Senator Dianne Feinstein Corruption Burried by Major Media

Mick Gregory

Feinstein’s Corruption Hidden by the SF Chronicle, LA Times and NY Times

Appropriations Committees Chairs control billions of dollars that pass through their hands.

California U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) chairs the Senate Rules Committee, but she’s also a Cardinal. She is currently chairwoman of the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies subcommittee, but until last year was for six years the top Democrat on the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (or “Milcon”) sub-committee, where she apparently directed more than $1 billion to companies controlled by her husband. Mr. Blum.

Yet, not a word in the mainstream media. There were some articles in the local weekly Bay Guardian and Michael Savage read the reports on his national radio talk show, “Savage Nation.”

What circulates as “journalism” are rants that Dick Cheney should step down becuase Haliburton got contracts in Iraq.

No mention that Cheney had resigned from Haliburton well before he was VP. More importantly, when Mr. Cheney was CEO of Halliburton he was against any military contracts and is on record for speaches on that subject.

The Di Fi problems stem from her subcommittee activities from 2001 to late 2005, when she quit. During that period the public record shows she knowingly took part in decisions that eventually put millions of dollars into her husband’s pocket — the classic conflict of interest that exploited her position and power to channel money to her husband’s companies.

In other words, it is becoming clear that Senator Feinstein was up to her pearl earrings in the same sort of corruption that landed California Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R) in prison. Indeed, it may be that the primary difference between the two is basically that Cunningham was a Republican and open target for the LA Times and NY Times. Feinstein is a Democrat from San Francisco and the his state’s senior senator.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who was the best friend of real estate developers, landlords (like Shorinstein) when she was mayor of San Francisco, has developed a high national profile in the Senate. She was on everyone’s short list as a Democratic vice presidential candidate. But her record hasn’t improved a bit: She’s still pro-big business, and now she’s pro-big military and pro-globalization. And she has signed over contracts worth $1.5 billion to her hubby’s businesses.

Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington, or CREW, focuses on the ethical lapses of Republicans and conservatives, but even she is appalled at the way Sen. Feinstein has abused her position.
Sloan told a California reporter earlier this month that while”there are a number of members of Congress with conflicts of interest … because of the amount of money involved, Feinstein’s conflict of interest is an order of magnitude greater than those conflicts.”

And the director of the Project on Government Oversight who examined the evidence of wrongdoing assembled by California writer Peter Byrne told him that “the paper trail showing Senator Feinstein’s conflict of interest is irrefutable.”

It may be irrefutable, but she almost got away without anyone even knowing what she was up to. Her colleagues on the subcommittee, for example, had no reason even to suspect that she knew what companies might benefit from her decisions because that information is routinely withheld to avoid favoritism.

What they didn’t know was that her chief legal adviser, who also happened to be a business partner of her husband’s and the vice chairman of one of the companies involved, was secretly forwarding her lists of projects and appropriation requests that were coming before the committee and in which she and her husband had an interest — information that has only come to light recently as a result of the efforts of several California investigative reporters.

This adviser insists — apparently with a straight face — that he provided the information to Feinstein’s chief of staff so that she could recuse herself in cases where there might be a conflict. He says that he assumes she did so. The public record, however, indicates that she went right ahead and fought for these same projects.

During this period the two companies, URS of San Francisco and the Perini Corporation of Framingham, Mass., were controlled by Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum, and were awarded a combined total of over $1.5 billion in government business thanks in large measure to her subcommittee. That’s a lot of money even here in Washington.
Interestingly, she left the subcommittee in late 2005 at about the same time her husband sold his stake in both companies. Their combined net worth increased that year with the sale of the two companies by some 25 percent, to more than $40 million.

In spite of the blatant facts coming out of corruption, no major publication has picked up on the story, the Senate Ethics Committee has reportedly let her slip by, and she is now chairing the Senate Rules Committee, which puts her in charge of making sure her colleagues act ethically and avoid the sorts of conflicts of interest with which she is personally and so obviously familiar.

This is a the state of media control by the left. This is the reason citizen journalism and talk radio are so important. And why you will see the Democrats try and shut it down with “fairness” laws.

66 thoughts on “Senator Dianne Feinstein Corruption Burried by Major Media

  1. Wow! I knew this woman was dirty but I had no idea. Damn Mick, you should have your own newspaper or something. You are fantastic. Great job. You should send this link to some of the talk radio guys, they might give you a mention.

    WC, Thanks, I get a lot of tips just listening to Michael Savage. I think he’s on a new AM station in the LA area. Look for him. I don’t agree with half of his rants, but he is often right on the money.

  2. Stop. I’m not worthy! Good idea though. I think Michael Savage might make a mention. I met him once in SF. He had a rally with the saying “The Stench from the Bench Is Making Me Clinch!”

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  4. I’m a liberal, and a constituent of Feinstein, and I disagree with 99% of what I read on your blog.

    But Feinstein is dirty. She deserves removal from office and prison time.

    That’s great. Maybe there is hope for this country. I am 100% for the truth.

  5. Having said that, here is where your “analysis” falls flat.

    The MSM aren’t covering this story, not because they are beholden to the left, but because they are beholden to the same corporate interests and profiteers that…. DIANNE FEINSTEIN is.

    Just look at who _is_ covering this story.

    You already mentioned the Bay Guardian. It’s a weekly newspaper in San Francisco that is solidly left.

    Ditto San Jose Metroactive, which ran a far more thorough expose on the story.

    Take a look at their news page and decide for themselves where they lie on the political spectrum.

    As for the story referenced above, note the tag at the bottom of the story:

    “Research assistance for this story was provided by the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute.”

    That’s right. The Nation Institute.

    Go ahead. Google them. The Google subhead, the Nation Institute’s self description, reads: “A liberal-left independently funded and administered organization, committed to a just society and the principles of the First Amendment.”


    The story has also received coverage in Z Magazine, a magazine I can only describe as left-radical.

    It’s not the “liberal media” that’s not covering the story. It’s the CORPORATE media. The actual liberal media is covering it just fine, thank you very much.

  6. Jim, I’m glad to see that far left niche publications are in fact covering DiFi’s corruption. But their combined readership doesn’t put a dent in the massive readership of the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Times, those are the left’s mainstream media mastheads. The Bay Guardian is a free “shopper” with no audited circulation or readership, and I have to check into the other publications you’ve mentioned. They are not mainstream by any means.

    • That’s not his point. His point is that if it were political ideology that explained the censorship then you would expect
      Fox to cover it thoroughly and would never expect any left-leaning minor newspaper to do so, but you don’t see right-leaning major media organizations do it, and you do see left-leaning minor media companies do it, so why? The answer is obvious. The corporations decide what you morons see and hear and what you don’t. That at least explains part of why you’re morons.

  7. I wasn’t arguing that the SFBG, Z mag, MetroActive, etc., are in any way part of the MSM or that they have a large readership. You’re putting words in my mouth and distorting my argument.

    You claimed that the MSM weren’t covering this story because “[t]his is a the state of media control by the left.” I pointed out that the left IS covering this story, but the MSM isn’t. This undermines your claim that the MSM is controlled by the left, for if it were, it would pick up on these stories and run with them. Your claim that the MSM is controlled by the left can’t explain why left media, niche though it may be, IS covering the story. And the fact that the media I cite have small circulation is completely irrelevant to your claim or my refutation of it.

    In fact, the MSM is controlled by corporations and others with a distinctly right-wing, not left-wing, agenda.

  8. Jim, I’ve worked in the mainstream media. I know very well that nine out of 10 journalists are liberal jerk offs.
    The owners are usually second or third genteration spoiled brat, liberal MoFos. So, I don’t follow you. DiFi gets a free pass by liberals, yet you want Scooter Libby to go to prison for outing a wife sending her husband on a junkett.

    • Mick, it’s true that the Main Stream Media is at least in some sense overwhelmingly socially Marxist (the individuals), but it’s framework, the censorship you see, who’s hired and fired (was Glenn Beck for example not conservative enough for Fox, or too conservative, or was it really (since it seems obvious) that he attacked AIPAC and undermined corporate advertising revenue on Fox?) and how issues are delivered, conveyed, has little to do with political penchants and everything to do with corporate and special interest power, direct and indirect ownership of those media conglomerates, through advertising or by other means. Just like the Federal government. You fall into this same silly trap in your arguments, slandering everyone you disagree with, with the label “liberal”, even though many of us are nothing of the sort. You continue to play this inane game wherein the media convinces you there is this vast gulf between Republicans and Democrats as you watch this perverse election and political charade, meanwhile their differences are remarkably, stunningly trivial. The Republicans defend the Cheneys and the Democrats defend the Feinsteins and you idiots bicker over nothing, as these people rape you and rob you. The state is your enemy, not “liberals”, whatever that word even means to you (I’m sure it has no relationship to its real meaning, since it generally doesn’t here in America). Bush, Cheney, Obama, Feinstein they should all be hanged for crimes against the republic and perhaps humanity, and then Washington should be dismantled so it doesn’t harm any more innocent people, here or abroad. It’s a vicious, dangerous empire with way too much power, and therefore power to corrupt as it rewards the parasites and their numbers multiply as they swarm about Washington. Your warped worldview is simply a manifestation of that remarkable consolidation of power and control over information. The liberals are actually less dangerous to the country, in spite of their often risible and historically disproven views on a number of important moral, social, and demographic issues. It’s the Republicans who are completely corrupt, godless and beholden to corporate interests and the Military Industrial Complex. The democrats are just almost* completely controlled by those interests. But the political game is just that, a game, meant for dopey people who haven’t quite figured it out. No matter who gains power, “liberal” statists or “conservative” statists, you will have fewer rights and freedoms in four years, your relative power as an individual will be diminished, you will lose, the government and the power structure will win. The only choice you have is how to resist that tyranny, who other than these criminals you can vote for (assuming the vote count is legitimate, which I doubt, rendering the state itself of course, illegitimate). Anyone else is better. Anything short is simply voluntary feudalism.

  9. Nice attempt at subject-changing.

    Liberals aren’t giving Feinstein a free pass.×477790#477815

    OTOH, Libby gets a complete free pass from conservatives. White House officials out a covert CIA agent, AND the front company (Brewster Jennings) under which she operated, endangering an unknown number of covert CIA agents in foreign countries working on NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION, not to mention the unknown number of people who are not CIA assets who may have done business with Brewster Jennings. The White House stonewalls. Libby “throws sand” in Fitzgerald’s face, blocks all attempts at getting to the truth, and all you cons can say is “PARDON!”

    I’m sorry, is perjury and obstruction of justice any different when Clinton does it than when Libby does?

    Apparently it is.


    Meanwhile, back on topic: As for your relying on your “personal experience” about the political leanings of “9 out of 10 journalists”, forgive me if I doubt your word, your perceptions, your judgment, and your bona fides. You once again steer completely clear from the issues of ownership, editorial control, the ability of editors (and the owners to whom they answer) to kill or change stories, and so on.

    I have pointed out over and over that the left HAS been covering the Feinstein story. You’ve responded by ignoring or dismissing that and returning to your refrain that “The MSM are liberal” because…. well, because YOU SAY SO.


    None of this changes the fact that Feinstein is dirty and should be removed from office and put in prison.

  10. Where have you been, Jim? Study after study proves that some 90 percent of jounalists are Democrats,
    voted for Kerry, Al Gore, will vote for
    Hillary/Obama… Are you trying to keep the
    myth alive that journalists are objective and
    50/50 for Dems or Republicans? Haahahhh!

  11. That being said by Tony, what say you Jim? Who are you trying to fool? Do you believe that journalists are just as likely to be conservative and understand free market economics?

    If so, why did they pick such a deadend career?

  12. Why no mention of her most rescent theft of $25Billion to purchase foreclosed homes? Her husband reportably benefited from that one also. As chair of the Senate Rules, can you imagine the power to appropriate $25 Billion from that position?

  13. DI FI is above the law she can’t be accountable for her actions. The country owes her for all the sacrifice she has made in thre service of her bank account, Whats 1.5 billon dollars, I’m sure she going to give it all to charity.

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