimmy Carter and the Democrats used in 1978 when they sainted the Ayatollah.

In fact, the NY Times described Khomeini as tolerant and “his entourage of close advisers is uniformly composed of moderate, progressive individuals.” The editorials went on to say Khomeini would provide “a desperately needed model of humane governance for a third-world country. Andrew Young went even further saying Khomeini would be hailed as a saint. Jimmy Carter let the former friend of the West, the Shah fall. Soon after, their were mass murders of the Shah’s government and Americans on assignment in IT and in the oil fields. One afternoon, George Link, an Exxon general manager working in Iran was being driven back to work after lunch when his driver stopped the car and got out to open a gate, an assailant leaped from the side of the road and tossed a bomb in the car. Link threw open his door and jumped out. A moment later the car exploded. Evacuations of Americans started soon after, but not soon enough.

Tensions wer running high and Paul Grimm, on loan from Texaco to try and get the Iranian oil companies back up was driving to work one morning when a shot was fired from a car following his. He died instantly.

After more bloodshed the Shah’s kingdom decided to evacuate all it’s Western employees. The expatriates assumed that their exit was only temporarty because the media was not reporting the violence. They would never return.

Within a month, Khomeini was on a chartered Air France 747, the extra seats on the flight were sold to the New York Times, Washington Post, the BBC and other European journalists to pay for the flight. 

Khomeini was resting in the first class cabin about to become the new ruler after  the Persepolis monarchy that had ruled since 330 BC.

Soon after Khomeini returned he set up his candidate to lead the new Iran. A puppet named Bazargan.

There were still 20 or so oilfield managers left, among the group was Jeremy Gilbert, an Irish mathematician who became a petroleum engineer  for BP. They remained only a few days before they realized this country was a nightmare. Gilbert was the last BP man left because he was in a hospital with a case of hepatitis. He was nearly killed there when nurses started chanting “Death to Americans” and a fellow patient beat him nearly to death.

The old regime of 2000 years in Iran was gone. Ironically, Iranians are not Arabs. Now they were ruled by an Islamic sect of Arab tyrants.

The Ayatollah now had millions of fanatical puppets killing off the middle class Iranians and ready and willing to die for their mullahs. Some of the stories were told, of the 50 American hostages captured by “students,” beaten and tortured as crowds chanted their favorite new “prayer” “Death to Americans!”

What the media didn’t tell you about was the “Death to Iranians” that carried on well into the ’80s.

The next two years brought untold terror to the world. Iraq, watching the internal blood bath and purge in Iran took advantage of the chaos and attacked their refineries and oil production cities. With the Shah dying of cancer, Jimmy Carter finally let him visit the US for medical treatment, but not stay beyond that. Some friend?

Egypt let the Shah spend his last months alive on their soil.

Meanwhile, Hussein ordered an all out war against Iran with legions of armies amassed on their shared border.

To the shock of the world, thousands of Iranian children with plastic keys to heaven around their necks ran ahead of the more important Iraqi tanks and soldiers, they were even dragging their coffins with them. The Ayatollah promised them heaven for their lives. They even used the young girls for finding land mines. Human mind sweepers.

Goats are more valuable to the mullahs. Mull that one over.

I wonder if the Iranians ever wonder why the Ayatollahs live to their 90s while they send 9-year-olds to death as human shields? Don’t the mullahs want to go to heaven? To their perfume gardens with all those virgins?

A lot more than sign waving has to go on to bring freedom to that poor country.

And now you see where this all started.

And you aren’t reading it in the newspapers in America. Their monopoly on rewriting history is over.

Iraq has it’s new freedom thanks to America’s other party, the Republicans.

Obama took two weeks to say anything about the Iranian protests and killings by the Islamic tyrants.

The media/Democrat party alliance is not reporting the side of the protesters. But TWITTER is. The day of citizen journalists has arrived.

Visit TWITTER. Sign up for a free account and search for #iranelections. Join the effort to free Iran.

This is a great source of citzen journalist sites:

12 thoughts on “The Ayatollah Khomeini was praised by the New York Times as a saint 30 years ago. That’s when Iran’s nightmare began.

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  2. Came accross your post while searching for some articles about a family friend (Paul Grimm). He was a neighbor and friend of my family. While I was only a boy of 10 when he was assassinated, I remember him and the time surrounding his death clearly. With age I have come to understand the historical significance of his place in time.
    It is with the current issue of the “Mosque at Ground Zero” that I find myself relating his story and the phone call that my family recieved from his wife informing us of his assassination. The perspective that Paul Grimm’s assassination has put on the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero is troubling because of the many political and religious twists that have occured since that time. I do find it a helpful anchor, in that Mr. Grimm was assassinated just before the Christmas holiday as a showing of anti-western sentiment.
    While I firmly believe that religious freedom should be a basic human right. I do not endorse any religion that oppresses the rights of its own or any others to practice, or not to practice, thier faith in the way they find most meaningful to them. It is in this way that we all, as peoples of the world, can find and utilize our common goodness to help each other and contribute to humanity in our own lifetimes.
    In my opinion the distrust of peoples of the Muslim faith by non-Muslims is rooted in the actions of “extreme” Muslim’s around the world. All of whom seem to find a way to make the hatred of the west a commonality in the Muslim faith. It is offensive to me and many others that there is a simultaneous distancing of the extremists while continuing to promote the Muslim faith as one of tolerance and good will. It is clear by the actions of many Muslims from many different parts of the world that thier intensions are suspect and cannot be trusted. The faith so many rely upon, and tout, is generating some of the most abhorant behavior the world has ever seen. The religion itself may not be the cause but it is certainly not contributing to the end of the hostile acts being perpetrated by so many Muslims inthe name of faith. In fact, it is routinely being used as a platform for thier conception and a reason for thier execution. This is the reason so many people of all religions from all parts of the world hold peoples of the Muslim faith as suspect. The actions of a few may very well be tainting the well of prosperity for majority of Muslims. Extremists, Jihadists and radicals of the faith have hijacked it so completely that there is no room for those who wish to simply practice thier faith to bring them and those around them peace. It is up to the peaceful majority to prove that they are willing to expose and erradicate the ‘bad apples’ before Muslims will be given the benefit of the doubt. This is the distastful reality that Muslims everywhere must overcome before true trust can become the status quo. It is unfortunate that in a time where the religions of the world are no longer isolated to thier original geographies that there are still those among us that seek to erradicate, injure or otherwise perpetrate ignorant and selfish acts upon those that subscribe to a different way of life than thier own (religous or not). Radical Muslims must find tolerance for others in order to save themselves. A tough pill to swallow. But necessary for thier beliefs to persist in a world that increasingly sees less in terms of geographical boundries and more in terms of how we relate to each other in global markets, trade and cultural commonalities.
    “Radicals” exist in all religions of the world and tolerance is the hard fought treasure of experience. I can only speak for myself when I say that there is no amount talk that will convince me to accept Muslims at thier word. It is thier actions and reations to the peoples they come in contact with that will form and change opinions.
    I know what mine is. What’s yours?

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  4. Only an idiot would believe your version of the events that unfolded in Iran. No one was killed after the revolution for being a Jew or Christian, or Bahai. Iranians called (and still call for) death to the imperialist forces in the governments of the US. They have NEVER EVER EVER called for the death of the American people. By the way, I’m not Iranian or Arab.

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