Over the Hill Hillary in Third Place in Iowa, Yet She Says “I am so ready to lead!”

Mick Gregory

“But I’m so ready to lead!” Hillary shrieked. (We know, but who is going to follow but obese old ladies?)

Democrat (former front-runner) presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton claimed to be unshaken by her third-place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, hailed a “great night for Democrats.”

But her poor showing here was a blow to the former first lady, dissolving her image as America’s socialist Democratic party’s inevitable nominee and setting up a race to Tuesday’s leadoff primary in New Hampshire.

That is where she will hopefully be “the comeback kid.”
But the flop sweat has set in. I don’t think the fat accordian player will be following her to New Hampshire.

Clinton told her supporters that she had congratulated Iowa caucus winner Sen. Barack Obama and the second-place finisher, John Edwards. But there was no confirmation that it happened.

“We’re going to keep pushing as hard as we can,” she said, with former President Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea at her side. “I am so ready for the rest of this campaign and I am so ready to lead.”

Iowa Democrats delivered a cautionary tale to the New York senator, an established figure on the public stage who is running to be the first woman president.

Caucus goers appeared to reject the central premise of Clinton’s candidacy, favoring Obama’s message of hope and change over her theme of experience and leadership.

More troubling still was her performance among key groups that had been expected to form the core of her support.