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Welcome to Citizen Journalism Today. There is a seemingly endless train of negative reports in the news about the changing media landscape; the 20 percent profit margins of newspapers flipped to 20 percent losses, the mass migration of newspaper readers to the web and social media and the even faster exodus of advertising out of newsprint to  major masthead online sites such as,,,, E-Bay, Drudge Report, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, FaceBook and other major new social sites evolving every year. The powers that were are selling the buildings the occupy and filing for bankruptcy continuances. Amazon purchased the Washington Post. The giants have fallen, Times-Mirror and Knight-Ridder. The New York Times is renting its headquarters living on borrowed time and cash infusions from Mexico’s richest man until another online billionaire pays to own the Old Grey Lady.

The old newspaper unions will hammer the final nails in the coffins of the remaining big city dailies.

I will update you on developments with reports on the media from actual people in the trenches, the waves of buyouts and layoffs on the horizon and the new role citizen journalists have on investigative reporting, filling in the gaps without fear or favor.

The bias has been with us for decades in not only the A-section and editorials, but also in the business section, metro and even sports reporting. You see it every day in thier not-so-hidden agendas.

The Tour de France, attack the Americans; Chelsea Football Club, the Russian just buys the good players; Barry Bonds, He’s got to be disgraced, he ignores the sports writers! He won’t do an interview! He is hiding the fact that he used steroids! Please join me in this brave new medium and add to the continuum. Click on my home page.

Hearst and FOX may end up being the last ones standing.

A new, powerful trend is coming from the science departments of major universities. They’ve known for years that newspaper journalists are not educated nor capable of objective reporting on science. So they’ve come up with their own news service. Bookmark the site:

Online advertising revenue accounts for just .07 of total newspaper/web revenue and print advertising, even though it is in a death spiral, accounts for 70 percent of the revenue.The story keeps evolving. We would like to hear your reports from the streets.

Please write me at:

85 thoughts on “Citizen Journalism Today

  1. The concept of CITIZEN JOURNALISM is really picking up these days.. I am from India and there has been many initiatives taken on Citizen Journalism in India. The closest which falls in line with the concept in totality is Check it out.. may be one day, initiatives like this can change the way news is produced, distributed and consumed.

    • I am doing research on the rise of citizen journalism in india.
      Please get in touch and help me gather strength.

  2. Thanks Dan,
    We have to thank Michael Savage for his Citgo boycott. He’s one of the few in the media with the guts to explain what is going on behind the “curtains.” I have been a long-time fan of Michael’s, I remember the first show I heard of his coming back from skiing in Tahoe. It was on a Sunday afternoon and he was on a middle-of-the-road station, KGO.

  3. You should know that your web site was at the very top of a Google Search when I typed in the words “Citgo” and “Petro Express”. Kudos to whowever manages your web site.

    I found your article intersting and informative on the topic, thanks for posting it and, like I said, for getting it to the “top” of the pile.

    One request, can you put a date at the beginning or end of articles so the reader knows for sure how current they are? I see the calendar on the side, but I am not sure that is accurate to what is written.

    Otherwise, great job!



  4. Thanks for the nice remarks and suggestion. I will do that. I often update posts, but I can just jot down when the update was made. I can assure you that the Petro Express article is current. I wrote that just about three weeks ago.

    The Citgo/Chavez story is picking up steam.

  5. Vick, I loved your Britney Spears cartoon. You are timely and funny! I believe the cartoon project on updating Hyack’s work would be too complicated and tedious for you. Keep up the two and tree panel cartoons!

    Here’s an idea– How about a Britney Smears airplane seat cushion for sale on E-Bay?

  6. Mick:
    Just some advice from one professional to another …
    When I first converted my e-journal to a blog, I was given the friendly advice to use the “More” feature in my posts. Reason: One can surf through posted articles more easily and ready the rest of the story when one chooses.
    I am thrilled that someone has taken the time and interest to expose the bias media and non-objective reporting in the major media sources of the U.S. (and the rest of the world), and value this blog to be linked and shared with my readers.
    And your coined phrase of bloggers as “Citizen Journalism” is right on the mark!
    Good blog and I commend your insight and fortitude to fight against misinformation, just as the motto at my e-journal is: “Searching for Truth in a Sea of Misinformation” — you have provided a guiding light for Americans to keep in touch with reality and give those who have been duped over the years the ammunition of information that results in knowledge — and knowledge is power.
    Great blog and I salute you as a fellow American and “citizen journalist”.
    Sincerely, Keith A. Lehman, editor of Lighthouse Patriot Journal.

  7. I follow the new blog journalists and in my opinion, End of Elite Media Empires and Light House Patriot have been the most accurate on the Citgo issue.

  8. Hi Mick, A friend sent me your blog address and I am appreciating the many articles. What is your media background that you mention? It would be nice to more about where you are “coming from”.
    Thanks for what you do!

    Thanks for the nice words, Jullieanne. I am a freelance writer now, working primarily for Fortune 500 companies on communications projects, i.e. “crisis management,” and annual reports. In addition to a journalisim background, I have an MBA from the University of Dallas. I have worked in major media as a writer, feature editor, and Marketing Communications manager for some of the top media companies in the country: Hearst, Times-Mirror, and the Poynter Institute’s St. Petersburg Times. I’ve also been involved in political campaigns and have seen first hand the serious war of smear campaigns run by the leftests who dominate the media. I’m excited about citizen journalists making a difference. Are you, Jullieanne? Set up your own free blog here at Join the revolution.

  9. After reading your introduction now I know you better. BTW newspaper to me is waste of paper because news on Internet come instantly and when you look at the news in morning papers all the news stories are stale. I will read your post some other time and will comment.

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  11. Young Indian research Journalists starts Citizen Journalism In India

    A community news portal
    has been laucnhed in india by group of young indian research Journalists in december 2006.

    The community new portal is research work of ABC Media Research and Development Center, the research wing of ABC News Network Private limited .This portal is fully dedicated to the cause of citizen involved journalism popularly called CITIZEN JOURNALISM. All news and information have their sources in citizens. They create news and information or witness the news but they have no relevance in news gathering, processing and publishing system of contempory media. The citizen journalism is the voices of all those citizens who are creating or witnessing news and information around them, the citizenxpress is an open platform for all those citizens.

    Now a day’s fascinating proverb is being engineered i.e. for all (4 all).like education for all, health for all, justice for all etc but participation by all is no where in their agenda. This gives impressions that all who want to do some thing for all still not willing to relinquish their position of givers. Which always reflect in their actions vice versa. So there is urgent need of a platform, where all will act as givers as well as takers. Flow of knowledge can be from either sides depending on the need and requirements of situation.
    please visit it and if found worthy pleases
    share with other.

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  13. Mick,
    Love the site; it’s good to know there are other like minded people out there who aren’t afraid to think rationally.

  14. No Blog; I hope that’s ok. I’m not much of a writer and travel on business so I mostly just like to surf for more information that the mainstream likes to leave out.

  15. Mick, thank you sincerely for your
    interest in James Patterson’s and my
    Title VII lawsuit, which you recently
    expressed on Ruth’s blog site.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime
    at or 226-9709.
    Would love to meet for lunch sometime
    if you’re free.

    Sincerely, Lisa Coffey

  16. Please feel free to contact me, i am more than willing to expose the lies that still remain in Durham NC!
    Rhonda Fleming

    Rhonda, I think your best bet is to get the word out like you are doing. Hopefully someone will come forward.

  17. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.
    Like you, I too have worked with major media companies here in India, as editor, writer and also managed marketing communications. I am happy to meet you. Yes, citizen journalism is the way forward. And I will do whatever I can to contribute to the movement.
    Stay well!

  18. Mick,

    Great blog. I stumbled on it following the Bernie Ward story. When I saw he was a SF talk show host, I assumed he was a lib, but wanted to make sure. Since this has been going on since December, I pretty much knew my assumption would be a fact, as a conservative would’ve been drawn-and-quartered across the LSM. Keep up the good work. I’ve bookmarked your home page so “I’ll be back!”

  19. Great site. Not only is the info solid, but the writing is good — and the fact that you know that medium is the singular of media does my heart almost as much good as your knowing the the NYT is liberal.

    Also love the links — makes one feel the truth has allies. Thanks.

  20. I have a link to your blog on mine. My blog is fairly new but I believe it has decent content that I will continue to add to. If you wish to link to mine, I wouldn’t object.
    Citizen Wells

    Citizen Wells, I like your logo. I will do the same with your link. You are one of the new independent citizen journalists, welcome aboard.

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  22. rock and roll man, great website, down with corporate media.

    How on earth can people trust the information of commercial interests?

    My family are nice and beautiful people, but they says things like “you need to watch the news to see what going on?

    And then they put their kids infront of the disney channel – the disney channel, who’s primary objective is to engineer humans that are as willingly ignorant possible. And they are doing an EXTREMELY GOOD JOB at it.

    Does anyone think that the “kids” that watch the disney channel, will be able to defend their freedom in the times ahead?

    I think not.

    But how can they be so stupid, but be such loving people at the same time?

  23. Excellent points Jason. We have the same problems. I believe it is a PC brainwashing that promotes passive consumers to be ruled by the elite politicians and media.

    We have to make “thinking” cool again.

  24. Referencing your comment at the Aftermath News site: I simply like to hike and walk. Like a lot of outdoors people.

    But that aside–I like your site here.

  25. I am a retired former music store owner. I have only recently purchased a pc. I regret I waited so long. I was frustrated after hearing the spewing of chaves and was enraged at how we as Americans allow dictators like this to hold our country hostage. I had read somewhere that Chaves owned part of Citgo. I googled Citgo and landed here.
    I really dig your site and I wish you the best. I am in touch with lots of folks, and your site will be highly recommended. Are there any info sites that would help one in research of just how much real estate, etc. that is owned by foreign anti-American entities? Also, maybe you could help me find out where to go in order to find out what countries American taxpayers are sending money to.
    Again, thanks for truth in journalism. A refreshing find. RMcD in Macon, Ga. 9/13/08

  26. Thanks for the compliments, Rick. There are about a dozen web sites and blogs that cover the Chavez horrors. Just keep on Googling. Go to the site for the propaganda. It’s easy to read between the lines.

  27. Yah CitJ is gaining a lot of ground lately. Places like NowPublic and CJReport are kind of flat though…not a lot of good content or anything professional looking.

    However I found You Scoop It to be very professional and easy to use…just needs videos and it would be the flagship for Citizen Journalism.

  28. You have to ask what the Tribune executive editors were thinking when they bought the Times-Mirror properties just a few years ago.

    Sam Zell has to stay away from the windows of the Tribune Tower. He was thinking he was the smartest guy in the room to take the whole Times-Mirror mess private.

    “It’s fair to say that newspapers will disappear and I don’t think we should shed that big a tear for them,” says Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader, co-director of the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative. And unlike the traumas of automobiles or real estate, the
    change is fundamental, not cyclical. A down economy may have sped it along, but the business model itself would have been troubled
    anyway. “My kids can’t imagine why anyone would read the newspaper,” Fader notes.

  29. Cindy McCain attacked media coverage of her husband’s presidential campaign Monday, saying there is now “very little difference now between journalism and gossip.”

    “Without sounding bitter—and I’m not bitter—I do believe there was a media bias. I do believe that the media had a specific agenda and with that said, the American people cast their vote,” McCain said in an interview she gave to her daughter Meghan, a blogger who posted the transcript on The Daily Beast.

    “I truly feel that unless the media goes back to unbiased reporting they are going to do a disservice to the youth of this country. The future of this country lies in the youth and we have to be good stewards of information and truth,” she added. “There is so much more to it than just one article and people telling lies, it affects much more than that.”

    McCain was particularly critical of a New York Times profile of her that ran shortly before the election.

    “It is interesting that it got to the point where the New York Times profile of me is being used as an example of the bias in reporting in journalism classes,” she said. “I had never spoken with the reporter who wrote the article. She contacted the kids that went to high school with my youngest daughter over the Internet, and as a parent, that was scary.”

  30. This is what Moron Mick wrote over a year ago:

    “First it was the big win for Saxby Chamblis for the U.S. Senate from Georgia. The Democrats had a lot of paid people in the state to make sure that didn’t happen. They can’t change election results while counting if there is a landslide.

    Next, in Louisiana’s runoff elections, two more wins for Republicans. This shows the people understand what absolute rule by the Democrats would be terrible for the nation.”

    Hey Moron Mick: How did that prediction turn out for ya?

    Oh, and PS: All your “citizen journalism” on this site, I noticed, is nothing more than commentary on the work of real journalists. You don’t do any “journalism” Moron Mick – you’re just a moron.

  31. Oh, and one more thing: good luck to crap blogs like this when newspapers start monetizing their online operations. You won’t just be able to cut and paste anymore, Moron Mick, and call it “citizen journalism.”
    In fact, the LA Times ALREADY is covering its editorial payroll from its online operations.
    Oh, and final point: newspaper websites are absolutely CRUSHING the local competition (blogs, crap freebie newspapers like the Examiners, etc.) in unique visitors. Crushing. You have 332,000 “unique” hits, Moron Mick? Since 2005 or whenever this crap blog started? Gee, the NY Times probably gets that in ONE HOUR.
    So long, Moron Mick.

  32. John, why so serious? Oh yeah, newspapers are on their death bed. I do my reading from my iPod now. I’m an environmentalist. I hate to see the waste from papers like the New York Times. Imagine, they print on the fiber of dead trees and chemically laced “recycled” paper. The ink itself, by the barrel is bad enough, but the delivery system is a nightmare for Al Gore and his ilk. Old, poorly maintained junkers spewing pollution as “carriers” throw hundreds of 1/4 lb. papers wrapped in plastic in the drivways of suburbia. Ironically, it was newspapers that taught us to find green ways to live. Thanks for all your well-researched stories!

  33. Newspaper “journalists” can’t seem to understand that TV, radio and now the Internet can report the news. Look at this investigative report by a TV station in PA:
    A poll worker faces election fraud charges after county investigators said he tried to change people’s votes on election day.

    Sean Stevens, 59, of Long Pond said he was just doing his job. Stevens faces felony fraud charges, after working the polls in Monroe County on election day.

    He addressed the Monroe County elections board a few weeks after election day before the charges were filed.

    “Had the machines been further apart, had people better knowledge of how to use the machines, there would have been less need, to me, to demonstrate,” said Stevens.

    Stevens was a machine inspector for the 2008 presidential election. Court papers said Stevens reached over the back of voting machines to change votes and encouraged people to vote for Barack Obama.

    Stevens said that’s impossible.

    “The machines are just too high. You cannot look over unless you strain to do so,” he said.

    Video from the Tunkhannock Township polling place on election day shows a platform behind the machines, where workers can easily reach the top and into the voting machines.

    According to court papers, Stevens was a voting machine inspector for three other elections prior to this one. In November, 2008, election officials asked him to leave before the day was over, after voters started complaining about his actions.

    Elections director Sara May-Silfee spoke with Newswatch 16 late last year on what she will do to make sure this doesn’t happen again. “Direct judges of election to be aware of what’s going on inside their polling place and that they’re going to have to be more careful,” said May-Silfee.

    If convicted, Stevens could face up to nine years in prison.

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  35. Why Are Newspapers Exploiting The People They Cover?

    When we at recently wrote about yet another journalist complaining about how Google exploits their content, someone in the comments made a really salient point that should get wider exposure. If you go by the journalist’s own logic, then the truth is that they are exploiting the newsmakers they cover. After all, it’s really the newsmakers who are “creating” the story, and all the journalists are doing is writing up an account of it, for commercial purposes, and not rewarding the newsmakers who make their jobs possible in the first place. Journalists have been freeriding on the backs of the people who actually make the news for too long! I think it’s time that everyone who is in a news story start standing up for their rights, and demanding that journalists pay them to stop this free riding. Perhaps some newsmakers will band together and create a new consortium, where journalists can just pay a one time regular subscription fee, to be divided up among newsmakers, based on who makes the most news. Yeah… that’s the ticket…

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  37. I am doctoral researcher at the University of Huddersfield , my research involves how citizen journalism can challenge Islamophobic attitude of the mainstream and bring social cohesion within multicultural society.

    I am extremely interested in this campaign and would be happy to receive ideas that would make teh difference in my research.

    my persoanl email is

  38. I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Huddersfield , my research features ‘how citizen journalism can challenge Islamophobic attitude of the mainstream media. Also how it could help in promoting social cohesion within multicultural society’.

    I am extremely impressed in your work (Mike) and think this campaign is vitally important to save upcoming human crisis through fair and objective writings…….I would appreciate any ideas that would make the difference in my research.

    my personal email is
    Huddersfield- UK

  39. LOL – Paid Content! The newspaper suicide pact
    Primarily written Friday night at O’Hare International. Lightly edited, with links added today. –dc

    I think I’ll remember last week as the moment when I finally knew, with a certainty approaching fatigue, that the newspaper industry – the business and passion that both shaped and warped me over the past 20 years – had chosen ritual suicide. The choice appears grimly reached and irrevocable.

    The issue is “paid content.” That’s the generic term. I consider it a euphemism for an entire suite of frustrations and furies that have been boiling out of my former profession since its once-invincible business model began its final slide to the deep in 2008. On the surface, paid content is the reasonable idea that people should have to pay for the professionally produced content they consume. Its core, however, is a post-rational demand that consumers abandon their habits of the past decade in favor of new behaviors intended to restore media companies to the profitability ordained to them by God Almighty.

    Does it matter that this is an idea with a known, recent history of failure? Or that human beings have no intention of paying for news they’ve always received for free? Does it matter that we already know a return to the paywall-era of the early 2000s will cost these legacy media companies money they will never recoup? No, no and no.

    There has been no shortage of writing debunking this, but what of it? The audience that counts in this case – media company executives – decided this future sometime earlier this spring. All that remains now are the details and marketing terms: “Paywalls” are out; “Pay Windows” are in. The wall must be easy to use, but it must also be “permeable.” And so on.

    Confused? Don’t be. Your newspaper overlords believe they can sell you their content if they can just get everybody on the same page and nail the sales pitch this time. They’re looking for the magic words, not the underlying logic (the tricky part? Doing all this without breaking federal anti-trust law).

    This is folly, of course. Even MIT Technology Review Editor and Publisher Justin Jason Pontin concluded that news and opinion must be given away to the aggregators, and that was in an essay advancing the case for paid content.

  40. This site has about as much substance as a doggy bag of scraps crapped out by Limbaugh and Beck. The joke is on anyone who considers this news, or even new as a concept. Best of luck, though. These ideas need somewhere to go when FOX adapts or dies.

    • Mike Altor-

      I feel sorry for you because you’ve been thoroughly brainwashed by your version of “news.” I just hope you learn to think for yourself someday instead of having your government/media tell you what to believe. You might as well move to a socialist country where they can dictate your life! They need more people like you. You would fit in so well. Also, you should learn to write better because your comment was filled with a bunch of shitty, unclear metaphors, attempting to sound sophisticated, but FAILING. Nice try.

      My advice to you: Figure out out who’s lying to you and shoving crap down your throat… you’re letting them willingly, without any hesitation.

  41. Thank you Laura, that is great advice for Mike Ator. Sheeple like him endanger us all. We end up paying more taxes and let the Democrat/Socialists buy votes with it. Voters just like Mike Ator.

    Laura, pleas write more!

  42. My lack of sophistication obviously struck a nerve, though it took you a month and a half to crank out your seething reply. Maybe you’re not as loyal to your “news” source as you appear.

    This site pretty far off the radar, so if I am one of the “sheeple” I must be straying some. But, I do have a conscience and yes, I vote with it. If it’s costing you something perhaps you deserve it.

  43. Mike Ator,
    What are your goals in life? To become a union member, know the latest buzz, who’s hot, what’s PC… Democrat/Socialists goood. Republicans baaad.

    • Hi my own friend! My partner and i want to point out that article will be awesome, great composed and also come with almost almost all vital infos. I&;1827#d just like to look more content similar to this.

  44. I am doing research on the rise of citizen
    journalism in india.
    Please get in touch and help me gather

  45. As a Citizen Civil Rights journalist, I agree with what is written here, for Citizen Journalist do this as a passion or to help bring awareness to the many issues that mainstream news will not report on, and since the average person lives these truths every day and never find an outlet to get the issues out there, I think there will be more and more Citizen Journalist and Bloggers, so thumbs up on this

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