U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas Announces She Will Vote Against Reviving the Mass Immigration Amnesty Bill.

Mick Gregory

Hooray for Kay!

Now both U.S. Senators from the great state of Texas are against the bill that would make illegal immigrants instant super citizens with more free legal and waived laws than any U.S. citizen.

How could that be, you ask? Read how sancutuary cities like San Francisco, and Houston, up until a cop was killed by an illegal immigrant, police were under orders to not harass Latin Americans for minor violations. Yet, your average Joe and Jane get tickets for having license plate dealer frames covering their license plates.

Next, the 20 million illegals’ children will jump to the head of the class at the best state schools, without regard to their SAT scores, their Hispanic heritage and new citizenship carries much more weight.

What a nightmare for the working middle class families; working stiffs to the elite politicians of what used to be the Democrats, now including moderate Republicans.

But I digress.

The bill will not make it now. It’s in an industrial shredder at this point.

Sen. Hutchison, who has been under intense pressure from the White House and Republican leadership to support a sweeping immigration overhaul, nevertheless announced today that she will vote against reviving the legislation when it returns to the Senate floor next week.

She was joined today by the state’s other senator, Republican John Cornyn, who had been expected by the bill’s supporters to take such a stance. They had aggressively lobbied Hutchison in hopes of adding her vote to the 60 necessary to revive the stalled legislation.

“I could not support (bringing the bill to a vote) in its present position,” Hutchison, criticizing the legislation as amnesty for illegal immigrants, said today.

As No. 4 in the Senate GOP leadership, Hutchison is the highest-ranking Republican to break from her party on a domestic policy issue of signal importance to President Bush.

“Until major changes are made that reject amnesty and a more open, fair process emerges for debating one of the most crucial issues facing our nation, I cannot support this immigration bill,” she said.

Cornyn added, “Passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill has been, and remains, one of my top priorities in the Senate. It has become clear however, that I and many others will not be able to introduce amendments to fix key areas of this very complex bill.”

“Talk radio was sort of the watchdog on this,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. “Who else was watching out? Who else was reading the bill?”

“A decent respect for our constituents means when they have very serious problems with an important piece of legislation, perhaps we should back off,” Sen. Sessions said.

The Republicans’ top vote hammer, Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott of Mississippi, predicted today that bill backers would get the 60 votes to bring the bill back next week, though he acknowledged the vote could be a squeaker.

Trent, what happens when an illegal immigrant crashes into your black SUV on the way to the Senate? Nothing. That’s why you don’t get it. When they crash into us, they don’t bother to carry insurance. So our insurance pays and a month later, our premiums go up. What a great country!

8 thoughts on “U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas Announces She Will Vote Against Reviving the Mass Immigration Amnesty Bill.

  1. Thank God, there are still a few sane individuals on The Hill. Hopefully, this is a new trend that will gain momentum. Lott should have been kicked out the day he decided as the Majority Leader to ‘share’ the committeeships with the minority party. After all, what did he get for his bipartisan efforts? Kicked in the head and called a racist. Still, he don’t get it. Switch parties Senator, puleeze – make room for a real conservative.

    You really follow politics, WC. A lot of people don’t remember Lott’s stupid shraring idea. Why aren’t the Democrats sharing now? Their one person majority is still in a coma. Notice we don’t get any progress reports on him? –Mick

  2. LOL Mick – now why is it that the drive by media isn’t making a stink about the fact that their one person majority is in a coma? If he were a conservative there’d be hearings and public demands to replace him. Could it be that most libs act like their in a coma so, when one really is, they just don’t notice? Isn’t there some sort of rule or regulation that says a Senator actually has to be able to be awake in order to hold their position?

    Make no mistake, I’m not making fun of the person – it is sad that this has happened to him and I wish him recovery – but clearly he can’t fulfill his obligations – how can a man in such dire physical condition ‘represent’ his constituents? It’s wrong, just wrong.

  3. I was almost killed by a drunk driving illegal alien and nothing happened to him. No jail time, no deportation, no fines, nothing. He had no license no insurance and no idea what he was doing because he was so drunk. It was like he did it on purpose as he plowed his car into a group of gringos standing on the side of the road. And I continue to pay for it physically and financially…

  4. Yes. It’s time we told assholes like Trent Lott, Hillary/Oboma, John McCain and G.W. Bush what the “F” is going on in this country.
    This is the last stand.

  5. About a month ago, an Illegal Alien (I said it) was convicted for vehicular manslaughter stemming from a DUI. This was his 3rd offense; he had been deported twice, but it took the death of an Innocent girl to finally put him away. His family, (all here illegally) were in the courthouse defending him.

    In my county there is a surge of DUI accidents involving illegals, and the police just write them a citation and impound the vehicle.

    Is this a great country or what?

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