Hillary’s last gasp as bill hits a supporter

“This is the last hurrah. After March 4, Hillary Clinton will be out of the race for good, and Obama will take the commanding lead,” he said. “She should back him with her delegates immediately. That’s what I’m asking them to do.”

Obama supporter Robert Holeman (a black man) said that Clinton responded by saying Obama came after him first. Holeman also described Clinton’s reaction to him as “irate.”

So, get your Flip video cameras and cell phones ready for Hillary’s last chance. She’s even losing her union support. Hillary’s final weeks.
This is going to be dirty.

Hillary is using her machine to grab the “super delegates” that nobody won. Now she’s using the last of her clout to put them in her win column. The seated delegates from Florida and Michigan.

Clinton actually elbowed him in the mouth. The Secret Service actually had to take Bill away.

Have you seen Bill’s temper? Doesn’t that make you wonder about Vince Foster?

The Clinton Machine May Have Stole the New Hampshire Primary from Obama. Voter Fraud Just Like Florida in 2000.

By Mick Gregory

Hillary Hijacking Election
Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire
Constitutional Crisis
Update: Feb. 16, 2008

Wire reports by AP and the NYT found that 80 voting districts in last week’s New York primary election had zero votes for Obma, including districts in Harlem.

Does that bother Obama supporters? The Hillary Clinton machine is not going to let up. Look out in Ohio.

John Kerry knows the Clintons and knew how they are trying to cheat their way to the White House at the expense of a member of their own party, that he endorsed Obama a day after the New Hampshire fiasco.

The New Hampshire primary exposed the cheating the Democrat party has been up to in some areas for the past decade. But the liberal media stays away from that story.

Today, the voting machines are largely on Diebold optical-scan voting systems, wholly controlled and programmed by a very seedy company named LHS Associates. The real story in Florida’s Democrat-controlled wards has been reversed and blamed on Bush. It was in reality about voter fraud by the Democrat machine, before and after the “chad counting” in the 2000 election. How many believe it was Republicans trying to decide the “voters’ intent” by counting bumps on a card?

Those chad producing punch cards have been replaced by Diebold op-scan machines == the same ones that were hacked in the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy.” Yet, there are plenty of the old fashion paper ballots floating around for the tried and true ballot stuffing. That’s another trick that Hugo Chavez uses.

The pre-election and exit poll numbers were right-on on the Republican side, as well as on the Democratic side. Except except for the do-or-die Clinton vs. Obama race.

Had Hillary lost in NH, all the money would have stopped and she would have wasted $100 million on her failed campaign. The aroma of flop sweat was in the air. And panic set in. Her back and those of her backers were against the wall. This was her last chance.

Here are the facts. Precincts in pro-Obama districts ran out of ballots before noon in many cases.
All the polls had Obama with double digit leads. Hillary ended up pulling off the win by some 4 percentage points in the wee hours of today.

Donations for Obama are still pouring in at record levels. Hillary’s have stopped. Obama’s crowds were 10 times the level in people and octaves than Hillary’s. The voter support doesn’t match the voting results.

Now there are whispers of the Clintons were van pooling in voters from New York and the entire tri-state area. Even the Clinton machine out did itself this time.

But in reality, all Hillary did was delay the inevitable. And insiders on Obama’s side are fighting mad. They can play the same game. Next, watch what happens to Hillary in Michigan, then South Carolina. She won’t have the pull in those states. But Florida is trouble. Hillary’s henchmen are probably already stuffing ballots in voting boxes in my opinion.

Hopefully, some of her own supporters will see what Hillary attempted to do to the first black American with a good chance to become president.

Update: The issue is not going away. Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire are circulating after Hillary Clinton reversed a mammoth pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines… From a Boston website called BostonNow.com.

More reports coming in, this one from slashdot:
“Multiple indications of vote fraud are beginning to pop up regarding the New Hampshire primary elections. Roughly 80% of New Hampshire precincts use Diebold machines, while the remaining 20% are hand counted. A Black Box Voting contributor has compiled a chart of results from hand counted precincts vs. results from machine counted precincts. In machine counted precincts, Clinton beat Obama by almost 5%. In hand counted precincts, Obama beat Clinton by over 4%, which closely matches the scientific polls that were conducted leading up to the election. Another issue is the Republican results from Sutton precinct. The final results showed Ron Paul with 0 votes in Sutton. The next day a Ron Paul supporter came forward claiming that both she and several of her family members had voted for Ron Paul in Sutton. Black Box Voting reports that after being asked about the discrepancy Sutton officials decided that Ron Paul actually received 31 votes in Sutton, but they were left off of the tally sheet due to ‘human error.'”

Time to come forward, for America. Tell the truth about New Hampshire.

Over the Hill Hillary in Third Place in Iowa, Yet She Says “I am so ready to lead!”

Mick Gregory

“But I’m so ready to lead!” Hillary shrieked. (We know, but who is going to follow but obese old ladies?)

Democrat (former front-runner) presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton claimed to be unshaken by her third-place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, hailed a “great night for Democrats.”

But her poor showing here was a blow to the former first lady, dissolving her image as America’s socialist Democratic party’s inevitable nominee and setting up a race to Tuesday’s leadoff primary in New Hampshire.

That is where she will hopefully be “the comeback kid.”
But the flop sweat has set in. I don’t think the fat accordian player will be following her to New Hampshire.

Clinton told her supporters that she had congratulated Iowa caucus winner Sen. Barack Obama and the second-place finisher, John Edwards. But there was no confirmation that it happened.

“We’re going to keep pushing as hard as we can,” she said, with former President Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea at her side. “I am so ready for the rest of this campaign and I am so ready to lead.”

Iowa Democrats delivered a cautionary tale to the New York senator, an established figure on the public stage who is running to be the first woman president.

Caucus goers appeared to reject the central premise of Clinton’s candidacy, favoring Obama’s message of hope and change over her theme of experience and leadership.

More troubling still was her performance among key groups that had been expected to form the core of her support.

The Ramadan fires: 10 wildfires threaten the most expensive neighborhoods from Malibu to San Diego

Mick Gregory

Could terrorists have started the fires? Please don’t ask. In liberal circles you are racisit if you even think Islamic terrorists would do this.

Update: News is coming out that several of the fires are looking like arson according to officials of Orange County. For continuous updates, see my other story “Coverup: Were Wildfires Set by Terrorists?”

ALERT: “Officials” blamed a wildfire that consumed more than 38,000 acres and destroyed 21 homes last week on a boy playing with matches, and said they would ask a prosecutor to consider the case.
The boy admitted to sparking the fire on Oct. 21, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said Tuesday. Ferocious winds helped it quickly spread.

“He admitted to playing with matches and accidentally starting the fire,” Hecht said in a statement.

OK, that makes me feel safe. Officials know best.

Police did not release the boy’s name. Los Angeles County fire Capt. Michael Brown only would say Wednesday that he was younger than 13.

The boy was released to his parents, and the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office, Hecht said. It was not clear if he had been arrested or cited by detectives.

U.S. Capitol Police today (Nov. 2) were investigating the latest in a series of seven suspicious fires occurring in Senate office buildings.

A police spokesman said a small fire was discovered about 8:00 a.m. EDT in a 2nd floor woman’s restroom of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.
The police said it was at least the 7th confirmed fire in the office buildings since late September. The fires are all suspicious in nature and Capitol Police are exploring the possibility that they are linked. You think? Nah, it was probably and act of nature, or a 12-year-old with matches.

Don’t speculate on siloed Islamic terrorists. Don’t scare the American people.

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Major tunnel 30 miles north of downtown Los Angels destroyed by explosion–flames pour out of both ends.

Another dramatic explosion on a major U.S. interstate highway.
Terrorisim? Don’t even ask.

By Mick Gregory

Interstate 5 is a key route connecting Southern and Northern California, as well as a major commuter link between Los Angeles and its northern suburbs. The affected stretch of freeway carries about 225,000 vehicles a day, and there are likely to be huge traffic jams in the area if it is still closed when people return to work Monday.

Several burned alive in explosion. Firefighters could find more bodies as they explored the charred tunnel. They hope to finish the search by Sunday morning, said Deputy Fire Chief John Tripp.

That was last week. Today, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated by firestorms.

The pileup in the southbound truck tunnel of Interstate 5 began about 11 p.m. Friday when two big rigs collided on the rain-slickened highway about 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. As crashes continued throughout the 550-foot-long tunnel, five tractor-trailers burst into flames, and the fire quickly spread.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.
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Dan Rather would rather file a lawsuit than fade out in dignity

Just when you might have thought Dan Rather was going to end his career of shilling for all Democrat politicians and Big Brother causes, he gets back up from the dead and files a $70 million lawsuit against his former employer CBS. That is typical loyalty from a life-long Democrat and an elite career as an achorman on one of the former Big Three.

The once famous talking head of the CBS (emphasis noted) Evening News anchor filed a $70 million lawsuit against his old network this afternoon, saying it sacrificed his career to angry right-wingers and violated his contract by denying him airtime.

Check out the skepticism in the liberal New York Times’s write-up, here:

Mr. Rather charges that CBS and its executives made him “a scapegoat” in an attempt “to pacify the White House,” though the formal complaint presents virtually no direct evidence to that effect. In fact, Rather should have done some simple interviewing and cub reporting before going on air with his sript to try and elect his comrade in arms, Kerry.
and here:

The portrait of Mr. Rather that emerges from the 32-page filing bears little resemblance to the hard-charging, seemingly fearless anchor who for two decades shared the stage with Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings as the most watched and recognizable journalists in America. By his own rendering, Mr. Rather was little more than a narrator of the disputed broadcast.
But the saddest part has to be where Rather, now an anchor on HDnet, complains that CBS wouldn’t even let him go to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. According to his lawyers, “Mr. Rather is the most experienced reporter in the United States in covering hurricanes.” Apparently no one told them “Hurricane Dan” was not a nickname bestowed out of respect.

Did you know that the man who Rather used as the expert witness in his famous story is certifiably mentaly ill?

Where is Osama? The production quality of that photo and tape is laughable.

By Mick Gregory

Speculation on the spector of the Osama tape.

Are any of you worried about the eve of 9/11? Here’s what I think:

The Osama photo is not recent, it’s a composite designed using PhotoShop. The audio is probably technically mixed to sound like his voice, as well. My guess is the tape is being produced and distributed by the Russian “new” KGB. It keeps the myth going and hope for the Islamic terrorists to continue the fight against “The Great Satan.”

The Osama tape is to be taken as a signal to go ahead with attacks by independent sleeper cells in the US.

The worst case: .0002 chance of occuring.

I believe there could be simultaneous bombs blown off in major cities in the US and Europe, some will be dirty bombs and the massive fear will be that they were all nuclear active. Fuel tanker trucks will be the weapon of choice. I don’t think the terrorists are capable of this any longer.

The New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, LA and San Francisco explosions will be the targets of dirty bombs and the major bridges and tunnels will be blocked, increasing the chaos. The next wave of terror will hit London, Paris, Ramstein air base, and the Hague financial center.

The nuclear devices were propably supplied to the terror cells by Russian operatives. Most have been degraded over time, but still very powerful in psychological impact and fear factor.

It’s too complicated to predict what will happen if there are two days of terror.

I’m sure the Pentagon has been running Monte Carlo risk simulations using various factors, and playing out scenerios. Marshal Law would have to be one of the tools set in place to force order.

After months of a crushed economy, and people ignoring their mortgage and credit payments, the stock market would crash and there will be runs on the banks. There would be a collapse of fuel and food supplies. Possible looting in poor cities, sporatic shootings. Chance of happening: .000003.

Russia and China would emerge as the super powers, the US and Western Europe could be in Great Depression II.

It would take years to regain normalcy. What a nightmare it would be. But the chance of anything close to playing out is about .0000023.

My hope is that the terror cells lack training and made up of low class punks and true Islamic believers managed by low level criminals with pipe bombs and AK-47s.

Then, nothing will happen in the U.S. And we wil see that the Bush doctrine is right, keeping the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and that killing 20,000 Islamo Fascists every month is working fine. Chance of occuring: .9998.

Next, on to Iran.

MOABs dropped on 1500 military and nuclear sites in three days. Oil crisis? Not much. Iran can’t even supply its own people with gas now. Of course there will be a spike in gas prices for six weeks. Big deal. Secure oil for the next 30 years is a good trade off. Chance of happening: .333.

Which scenerio will play out? What say you?

Al Qaeda — See You in September.

Al Qaeda teamed with splinter groups of Islamic civilian-killing cowards, has a plot to hit the U.S. The United States Homeland Security knows about it but doesn’t have enough tactical detail to issue a precise warning or raise the threat level, says Vice Admiral (ret.) John Scott Redd, who heads the government’s National Counterterrorism Center.

In an interview at his headquarters near Washington, D.C., Redd told Newsweek magazine that the country is better prepared than ever to counter such threats. But he also believes another successful terror attack on the U.S. homeland is inevitable.

There have been major hedge fund investments made on Wall Street to profit from a catastrophic event in September. The Internet chatter is up. So we wait.

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the forest fires in Greece were set by terrorists and the same thoughts are on the recent fires along the commuter trains that run from New York to Washington D.C.

Not much we can do now. Go to work. Shop. Watch baseball.

Hillary Rodham Clinton brags about her experience in the White House; but all her records have been hidden under lock and key until after the ’08 election. Is that democracy?

What is Hillary hiding from the public? A lot. What will Don Imus say about it when he is back on the air by mid-September? A lot.

Mick Gregory

Hillary Rodham Clinton on the campaign trail always touts her White House experience as the No. 1 reason voters should make her president, but nearly 2 million pages of documents covering her White House years are locked up in a building here, obscuring her record as a working first lady.

Hillary received money From the American Muslim Alliance for her New York Senatorial campaign.

What else is locked up? How about her plans for socializing America’s healthcare system? Her comments on bimbo erruptions, her own sexual paybacks?

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