Jasper Texas has the highest percentage of Democrats in Texas

Do you remember the horrible racist killing that occurred in Jasper Texas in 1998? The liberal media blamed George W. Bush as an indirect source. Why? Because he was governor of Texas. It was the horrid beating and dragging death of James Byrd (not related to Democrat Robert Byrd, the former KKK member).

Now the piece of the story that the liberal media, with Dan Rather as the ring leader and the Clintons used for fundraising and attacks on George Bush.

Jasper Texas is totally run by the Democrat party. It is a one party town. They haven’t elected a Republican since the Civil War. How much more of history has been rewritten? People like Bernie Ward, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Al Gore with the unflagging support of the New York Times, got away with rewriting history.

Not today. Not any more with the free and independent Internet.