Imagine if you will, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage caught masturbating in front of a young girl. This is just a tid bit of Bernie Ward’s background.

demo-ward.jpgThis is a glimpse into the mind of a top Democrat and leader of the left. Bernie Ward is his name.


Barbara Boxer is said to have put pressure on the SFPD to halt the investigation of Ward.

“…Using the San Francisco Chronicle to get his message to KGO listeners, Bernie Ward is begging to be rehired at his former station. …Ward, 56, is using the kind of excuse that his liberal apologists would never tolerate from conservative talkers: that his crimes are in the past and therefore should be forgotten. Indicted on several counts of both possessing and distributing child pornography, Ward may indeed face prison time, whether San Francisco’s disturbed liberal establishment likes it or not…”

A pdf of the police report has an on-line chat between Ward, who refers to himself as a “slave”, and a Dominatrix. Ward talks about homosexual encounters at a porn theater, states he wants to be sodomized and “sisified”, says his daughter saw him masturbate, says he committed a sex act on his own son and threatens to molest children at a future date.

This is the man that the San Francisco radio station, KGO, gave a primetime show to to attack President Bush for 15-hours a week and then three hours on the weekend to attack Christians (on the show “God Talk”) and is considering rehiring.

His agent intimates that it’s the Bush Administration getting him for being such a tireless critic ( she also offers the “Townsend Defense”)

Yet, like all good liberals, he is not going to let a little misunderstanding regarding pedophilia get in the way of his righteous fight against REAL EVIL:

US Marines fighting Bush / Hitler’s war:

“…American soldiers are engaged in an immoral war…Go Hillary! (Bernie Ward worked on the staff of Senator Barbara Boxer (D).

Obama Leads in Delegates and Will Win More This Weekend

Mick Gregory

Did you read in your mainstream liberal media about Obama’s lead in delegates and was there much coverage of the likely wins he will make today?

Instead there is an MSNBC reporter suspended for daring to say that the Clinton machine pimped out Chelsea to call super delegates to have them switch from Obama to Hillary (what happened to free speech?).

What a tyrant. All you disgruntled Republicans should vote for Obama. Put Clinton Inc. out of business.

Top Conservative in the USA? Rudy Giuliani!

Republican presidential candidate

The mainstream liberal newspapers in America won’t report this. You have to go across the pond to the Telegraph to get a clear description of who the conservative and liberal front runners are. Democrats are so deceitful they don’t want the lable liberal.

The clear Republican front runner and arguably the only party nominee who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2008, Giuliani makes the top of our list despite his unorthodox brand of conservatism that is anathema to many on the Christian Right. Before 9/11, a thrice-married New Yorker in favour of abortion and gay rights and gun control would have struggled to survive the early stages of a Republican nomination battle despite his tax cutting and crime fighting credentials. But even many Christian conservatives who disagree with the former New York mayor on social issues now view national security as their number one priority.

Giuliani’s performance after 9/11 made him an international figure and helped make a nation feel good about itself just after its darkest hour. But 9/11 is the centrepiece of the Giuliani campaign in more than just that respect – he is determined to confront America’s enemies, including Iran, and has taken on an array of hawkish advisers. Meetings with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown while in London to receive an award from Margaret Thatcher underlined his global stature. All the stars are in alignment for a Democratic victory in 2008 but Giuliani has the potential to buck the historical trends and signal a dramatic shift in American conservatism by securing a win.

–London’s Conservative Telegraph

What’s the difference between a journalist and a reporter?

Mick Gregory

Only snobs or egomaniacs call themselves journalists. I have to admit, I like the term citizen journalist, because it has a ring of truth to it and it annoys mainstream journos.

A cub reporter in the 1950s asked his boss what the difference was between a reporter and a journalist.
He said, “a journalist had two suits, a reporter only one.”

Today, reporters don’t even bother to wear ties, let alone cheap suits. But the “executive editors” still need that differentiation or class definition of wearing a dark suit to the office. They are lords of the newsroom over scores of slobs.

Now you know why I call my blog sadbastards. I’m giving you a peek behind the curtains, before the final act of the once great print empire and the sad, egomaniacal editors scrambling to keep their status relevant.

National Press Club Pulls Plug on Venezuelan Students Panel — Under Pressure by the Hugo Chavez Government

By Mick Gregory

This is a bleak report from a citizen journalism blog,

It shows how much the U.S. press is in bed with socialists such as Hugo Chavez. For those who are just learning about the extreme left leaning bias of America’s mainstream media, it must be chilling. In fact, it shows why the Democrats want to bring back the FDR “Fairness Doctrine.”

Read the Press Club’s excuse; it would have been a one-sided panel; we would want representation from the other side.

That’s how the Fairness Doctrine stopped free speach in the U.S. for 50 years and helped prolong the Soviet Union’s iron curtain.

Until Thursday, the National Press Club’s calendar had listed a “Newsmakers” event for Friday on human rights in Venezuela. The panelists were set and the club’s Newsmakers Committee had agreed to put up $4,700 for the group, Venezuelan Students Abroad/Washington, D.C., to stage the event.

But the night before, the event was listed as canceled. Organizers of the event are crying foul, accusing the Press Club of stifling free speech, of all things. For its part, club brass says promoting such unbalanced panels is not the way they typically do business.

Carla Bastillos, one of the organizers, said the Newsmakers Committee invited her group “to highlight the student movement and hear from a student leader from Venezuela.”

But she said once the Venezuelan Embassy caught wind of the event, it expressed its concern to the club about not being included. On Thursday, the students received a call from Everett Bauman, a club member who has reported from Venezuela for the El Universal news service and who helped them put together the event. Bauman told them their financial support had been pulled.

Bastillos said it now appears that the Venezuelan government’s policy of “crushing freedom of expression has now been sanctioned by the National Press Club. We don’t want to create controversy … just get an explanation.”

For his part, Bauman said he thinks pressure from the embassy was to blame “in good part” for the club’s decision. He said club President Jerry Zremski told him he was “under pressure from the Venezuelan government because they wanted a level playing field and equal time,” which didn’t sit well with Bauman because Venezuelan officials have appeared at the club without the students.

Reached on Friday, Zremski said, “If I had known the details of this event [earlier], I would have wanted it postponed even if the embassy had not complained.”

He said Newsmakers events typically involve one person standing up to give their views, but this event was promoted as a panel discussion.

“If we’re going to have a panel discussion, we want balance,” he said. He added that the club isn’t impeding freedom of expression at all, but “if we’re putting together a forum, it should be an objective forum.”

The embassy did not respond to a request for comment.

What? There goes another tanker truck explosion and overpass

By Mick Gregory

When will the mainstream media connect the dots? Tanker truck explosions have occured within days of each other at major highway intersections in San Francisco/Oakland, Houston, New Jersey, and Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Here are the details:

Engineers with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) are working on demolition plans for the major overpass that was destroyed a month ago by a tanker truck explosion that killed the driver.

The charred southbound lanes of the overpass are closed indefinitely as FDOT officials fear the bridge might collapse. Damage was so severe that workers had to pressure wash the bridge to get a better look at the damage.

“We have one span that we know is going to have to come down,” FDOT engineer Pepe Garcia said. “We have a number of other beams that have been identified as very suspect and likely have to be replaced.”

The damage resulted from a fuel tanker that overturned on the overpass near downtown St. Petersburg last month, causing a massive inferno that killed the driver, spilled fuel and fire into the streets below.

According to authorities, the truck’s driver failed to negotiate the turn on the overpass, flipped several times and hit a wall, setting off several explosions that knocked chunks of concrete out of the overpass. Could a remote-controlled bomb caused this?

And this just in, in the congested New Jersey/New York metropolitan area last Thursday:
May 10 , 2007) – New Jersey State Police tell Eyewitness News that a gasoline tanker driver was killed Thursday in a fiery crash on Interstate 195 in Monmouth County.

Traffic on I-195 was snarled in the area for several hours on Thursday night, as the highway was closed in both directions and traffic was being detoured onto nearby roads.
The westbound tanker truck was struck by a car that collided with a dump truck in the eastbound lanes and crossed over the median, state police say.

Jones said the truck driver, whose name was not released, was crossing the Allaire Road overpass at the time of the crash and apparently tried to avoid the car. However, the tanker — which was carrying 9,000 gallons of gas — struck a guard rail and rolled over at least once before it burst into flames, trapping the driver inside.
Just three days before a gas tanker truck overturned, blew up and took out a pair of the busiest freeway connectors in Northern California at the Bay Bridge interchange, a similar disaster was narrowly avoided when the wheels “flew off” a double-tanker truck loaded with 8,600 gallons of fuel as it was rolling through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.
In Thursday night’s incident, the trucker was heading south on Park Presidio Drive, on his way to deliver gas to a Shell station at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way, when the left front pair of wheels on the tanker he was towing suddenly came off.
“He didn’t even know anything was wrong until he saw the wheel pass him on the road,” said Michael Cheney, who happened to be driving the other way with his wife, Dianne, when one of the errant wheels clipped the backside of their Mitsubishi Eclipse.
According to 21-year-old student David Wong, who was just behind Cheney in his brand new BMW, sparks began flying from beneath the tanker as its undercarriage scraped along the pavement. The airborne tire that struck Cheney’s car then ricocheted off the hood and side of Wong’s car — causing $3,500 in damage — before coming to a rest in the middle of the street. The second tire disappeared into the park’s underbrush.
While waiting for the cops to arrive, — Cheney — who happens to be a mechanic for the Municipal Railway — examined the truck and found that 10 lug nuts had come off.
Scary enough that a gasoline truck loses control in the middle of the park — but even scarier is that the double size tanker crossed the Golden Gate Bridge just minutes earlier.

There are models that say such an event could melt the Golden Gate Bridge and cause it to collapse into the shipping channel.

Houston’s killer explosion happened at the major intersection of Hwys 10 and 59. The driver was killed. The overpass is heavily damaged and will take months to repair.

What’s the Homeland Security color code today?

(Note to readers, the following key words and code is planted to attract Web crawlers).

Call it tanker terrorism, terrorisim, truck bomb, LNG tanker bomb.
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Fire Storms in California, Georgia and Florida. Highways collapsed or heavily damaged in California, Florida and Texas due to huge tanker fires

Mick Gregory

Wake up and smell the smoke.

California — More than 4,000 acres have been destroyed since starting Thursday afternoon.

In the dark of Friday morning, flames crept over the west side of the sweeping hills surrounding the horseshoe-shaped town of Avalon California. The 76-square-mile island is home to about 3,200 people, although that swells to as many as 10,000 people during the summer vacation season.

People evacuated the island by ferry as ash from the fire rained down on the island. Some 1,200 homes are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders. About 3,800 people had been evacuated Friday.

The Santa Catalina Island fire is the second major blaze to force evacuations in Southern California this week. An earlier fire in the heart of Los Angeles burned hundreds of acres in the city’s sprawling Griffith Park.

Fire season for the region doesn’t officially start until next month in the California hills.

There is no official fire season in Georgia and Florida.

What’s going on with the arson investigations?

Gas tanker collapses the 80/580 in Oakland
Gas tanker severely damages the Interstate 375 overpass in Tampa/St. Petersburg
Gas tanker destroys Interstate 10 and 59 in Houston, Texas
Golden Gate Bridge attack avoided after the tanker’s wheels flew off just after crossing the bridge

Here is a new Web site that is connecting the dots, as well:

Tanker Explosions on Major Highways in Houston and San Francisco Within Days of Each other

Mick Gregory

The nation’s fourth largest city, Houston, and fifth largest metro area, San Francisco/Oakland, had fiery tanker explosions at the areas’ major highway intersections within days of each other this weekend. Both “accidents” occured at intersections that average 280,000 and 200,000 cars a day.

There won’t be a connection made in the media or by the government. The Democrat-controlled media doesn’t want the public to realize the extent of the war on terror. It will be up to citizen journalists to expose the facts and connect the dots.

UPDATE: The driver who crashed a tanker loaded with gasoline and brought down a heavily trafficked highway overpass was given a commercial trucker’s license despite a history of criminal convictions, including drug and burglary arrests.
Mr. Mosqueda, 51, also got a special hazardous materials endorsement last year from the federal Transportation Security Administration despite regulations that can disqualify applicants with multiple convictions. To get it, he had to undergo an FBI criminal history check and an intelligence background check.

If gas tankers are not potential targets? Why the FBI background checks?
OK, what did the background check reveal? First of all, isn’t the name Mosqueda a little weird?

Here is a report on the Houston fire bomb.

Police said Luis Perez took a ramp at the interchange too quickly and lost control just after midnight Friday.

“It appears the vehicle may have been traveling fast enough to cause it to roll over,” Capt. M.W. Martin said. “When it burst into flames its cargo also ignited, causing an explosion.”
Massive flames extended about three stories high.
Perez, 39, was killed instantly, police said.

“There is fire and heat damage to the overpass,” Martin said.
The intense heat caused parts of the concrete overpasses to crumble and turn into gravel.

What a coincidence. Could there have been remote-controlled bombs placed on the highways? Is Al-Qaeda behind these “accidents?” Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting the possible connection? How would you like to be a BART commuter this morning?

Less than 48 hours later this tanker exploded in Oakland.

A tanker truck crashed and burst into flames near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Sunday, creating such intense heat that a stretch of highway melted and collapsed. Officials predicted a traffic nightmare for Bay Area commuters for weeks or months to come.

Flames shot 200 feet in the air, but the truck’s driver walked away from the scene with second-degree burns. No other injuries were reported in the 3:45 a.m. crash, which officials said could have been deadly had it occurred at a busier time.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Officer Trent Cross of the California Highway Patrol said of the crumpled interchange. “I’m looking at this thinking, ‘Wow, no one died’ – that’s amazing. It’s just very fortunate.”

Authorities said the damage could take months to repair, and that it would cause the worst disruption for Bay Area commuters since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged a section of the Bay Bridge itself.

UPDATE: Evidence disposed of in China
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
If the collapse was just a freak accident, why won’t the government let forensic engineers examine the site? Caltrans is preventing leading civil engineers from examining the wreckage. Instead, the debris is being shipped to China for “recycling” without being examined, even though steel is worth a mere 15 cents/pound, hardly enough to cover the shipping costs.

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What the Government Knew
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
Records have surfaced showing the exploding tanker truck carried extra gasoline — more than is legal — on past delivery missions on four separate occassions. This new information adds a new wrinkle to our understanding of 4/29. It’s very possible that when it crashed, the tanker truck had been illegally overloaded with yet-another cargo of dangerous, freeway-destroying gasoline.

But why? Who would want the highways to be travelled by a flammable truck stuffed with extra gasoline — and driven in a truck with a history of brake problems?

Look at the facts. Government agents had already spotted the truck and the extra gasoline it carried. But the California Highway Patrol had also once identified the exploding tanker truck’s brakes as so dangerously faulty, they’d immediately ordered it not to return to the highway.

But then new brakes were mysteriously delivered and installed at the inspection site — and the doomed tanker continued on towards its catastrophic destiny.

The driver, a repeat felon, would be an easier target for pressuring from a rogue official or agencies intent on coercing cooperation. But even if they’d found their man, who would pull the strings to waive the obvious safety regulations to put this plan into action?

These are questions that won’t be asked by people blinded by the “official” story — but there’s a pattern here, and it can’t be wished away. The highway re-opens, the sun shines, and Californians blindly continue on with their lives, imagining a public safety which may no longer exist.

Because the accident occurred where three highways converge, authorities said it could cause commuting problems for hundreds of thousands of people.

Transportation officials said 280,000 commuters take the bridge into San Francisco each day.
On Sunday the collapse doubled the half-hour trip drivers normally face getting to and from San Francisco and the eastern suburbs – even though many didn’t even attempt the trip because of the crash. Traffic appeared light on the bridge itself, but motorists looking to get on and off were backed up on both sides.

Transportation officials said they already had added trains to the Bay Area Rapid Transit rail system that takes commuters across San Francisco Bay, and were urging people to telecommute if possible. In preparation for rush hour, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger authorized funding so that ferries, buses and the rail system could carry commuters free of charge during Monday’s commute.

The tanker carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline ignited after crashing into a pylon on the interchange.
The driver, J. Mosqueda, 51, was headed from a refinery in Benicia to a gas station near the Oakland Airport when the accident occurred, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A preliminary investigation indicated he may have been speeding on the curving road, Cross said. Mosqueda (unusual name) was being treated in a hospital for burns Sunday; the hospital would not transfer media calls to his room.

Witnesses reported flames rising up to 200 feet into the air. Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said.
The charred section of collapsed freeway was draped at a sharp angle onto the highway beneath, exposing a web of twisted metal beneath the concrete. Officials said that altogether a 250-yard portion of the upper roadway was damaged.

Fatal fiery blast closes I-10, U.S. 59 ramps in Houston, kills tanker driver.
Fiery explosion kills tanker driver, will lead to repairs of marred freeway

The fiery and fatal explosion of a tanker truck just north of downtown is expected to shut down one ramp of a heavily used interchange for at least a week and create a bottleneck on another for possibly two months.

The driver, tentatively identified as Luis Perez, 39, of Houston, died in flames that reduced the truck to rubble. Dental records will confirm his identity, investigators said, and they added that the family has been notified.

Police did not identify the owner of the truck, the cargo it was carrying, or its origin and destination.

A Houston ordinance generally bars vehicles carrying hazardous materials from entering areas inside Loop 610 unless they are delivering or picking up cargo.

Both diesel fuel, which some reports said the truck was carrying, and gasoline, which is more likely to cause a series of explosions like those some people heard, are considered hazardous materials under the ordinance, said Police Lt. Gary Scheibe.

The accident occurred about midnight Frida on a ground-level ramp that takes traffic from southbound U.S. 59, the Eastex Freeway, to eastbound I-10, the East Freeway.

Police said the load “apparently shifted” as the tanker went east, causing the truck to roll and hit the barrier wall, spilling fuel on the freeway.

Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Norm Wigington said the heat caused severe damage to the concrete pavement, which will have to be fixed. The ramp will probably be closed one or two weeks.

During that time, southbound traffic on U.S. 59 can detour to exit onto I-10 west and U-turn at San Jacinto to double back eastward.

The towering flames and intense heat also blackened and damaged a ramp that passes over the accident site and takes traffic from eastbound I-10 to northbound U.S. 59.

Inspection showed four steel box beams on that ramp were damaged enough to need replacing, Wigington said.

“It will take about two months to have them rebuilt off-site, and then we’ll probably shut down the ramp for a weekend and install them,” he said.

During the wait, he said, one lane of the two-lane ramp will remain closed. The other, which was reopened about noon Friday, is expected to remain in use, although the narrowing could cause rush-hour backups.

Although TxDOT does not normally make traffic counts for ramps, the agency estimates that the main lanes of U.S. 59 at the busy interchange carry more than 200,000 vehicles a day, and those of I-10 at the interchange carry about 160,000.

Authorities said the crash sparked a four-part explosion that shook the surrounding area. Heat from the flames was so intense, they said, that it caused parts of the concrete to turn back into gravel.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze in about two hours, authorities said. The accident is under investigation.
The cost of the repairs would likely run into the tens of millions of dollars, and the state was seeking federal disaster aid, Kempton said. Schwarzenegger late Sunday issued an emergency declaration to allow repairs to happen faster, said Adam Mendelsohn, the governor’s spokesman.
The Bay Bridge consists of two heavily traveled, double-decked bridges about two miles long straddling San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said the accident showed how fragile the Bay area’s transportation network is, whether to an earthquake or terrorist attack, and has the potential to have a major economic effect on the city.
“It’s another giant wakeup call,” Newsom told reporters at the California Democratic Party convention in San Diego.

Yes, Mr. Newsom, it woke some of us up to the knowledge that we may be under attack.

Major Brand Survey Shows Citgo Crashing

By Mick Gregory

What the mainstream news either can’t or will not provide. The cost of this oil industry report is $150. That’s about how much a reporter costs a day following Hillary and Obama around.
Where are the followup stories on Citgo? Why not report on why 7-Eleven, Circle K and Petro Express dropped Citgo? Have they lost 3,000 or is it closer to 5,000 locations?

More than 90 brands were ranked in this year’s Brand Power rankings including Mobil, Exxon, Stewarts, Marathon Ashland, Citgo, Cenex, Sunoco, Rotten Robbie, BJ’s, USA Petroleum, Safeway, Phillips 66, Sinclair, Kum & Go, Aloha, RaceTrac, Admiral, Home Depot, Caseys, Speedway, Kwik Trip, PDQ, Irving, Tesoro, Rutters, Gas America, Gate, Mapco, Getty, Gulf, Circle K, Weigel and more.

The Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), the leading authority on wholesale and retail gas prices in the U.S., has put together the most comprehensive scorecard on the entire retail petroleum landscape. The OPIS Retail Year in Review and 2007 Profit Outlook is a must-have 125 page almanac for anyone involved in the downstream petroleum industry.

The report includes the annual OPIS Brand Power results, a ranking system based on how much of a premium one brand is able to extract against its direct competition at the pump.

On a national basis Chevron proved to be king for the third straight year. The average Chevron station was able to charge 2.15cts/gal more than its competition. Shell was second followed by Lukoil, BP, Texaco, Fina, Mobil, Exxon, 76 and Pure.

At the opposite end of the spectrum was Arco which priced its pumps nearly 10cts/gal below its competitors. The Arco discount was more substantial than Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s, the three largest wholesale clubs in the country. Most of Arco’s business is company operated or dealer tankwagon, but if measured against local racks, Arco sites fetched very low implied margins.

On a regional basis, top honors continued to go to major flags except one region.

New England: Texaco was the most powerful player with the average station pricing 3.1cts/gal above its competitors. Shell was next followed by Mobil, Exxon and Sunoco.
Hess was the most aggressive in the region, even more aggressive than supermarket chain Stop & Shop.
Mid-Atlantic: Shell, Mobil, Lukoil, and Exxon were in the top four, while Wawa, Xtra Fuel, Delta Sonic, Royal Farms and Kroger were in the bottom five.
Southeast: Chevron was also a regional winner in the Southeast. The more aggressive stations in the region included Flying J, Costco, Liberty , Sam’s and Sheetz which recently opened some sites in North Carolina.
Great Lakes : It was independent brands in this region that took the top 2 spots. Gas City and Fast Stop were best in the region which were comprised of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Flying J, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Murphy USA, Thornton Oil, and Kroger were ranked as some of the chains with the lowest pump prices.
Midwest : BP took the top spot in the Midwest which also saw Valero and Fina crack the Top five. The top 5 most aggressive brands included Murphy USA, Quik Trip, Kwik Shop, Mirastar and 7-Eleven.
Southwest: The 76 flag was tops in the Southwest. The most aggressive supermarket in the region was Kroger followed by Albertsons, HEB and Safeway. The data also indicates that Costco priced more aggressively than Sam’s by about 3 cts/gal.
Rockies: Chevron once again obtained a regional championship and Conoco cracked a regional top-five for the first time this year. Sam’s Costco, Mirastar, King Soopers, Flying J, and Maverik were the most aggressive sites in the region.
West Coast: Texaco was number one in the West Coast followed by Chevron. Costco and Arco were the two cheapest pricing brands on the Pacific.
In addition, the report takes an in-depth look at profit margins on a national, regional and market-by-market basis. It reveals the six annual trends in the market, (the winter high, winter sell-off, Petronoia rally, Petronoia ebb-tide, demand/storm rally and the autumnal collapse) and examines how each market in the eight regions of the country reacted to those trends.

It is clear to industry analysts that Citgo is in its last months as a brand. Not even Joe Kennedy shilling for Hugo Chavez’ brand, can help stem the market losses.

Why don’t your major newspaper business sections cover this subject?

It Is Time for Citgo to Go.

By Mick Gregory

President Hugo Chavez has new dictatorial power that he is using to nationalize several U.S. oil companies’ investments in upstream projects. Those involved include ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron. The Marxist president who calls his own middle class “rancid” is demanding that the oil firms sell the majority of their Venezuelan project control to his government, in effect, nationalizing the projects.

Citgo Petroleum, the Venezuelan oil company operating in the U.S. has failed to file SEC reports for the past 18 months and its Houston corporate website says they still have 13,000 retail locations (and they’re sticking to it), even though there are well-publicized reports of more than 3,000 locations that have dropped the Citgo brand in 2006, including 7-Eleven, Circle-K and Petro Express.

Remaining Citgo retailers seem willing to weather the national boycott, things are going to get better? You think? Some owners are apparently satisfied with the big discounts Citgo grants them on fuel for staying with the tarnished brand. What’s the future in that, when oil is at historic highs?


Analysts are beginning to wonder how much longer the Citgo brand will exist. The organizational, legal and marketing costs of maintaining the brand are much more than the value the brand generates to attract customers. In fact, it may well be repelling customers. Chavez could shave some $60 to $70 million from the budget. Several million dollars have been slashed from the marketing and promotion budget. The sponsorships of NASCAR, BassMasters fishing tournament and several regional sports promotions have been cut, and the Events Marketing Manager Geoff Smith was let go in January. Plus there are expensive lawsuits springing up from retail owners regarding pricing irregularities and lack of marketing support. That’s on top of serious federal EPA lawsuits for illegal emissions.

At $56 a barrel, PDVSA would be better off selling their Venezuelan, OPEC oil on the world market without the expense of supporting a failed brand name.
Remember the “feel good” ad campaign Citgo ran last year, “Fueling the Future?” There were no reported sales gains from the multi-million dollar effort. How long before PDVSA’s financial advisors run the numbers?

Some believe Chavez planned to shut the downstream retail business all along. Last summer, Chavez brokered a deal to sell half of its current U.S. supply to China, as soon as the super tankers and refineries are up and running.

A Tale of Two Political Parties — Watch Tonight for the Differences

By Mick Gregory

The State of the Union Speech is a great backdrop to see the differences between the two parties.

Nancy Pelosi will be making faces behind President Bush. Journalists such as Chris Matthews on Hardball will have some very positive compliments about the 67-year-old baroness who has had more facial plastic surgery than any aging movie star except Phillis Diller.

Matthews will be fawning all over the Democrats’ applause for any mention of problems and progressive sounding “change” and the stern faces at anything said by Bush about the war on terror, or 9/11, or finishing the job in Iraq.

Watch and listen to Matthews as the TV camera focuses on Hillary Clinton and Oboma. They will be promoted as “competing with each other,” but everyone knows they are being set up on the same Democrat ticket.

Take note that there will be no Senator Johnson from South Dakota who’s votes are needed to give Democrats a majority in the U.S. Senate. Plus there will be no mention of his being in a coma. Maybe, a comment like this from the talking heads, “We understand Senator Johnson is recovering nicely…”

Who says? Harry Reid?

Note that nothing will be mentioned by the mainstream media about the distinguished Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, even though he is the senior Democrat member of the Senate. No mention of his other title, that of grand dragon?

You will see a big difference between Democrats and Republicans.

One party is run by multi-millionaire elitists, the other by middle class, hard working Americans. One party is in kinship with emerging dictators Hugo Chavez and Danny Ortega, the other is for creating freedom and democracy for emerging republics. One party is for taking more control over vital industries, the other is for working for offering incentives to expand our energy supply and lower costs. One is for government control of political news and opinion media, and want to bring back “the fairness doctrine,” the other is for free speech — citizens should make their own decisions on what they want to watch, listen to, or read.

One party has a senior senator who was once a Grand Dragon in the ultra racist KKK. The other party kicked a lowly, state level politician out when they found that he was a member of the KKK.

One party uses the same rhetoric as al-Qaida’s deputy leader, al-Zawahri (in Osama Bin Laden’s absence). Zawahri mocked President Bush’s plan to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq, saying the U.S. strategy for Iraq, was doomed to fail.

Do you see the difference?

One party has a monument of one of their leaders, the other has funded a monument of the people that help elect them.


Washington DC National Health Care President Bush Hillary Clinton Chris Matthews Politico

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Why not have voter IDs?

You need photo IDs to bank, travel, shop, but not vote? Why not? Some 20 states do have photo voter ID requirements.

Why wait for the law? We should voluntarily show photo IDs tommorrow and see what kind of reaction we get. Make it a common courtesy to show your driver’s license to the volunteers. Take a camera and take photos of suspecious activity, i.e., someone botching their name, no knowledge of English, voting in packs of six to a car. Even Mexico has a voter ID card.

Republicans are in favor, Democrats are opposed. Guess why.

As Danny Ortega goes, so does America’s Democrats?

Daniel Ortega, the Castro wannabe who never won a fair election, is back in Nicaragua acting as if he found religion to attract conservative voters, and with a split ticket of populist candidates, Ortega is leading in early counting with about 35 percent of the vote. Hugo Chavez offered low cost gas to the Sandanista areas to help Ortega, just as he did with discounted heating oil in Democrat areas to help elect Democrats in America.

The strategy is being used by Marxists and Democrats, they must be using the same playbook. A good example of the split ticket strategy is in Texas where there are behind the scenes funding of “independents” to split off votes from Republican Perry with all the liberal Democrats voting in lockstep for Democrat Bell, who like Ortega, has lost 10 elections in a row.

But the people who vote in midterm elections are the middleclass who pay the most taxes have families, drive the economy and believe in positive future for America.

Today I can tell you that Shelly Sekula-Gibbs will win the write-in candidate house seat in Houston vacated by Tom Delay. Arnold will win in California and Brian Bilbray will win the San Diego seat vacated by Randy Duke Conningham for accepting bribes. Meanwhile what’s going on with the Democrat William Jefferson from Louisiana who was caught with hundreds of thousands in bribes in his freezer? He’s keeping his seat.

November surprise, Sequoia/Smartmatic voting machines

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez “won” an historic 2004 recall referendum on his presidency. The former military coup-plotter supposedly got the backing of 57.8% of the electorate, with only 42.2% against him. But the reality, say observers, is the opposite: By tampering with electronic voting machines, Yes-votes for recalling Chavez got turned into No-votes allowing him to stay in power.

The machines themselves were supplied and programmed by Chavez insiders at a heavy cost to the Venezuelan state. Tellingly, they are not even voting machines. Produced by Italy’s Olivetti for use as lottery terminals, they were sold to a shady government-connected outfit called Smartmatic who doubled the price and immediately resold them to the Venezuelan taxpayers for use in the recall referendum.

This was Smartmatic’s first-ever involvement in electronic election machines. At the time of the deal, the company’s largest shareholder was the Chavez government itself. No outside auditing of the election software has so far been effectively concluded.

By Johan Freitas, in Caracas

Today we know that Smartmatic is owned by Antonio Mujica a Venezuelan and in Hugo Chavez’s inner circle. Just days before the US mid-term elections, we find that Smartmatic voting machines are in place in several states.

Not to worry, Mujica indicated that the machines’ software is certified by three distinct groups at his company.

Now we know there are a dozen “Smartcards” missing in Democrat districts in Tennessee. Smartcards are easily reprogrammed with off the shelf equipment.

“It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes!” — Joe Stalin, 1950

Thank heaven for bloggers’ reports on Citgo, 7-Eleven, Foley page setup, now elite media spying on journalists

——Mick Gregory

Now a blogger sheds light on the Foley gay outing story. The young man is 21, he was 18 at the time of the IM gross exchanges.

William Kerr, of Moore, Oklahoma is the author of the blog Passionate America, which is being credited with discovering the identity of the former House page who may have exchanged inappropriate instant messages with former Rep. Mark Foley, and that the former page now works for Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Ernest Istook.

Kerr said he received e-mails and phone calls from national media outlets Wednesday, including the tabloid television program Inside Edition and Internet pundit Matt Drudge.

“I started thinking, ‘I’m not big enough to put this story out,’” Kerr said. “In the four days that we really worked on this, we just said to each other, ‘Do you know how big this is?’”

Kerr said he stumbled onto the former page’s AOL screen name when looking at transcripts of the instant messages on ABC’s Web site Saturday.

He said he typed a slightly-different Web address into his browser and found a version of the transcript with the screen name.

Kerr and another blogger spent several days researching on the Internet.

They had determined the page’s identity and were about to publish it when they found out he worked for Istook.

Kerr said he accidentally posted the story before he intended. Although he removed the post, the information already had spread.

He tried to verify the former page’s identity through Istook’s campaign office, but was turned away. Great work! This is turning out to be the Democrats’ October surprise.

Last week we learned on the network news about 7-Eleven dropping Venezuela-backed Citgo as its gasoline supplier after more than 20 years. This news has been posted on blogs for a month.

Management at 7-Eleven were worried anti-American comments made by Venezuelan President Hugo “Boss” Chavez might prompt motorists to fill up elsewhere. The 7-Eleven chain, which sells gasoline at 2,100 of its 5,300 U.S. stores, will now purchase fuel from several distributors, including Tower Energy of Torrance, Calif., Sinclair Oil of Salt Lake City and Houston-based Frontier Oil Corp. None of the gas will be from Venezuela.

Today we see that Citgo’s el presidente, Felix Rodriguez, appointed by Hugo Chavez, is making statements to Spanish television stations such as Univision that it was Citgo’s decision to drop 7-Eleven! That’s what 7-Eleven management gets for trying to downplay their decision.

The reality of the situation is that Hugo ‘the Hut’ Chavez signed a huge deal to sell oil to China and would like to keep the price per barrel as high as possible and try to ruin America’s economy. Hugo ‘the Hut’ would also like to be able to stop shipments of oil to America.
In another developing story, reporters attack HP for possibly spying on their managers and directors including the use of private investigators.
HP executives had to appear before a congressional hearing yesterday to explain themselves.

Yet, the San Francisco Examiner hired private investigators to follow reporters and used the evidence compiled to fire them. The Examiner staff, now merged with the San Francisco Chronicle, have their e-mails monitored and their Web use watched. The use of private eyes is most likely still in use. Those stories never see the light of day in the press.

Most IT companies monitor employee e-mails and Web use. Many use private investigators, but they are not the “high and holy” media. The media elite believe they are above the law.

And it’s The Chronicle editors telling the U.S. courts they have the right to leak (and profit from) grand jury content in the BALCO case.

Michael Rains is Bonds’ attorney. He pointed out in a rebuttle to The Chronicle reporters trying to use the courts to shield them, that Barry’s trainer and boyhood friend, Greg Anderson, has been found in contempt of court twice for refusing to testify and is in jail for a second term. Anderson, who earlier served three months after pleading guilty to steroid distribution and money laundering, has refused to tell the court whether he gave Bonds steroids. At issue is whether Bonds lied under oath when he told a grand jury in 2003 that he never knowingly took steroids.

Anderson’s testimony appears to be key to making a successful perjury case against Bonds.

They (the Chronicle reporters) need to be in jail,” Rains said of the reporters, whose work cast Bonds as a steroid-enhanced cheat.
“Other media people, of course, take exception with my attitude about that; but I say unless they go to jail, you make a complete mockery of the grand jury system. Since when can anybody declare that the purpose of our dealing with this issue has a larger purpose, and that is to educate the public?

“How can these guys sit there and say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ve convinced kids in the Central Valley that they shouldn’t take steroids. And look at all the good that is coming.’

Come on, give me a break. This is all about money. It is all about a newspaper that was having financial problems. It is all about them making dough and how much they can make [from the book smearing baseball greatest players].”

Follow the money.

Follow the money in The Chronicle grand jury leaks

—–By Greg Michael

San Francisco Chronicle reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada gained fame and fortune, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars on their book that could destroy the careers of some of the biggest stars in the game of baseball. Their entire book was based on illegal leaks of grand jury evidence and private medical records of individuals.

If the players were minor leaguers, and not Barry Bonds, and Jason Giambi there would not have been the market for their smear book. Bonds denies knowingly taking steroids, but admitted using creams and concoctions provided by trainer Greg Anderson, who was indicted along with Conte of BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative). Bonds thought the meds were liniment and flaxseed oil.

The press is not a judicial branch of government; it is free enterprise, the free press. Most of the newspaper’s content is entertainment, local political arguments, gossip and sports. It is not a noble cause to illegally smear successful athletes, as is being orchestrated by the French media and sports organizations to defame Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis.

An Orlando reporter states the simple truth: “The Chronicle reporters knew the risks when they made a promise they have to keep. Setting that vow aside, it would be easy to avoid jail. Just tell the judge who fed them the information.”

To leak grand jury information ruins the court proceedings. The leak could be from one of the possibly guilty BALCO defendants, a friend of the Chronicle editor or the reporters. It could be a washed up baseball player who has everything to gain and nothing to lose by smearing bigger stars. Just follow the money. One who didn’t benefit was Bonds. I think history will side with Bonds, because history now takes in the research of citizen journalists on the Web, and not just the mainstream news.

This week, Barry Bonds was able to tie Hank Aaron’s NL home run record in the same city where Aaron started and ended his career.
Bonds’ hit his 733rd homer Friday night in Milwaukee. Yet Bonds’ hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, plays up its reporters as the heros for illegally leaking medical records and grand jury comments.

Play it again Osama! Play that old video again!

Is Osama dead? Is this the September or October surprise?

Why not ask for a simple JPEG photo with Osama
bin Laden holding a recent newspaper’s front page?

An Arabic channel said its Pakistan bureau had received a call from an unnamed Taliban member a few days after a leaked French secret document said Saudi intelligence believed bin Laden died last month on the Afghan/Pakistan border.

“The Talban ‘official’ said bin Laden was alive and that reports that he is ill are not true,” said Bakr Atyani, Al Arabiya’s Islamabad correspondent. “The Taliban checked with members who are close to al Qaeda that these reports are baseless.”

Osama was last seen in a video statement aired to coincide with the November 2004 U.S. presidential elections. Some analysts believe that the video was some two years old at the time.

A report in French regional daily L’Est Republicain last week quoted a document from the DGSE foreign intelligence service, saying the Saudi secret services were convinced bin Laden had died of typhoid.
Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it had no evidence that bin Laden was dead. French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said that as far as he knew the Saudi-born militant was alive.

There is more buzz that may point to his death.

“Capturing bin Laden, as Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, will not necessarily make America safer because it would come five years too late.”

Watch for more comments from Ted Kennedy and Howie Dean on this, trying to somehow fog up the great news.

Perhaps with a leaked classified report saying “Bush is bad on terrorisim.”

Citizen journalists will be the first to prove Osama bin Laden’s death.

According to two conservative Web sites, White House political strategist Karl Rove has been promising GOP insiders that there will be an “October surprise” before the midterm elections.

“In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an ‘October surprise’ to help win the November congressional elections,” reports Ronald Kessler for Newsmax.