Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead at 39. Two years later, justice.

By Mick Gregory

Killer good looks. Now her doctors and former lawyer and “boyfriend” charged with criminal intent. Finally, justice may come to punish the monsters behind Anna’s death.

Howard K. Stern, her lawyer-turned-confidant, and Drs. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were charged in an 11-count felony complaint on Thursday, including conspiracy, unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict.

“These individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose,” California Attorney General Jerry Brown said in a statement. His office is expected to release more details about the case at a news conference Friday.

Anna Nicole’s fame and tragic end were all thanks to the mass media, and perhaps her fantasy of becoming Marilyn Monroe (another victim of mass media). Print and TV sold copies and advertising off her life. The tabloids especially made a lot of money off of her dramatic ups and downs. You can’t help but feel pity for her.

The Houston blonde bombshell, Anna Nicole Smith died in Hollywood, Florida this afternoon at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino. The former model and Playboy Playmate collapsed at the South Florida casino and couldn’t be revived.

pantsuit1.jpgA tragic ending to a People Magazine life. The past year she experienced the birth of her daughter and death of her son. She was 39 years old. Anna Nicole Smith used her good looks to leap from trailer park trash to super stardom.

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The media chased her around, like Princess Diana. It’s very similar to what the San Francisco Chronicle is trying to do to Barry Bonds. Some reporters even made money on a book written from illegal grand jury testimony. But Bonds has much more self control, talent and intelligence than Anna Nicole. He understands the way the media works. He hasn’t given interviews in a decade. His grand jury testimony has his statements made under oath, that he never knowingly took illegal steroid drugs.
And he’s about to be the all-time home run king.

Ask yourself this, which is harming and killing more young people? Bulimia and diet pills that girls take to just try and fit the model look? Or performance enhancing herbal remedies and vitamins that athletes may use to heal injuries and extend their careers?

Why isn’t the Chronicle looking into Nancy Pelosi’s carbon footprint? Or her hiring of non-union, illegal workers? Or, why not look at the monopoly that Shorenstien has on parking fees and downtown office space?

What do you think?

38 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead at 39. Two years later, justice.

  1. I’m very sad for her and her baby. She will
    never know her mother. It’s a hard thing to
    grow with out your mother. I hope the baby is
    taken care of. My depest sympathy to her and
    her loved ones.

  2. i really feel sad…this girl may have had her
    ups and downs, but the media does take it to far
    she just lost her son man…you should have left her the fuck alone. the #1 killer in this world is depression and she was kiled at heart by her sons death…i wish she could have lived to see her daughter grow up….rest in peace Anna Nicole…you will be missed

  3. Oil that free, modern society needs to run is worth fighting for. What, let the despots of the world drive the price up to artificial levels? What is worth fighting for to you?

    Global warming?

  4. ‘free modern society’? What’s that supposed to mean? That one race is superior to another – is that what you’re saying? That Americans deserve the oil but Iraqis don’t?

  5. What does race have to do with it? I’m saying that the free, democratic republics of the West need oil to fuel every day life. We can’t let despots use it as a weapon to ruin our economy and later our democratic governments, and free market economies. Race? Why are liberals so quick to bring up race?

  6. Its pretty much a universal truth that humankind is but one race the color line is irrelevant in a perfect world, sadly this isnt a perfect world. I will go on to assert that certain cultures are vastly superior to others, thats just the way it is. Maybe I just dont understand the throat cutting culture yet, gimme time, if we have time.

    As for Anna Nicole she was a trainwreck and Americans do love their trainwrecks, now she is the billion dollar distraction.

  7. I think Anna Nicole was a woman who tried to be Marylin Monroe but she didn’t have Marylins intelligence, Anna came across as kind of cheap and slutty, no talent except flaunting her body, and who knows who the real father of her daughter is.

  8. What kind of life would she have had if Anna Nicole whould have continued work for IHOP, kept gaining weight, had five kids, smoked, drank and went to a Baptist mega church to clean her soul every Sunday?

  9. hi, the mass media did kill Anna. You are right. And they are trying to kill off Barry Bonds, yet apologize for Michael Vick. Very complicated. Who committed the worst crime? It’s still O.J.

  10. Mick,

    This is your top post. Seriously?! Anna Nicole Smith!

    Also, “News you don’t see in the mainstream media. We have their playbooks. They can’t stop us.” Are you kidding me?! You must be, right? Everything on your site is exactly as seen on corporate news channels. It’s just like watching FOX news. lol. You make me laugh Mick. You really do…

  11. I am glad. This is not straight, deadpan news. It’s also entertaining. Make note that I in part blame the media for Anna Nicole’s death. The media are like vultures out to destroy, then pick apart the corpse. They would love to do it to Barry Bonds and the Bush twins. You know I’m right.

  12. I’m sure your right about Anna Nicole’s death. Can’t really say that I care either way if I’m honest. I feel there are far more important issues in the world, than that of some half brained bimbo porn star. The media destroys the meaning of truth as we know it. Along with many more important, credible and often revolutionary people.

    I do see your point though. Wow. Did I just say that? I feel very strange now. lol

  13. Cla, like your pal, Terry, we often agree. There are many more important issues in the world than the death of a pretty woman from drugs and horrible handlers. But the way the media comes off as if they are above it all. The tabloids were even more directly responsible for Princess Di’s death.

  14. Mick,

    I agree again.
    The Princess Di case though, very dodgy. Bit of a JFK affair there too. Not really appropriate to go into detail about that, but this topic could entertain you for quite some time. Look into it. Could give you a push in the right direction, if you wish?

  15. Sure, Cla. It’s timely, but I’m afraid a big terrorist event is going to take up my time in the coming weeks.

    Tuesday is Sept. 11 and Osama’s tape is playing.

  16. Yep, your right. My instincts tell me somethings going to happen. I still believe the Neocons are at the bottom of it all. What’s going on?

    With the election looming for you lot and Bush at an all time low, the Neocons might do something to maintain their power.

    Stick with me and answer honestly: if there’s a major terrorist attack on American soil – say bigger than 9-11 – could Bush not declare an indefinite state of emergency, 1984 style, and thereby forfeit the next election?

    The US is locked and loaded with Iran anyway. The propaganda campaign will step up a gear very soon. You will attack and the results for the world will be devastating! It could be the final push towards serious global conflict! Scary!

    Britain’s had a BIG falling out with the U.S. for some reason and we’ve started withdrawing troops even though the government won’t make an official announcement. It’s big news over here. Somethings happened behind closed doors.
    Somethings going on!

    We also have tensions with the Russians. They flew bomber jets near our northern coastline recently and we sent fighter jets to intercept. It’s very weird behavior. But we never know what’s really going on because they lie, lie, lie.

    Tell the truth Mick: what do you think’s going on?

  17. Why is Russia flying it’s nuclear bombers of UK? A warning to cut ties with the US perhaps.

    OK guys. I’m just as confused as you.

    Here’s what I think:

    The Osama photo is not recent, it’s a composite designed using PhotoShop. The audio is probably technically mixed to sound like his voice, as well. My guess is the tape is being produced and distributed by the Russian “new” KGB. Its keeps the myth going and hope for the Islamic terrorists to continue the fight against “The Great Satan.”

    The Osama tape will be taken as a signal to go ahead with attacks by independent sleeper cells in the US.

    I believe there is a chance that simultaneous bombs will be blown off in major cities in the US and Europe, some will be dirty bombs and the massive fear will be that they were all nuclear active. Fuel tanker trucks will be the weapon of choice. But I don’t think they are organized and funded well enough now to pull it off.

    The New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, LA and San Francisco explosions will be the targets of dirty bombs and the major bridges and tunnels will be blocked, increasing the chaos. The next wave of terror will hit London, Paris, Ramstein air base, and the Hague financial center.

    The nuclear devices were propably supplied to the terror cells by Russian operatives. Most have been degraded over time, but still very powerful in psychological impact and fear factor.

    It’s too complicated to predict what will happen if there are two days of terror.

    I’m sure the Pentagon has been running Monte Carlo risk simulations using various factors, and playing out scenerios. Marshal Law would have to be one of the tools set in place to force order.

    After months of a crushed economy, and people ignoring their mortgage and credit payments, the stock market would crash and there will be runs on the banks. There would be a collapse of fuel and food supplies. Possible looting in poor cities, sporatic shootings.

    Russia and China would emerge as the super powers, the US and Western Europe could be in Great Depression II.

    It would take years to regain normalcy. What a nightmare it would be.

    My hope is that the terror cells lack training and made up of low class punks and true Islamic believers managed by low level criminals with pipe bombs and AK-47s.

    Then, nothing may happen. And we wil see that the US is right, keeping the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and that killing 20,000 Islamo Fascists every month is working. Next, on to Iran.

    MOABs dropped on 1500 military and nuclear sites in three days. Oil crisis? Not much. Iran can’t even supply its own people with gas now. Of course there will be a spike in gas prices for six weeks. Big deal. Secure oil for the next 30 years is a good trade off.

    Which scenerio will play out? What say you?

  18. Unfortunately I think the worst case scenario will probably emerge and may even be “the plan”. America may have more influence in that plan, than you would like to believe. I truly hope this is not the case, but, I fear the worst.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’m really concerned with all this. I’m sure we all don’t know enough.

    Russia used to do this kind of thing before (fly around our borders), but not for quite some time.

  19. Nice reply Mick. I agree with quite a lot of what you said. Your model for widespread terror is quite disturbing.

    I think we only disagree on the proponents. I agree that Islamic fundamentalism is a problem and a threat but I don’t think the war on terror is helping that situation. If anything, it’s breeding terrorists.

    Honestly Mick, it may seem strange to you but we’ve known Muslims all our lives. We went to school together, we played football together, we ate at each others houses, we slept at each others houses. Honestly, people are people and Muslims are just normal people. Some of them are bad and some of them good like everybody else.

    Once around Christmas time I was down and out and my employer hadn’t paid me ontime. A friend of mine, a Muslim, gave me enough cash to get through the month and enough to cash to buy my entire family a Christmas present each. He never asked for anything in return, he even refused the repayment. It was an act of charity for a friend in need.

    I don’t know a single Muslim who does not condemn the actions of their militant brethren. They are ashamed of them. They hate them as much as you do because they have brought shame upon Islam.

    People are people, man.

    You said:
    ‘terror cells lack training and made up of low class punks and true Islamic believers managed by low level criminals with pipe bombs and AK-47s.’

    I think you’re bang one. They do not have the capabilities which is why I still whole heartedly believe that the PNAC/Bush/Cheney/Neocon cartel committed 9-11. They wrote about the need for a ‘new pearl harbour’ in the year 2000.

    9-11 was the new pearl harbour.

    Imagine for a second that I’m right and that a group within your own government is responsible, and that everything you described takes place. Can you see how that could make things a billion times worse? Do you see what I see?

  20. Thanks Terry. I will tell you my strategy in building readership soon. I have to organize my thoughts on it. You are doing a lot right now. Your website has a good design. Political topics draw the most readers and you have to engage debate. You are doing all that.

  21. Thanks Mick. You’re a good guy really. I’ve just encountered the extreme American right. They’re nuts. You’re a wonderful guy – an angel! lol. I’ll tell you all about them when I’m done.

  22. Anna Nicole Smith aka Vickie Lynn Hogan –

    Looks, beauty, charm, attractiveness…. They don’t come any better . It is too bad that she had to die so young, and the way she died.

    I don’t know which is sadder. The fact that she died so young and tragically or the fact that her demise was 100% preventable.

  23. Update on Anna Nicole Smith:
    tate authorities investigating circumstances surrounding the overdose death of Anna Nicole Smith raided six locations Friday, including the offices and residences of two doctors.


    California Attorney General Jerry Brown declined to say what charges could be filed but said the probe involved the “prescribing and dispensing practices of several California licensed doctors and pharmacies.”

    Search warrants were served, and there were no arrests, he told a news conference. He added, “You don’t go to a judge and get a search warrant for somebody’s home unless you think some rather serious crime has been committed.”

    Brown said he launched the investigation on March 30 after he learned that the drugs involved in Smith’s Feb. 8 death were prescribed by California physicians and came from California pharmacies.

    Smith, a former Playboy Playmate, died of an accidental overdose of drugs, including a powerful sleep aid, at a Florida casino-hotel.

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