Hillary Clinton super delegate assassinated, gunman later killed by police. But that’s not all. Now super delegate Stephanie Tubbs Jones is found brain dead.

A gunman walked into the office of the Arkansas Democratic Party yesterday asked for Bill Gwatney, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and a Clinton super delegate at the upcoming convention in Denver and fatally shot Gwatney.

Timothy Dale Johnson, the gunman, sped off in a pickup and later was shot dead by police following a 30-mile chase.

UPDATE: Democratic Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland, a super delegate and one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent black supporters, was found in her car unconscious  Tuesday night, Aug. 19.  Today, she is considered brain dead and may be taken off life support this afternoon.

UPDATE 8/21/08: There are conflicting reports out of Cleveland regarding Jones speeding, driving erratically and found dead in her car by police. Other reports state she was not speeding; yet another said she drifted into an open field. Reports differed greatly on her time of death. The cause of death was unanimous, a brain hemorrhage. Jones never regained consciousness to give her account.

 Jones said in a phone interview earlier this year that Hillary Clinton still can do well in the black community in Ohio. “While a large number of black Ohioans might be for Obama, many also think that Clinton is the best Democratic candidate,” Jones said.

Now she will not be able to vote for Hillary.

What are the odds?

Jones was also outspoken on the new electronic Diebold voting machines and possible voter fraud in areas that use  the devices.

Back to Johnson; Little Rock police said they could find no criminal record for Johnson, but the Target, 30 miles north of the city, fired him that morning because he’d scrawled graffiti on a store wall.

Some say it was simply a political statement.

Others have reported that he was angry with the HR department, complaining that Target was run by sorority girls who teamed up against men and him in particular.

Johnson had more than one run-in with the HR department. He complained about a narrow hallway and later wrote on the wall, “This hallway is too *** **** narrow! Other messages believed to be his said “HR is run by sorority ******.

But the Target manager would not confirm.

The victim, Gwatney, a former state senator, was set to travel to the Democratic National Convention in Denver later in a few days as a superdelegate for Sen. Clinton.

One source told The Post he had been “very good” to her during her presidential campaign.

In a statement, the Clintons called Gwatney “not only a strong chairman of Arkansas’ Democratic Party, but he is also a cherished friend and confidant.”

The office where the murder took place was the same one Bill Clinton rented when he made a comeback run for Arkansas governor in 1982.

Johnson walked in and asked to volunteer and wanted to talk to Gwatney.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid. Police reported Wednesday that they found about a pound of cyanide in a Denver hotel room, where the body of a man was discovered. Denver is the location of the Democratic Presidential Convention.

An expert told the Denver Post that the amount of cyanide is enough to kill hundreds of people.

The medical examiner’s office said it is awaiting test results to determine whether cyanide killed 29-year-old Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, a Samali national who recently moved to Canada.

Foul play is not suspected and his death appears to be an isolated incident, according to Denver police.

Foul play? An Islamic Samali national in Denver? So? All is well. Step away. Nothing to see here.

Meanwhile, the chief of staff for Democrat Senator Jim Webb was found shot to death.

Fred Hutchins, Jr., an aide to Sen. Jim Webb — and described as a “rising star” in Virginia Democratic politics — was found shot dead on Tuesday beside a Botetourt County road. A gun was found beneath his body but the medical examiner has not ruled it suicide or murder yet. He was 26 and a longtime political activist.

Sheriff Ronnie Sprinkle said Hutchins’ body was found outside his SUV-type vehicle, on an embankment along U.S. 220 north of the town of Fincastle. He had a single gunshot wound in the head.

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40 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton super delegate assassinated, gunman later killed by police. But that’s not all. Now super delegate Stephanie Tubbs Jones is found brain dead.

  1. I thought I ready yesterday that Bill Gwatney had switched his super delegate vote to Obama (and that he had originally been loyal to Hillary).

    So, was he going to vote for Obama? (If so, I thought it odd that this story got sooooo little attention from the press…..and it occurred in Arkansas—Clinton Central).


  2. GLC, Yes, I read that after Hillary dropped out of the race, Gwatney when asked by a reporter, said he would switch his vote to Obama.

    However, Hillary really didn’t drop out. She suspended her race and there are reports that there will be a floor vote for Hillary.

  3. If you can find tha article, I would love to see it.
    All the major news players show him in HC talley including up to today.

  4. Citizenwells,

    Democrat super delegates can vote any way they like. Especially after a “first round of voting.” At that point, watch for a Hillary win at the convention.

  5. From FOX News – “After Clinton bowed out, in June, Gwatney rolled up his sleeves to shore up votes for Obama, say friends.” Doesn’t say that he switched his SD vote to Obama, but confirms that he supported him.

    Link – http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/08/15/gwatney-remembered/

    The LA Times notes that “Gwatney supported Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination but switched his allegiance to Barack Obama when she withdrew from the race.” Alas no reference to his SD vote.

    Link – http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/asection/la-na-demshooting14-2008aug14,0,4192121.story

    Am I to

    • it’s all one big soap opera and you idiots fall EVERY damn time. hahhaha listen to two speeches, Benjamin Freedman, and one by Myron Fagan. 2hrs each at least all over web…try youtube. then contact me and tell me what you think.

  6. Thanks for the info.
    Yes, I know the supers can vote as they please.
    Just trying to work through the morass of data.

  7. Another Hillary delegate near death in intensive care unit.

    The Cleveland FOX News affiliate reported that U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters during the primaries, remained unconscious Wednesday in a Cleveland area hospital after being transported there Tuesday night.

    Tubbs Jones’ car veered off the side of the road Tuesday night. Police found her unconscious behind the wheel.

    Who wants Hillary’s delegates dead? Who benefits?

  8. Another Hillary Clinton super delegate died a few months ago in Bethesda Navel Hospital, Congressman Tom Lantos of California. Although, Lantos did not die in a suspicious manner, he had cancer under control and remained an active Hillary supporter.

  9. It is amazing that McCain is now ahead in the polls against Obama. That is wonderful news. Why? If Obama continues to tank in the polls, maybe the delegates will wise up and vote for Hillary at the Convention.

    You do know that all delegates can vote for whomever they please after the first vote is over – it is up to each delegate to vote as they please. gw.

  10. Hillary is not in the game anymore, Obama and McCain will both be out. This Election, if there will be one, will determine the future of America and how the world will stand up to her.
    As above so below. People ,you can not deny destiny and whats foretold within the stars of the universe. I believe in astrology, and everyone of the above mentioned peoples charts fortell disaster. So be it.

    God Protect us all

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  15. Fact of life people…obama is simply following in the Hugo chavez playbook for installing Marxism in America, chapter by chapter.

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