New York Times offers low, low ad rates to, how about to fallen vets in obits?

Mick Gregory

Think about this. The New York Times lets the Democrat communications company place the General Betray Us ad for bargain basement ad rates, (called the stand-by rate) meanwhile they charge a higher rate for obits on veterens.

Stand-by ads are the evergreen ads for coins and vitamins that are on stand-by to be placed in a section to match the press run. They are not timely, current or ever political.

Now the backlash. The New York Times stock is plunging now that stockholders are finding out that the once great newspaper is run as a PR organ for the Democrat Central Committee.

I predict a free fall to $18 a share, then a private company will buy the stock and put the elite family members headed by Pinchy out to pasture. Maybe even Hearst will be the ultimate owner.

“The most authoritative newsletter covering the newspaper industry issued a gloomy prognosis for the business today and then, tellingly, went out of business.

Many newspapers in the largest markets already “have passed the point of opportunity” to save themselves, says the Morton-Groves Newspaper Newsletter in its farewell edition. “For those who have not made the transition [by now], technology and market factors may be too strong to enable success.”

We talk about creative destruction, and celebrate the rise of blogging as citizen journalism and Craigslist as self-service advertising, but there are times when something that seemed great in theory arrives in reality, and you understand the downsides. I have faith both in the future and in free markets as a way to get there, but sometimes the road is hard. If your local newspaper were to go out of business, would you miss it? What kinds of jobs that current newspapers do would go undone?

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