Gas is still under $4 in Texas

I haven’t paid more than $3.859 for gas yet.  That’s about half what Europeans are paying for gas.

Imagine my friends what the price of gas would be today had Clinton not vetoed the bill to allow limited exploration of ANWR,  passed by Congress way back in the ’90s. We would be paying $2.50 today.

Can you imagine the wealth that  the Democrats have kept bottled up?  Instead of the UAE buying the Chrysler Building, U.S. companies could be buying up Paris and London icons.

Someday push will come to bitch slap and we will be drilling off our coasts.

Californians will always pay more, they have the highest taxes on gas in the nation.

They also have potentially billions of barrels of oil off the coast.

It’s not easy being green.

Al Gore compares drilling in America to the invasion of Iraq.

Al Gore compares drilling for oil in America to war in Iraq


In a surprise appearance at Netroots Nation — which apparently was the worst-kept secret in Austin, Texas — former Vice President Al Gore followed up a speech by Nancy Pelosi by laying out a narrative on climate change and the energy crisis that seems ready-made for the Obama campaign to download.

“If you look at the seriousness of the climate crisis, you see how it ties to the economic crisis and the national security threat that we face,” he said. “200 billion dollars are being sent overseas just from oil.”

“The idea that we can drill our way out of this is just so absurd,” he said, comparing the push for offshore oil drilling — which has gained popularity and put environmentalists on the defense — to dealing with a hangover by having another drink.