Jimmy Carter Shielded by the Media? Of Course.

The promotion of Carter’s book “Peace Not Apartheid” was generous by the mainstream media. But any real critique and analysis was non-existent. So? That’s par for the course for a former Democrat city council member, let alone a liberal president.

But this treatment of controversial Carter didn’t pass the smell test of Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers who have been stopping their subscriptions and writing letters to the editor.

Now the paper’s ombudsman agrees with readers, that there was no critical analysis of their favorite son’s book.

“The controversy surrounding former President Jimmy Carter’s book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the story that won’t go away. And frankly, this newspaper was slow to cover the book and the firestorm it created.

Some readers I’ve talked to believe this was a deliberate attempt by the newspaper to shield Carter, who has often been a polarizing figure in his home state and beyond.”

The former Democrat president is trying to backtrack on his statement on page 213, Peace Not Apartheid, was actually just an error. He will not debate critics.

“It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel.”

(Carter continues to say there was a misplaced word, a mistake that will be fixed in future editions).

Which word is it?

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Shielded by the Media? Of Course.

  1. Of all the idiotic persons to have been elected president in US history, luck (or more precisely stupidity on the part of the general populace)saw to it that we ended up with a pure, unadulterated, 100% idiot. OK, the idiot has been out of power for several years, but he simply won’t go away.
    Being a former president gives him a certain amount of clout and respect (however undeserved), and other idiots simply stand by and heed his voice.
    Let me hasten to explain. Don’t be fooled by his idiotic grin. He’s an intelligent idiot, but he is so misguided that he doesn’t understand where he’s going or where he’s been.
    He is one of the most dangerous persons in the US today.
    His friendship with the Arabs, in particular the Saudis, will eventually come home to roost. His antagonism vis-a-vis Israel, which clearly indicates where his sympathies lie, has placed the US in the unfortunate predicament it is in today. Assuming he can read, he still believes that Islam is a “peaceful” religion. It is NOT! It is the most dangerous enemy facing the US since our nation’s birth! 9/11 is simply the beginning, mark my words.
    Despite Carter’s superficial intelligence, he doesn’t seem to have the gumption to realize that he’s the fly in the ointment with regard to the turmoil in the Middle East today, his legacy!
    His ME policies while in office are the cause of today’s problems there, yet he looks at everyone today with his avuncular, condescending smile as though he alone understands the situation and all others are mere ignorant observers.
    The present administration must put this meddler away in a geriatric ward, not only for his own safety, but for the safety and future of the US,
    Carter is Public Enemy No. 1.
    Get rid of all Muslims in the US. Raze all mosques (terrorist pulpits) in the US. Who allowed this ridiculous situation to eventuate. Over 1,600 mosques have been built across the US; not one Christian church exists in Saudi Arabia, the “friend” of the US, that funds the building of all these mosques.
    Carter MUST go away!

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