Journalists think of corporate PR types as ‘sinners.’ It’s wrong to work in free enterprise?

Newspaper journaists look down their noses at PR professionals who want to come back to the fold. Did you know they were so elitist? What kind of information are J-school students being fed?

By Mick Gregory

More rosey advice from the newspaper “recruiter” Joe Grimm.

Getting Back to Journalism from PR?
Q. Since graduating from college in 2006, I have been working as a public relations coordinator and have been very successful at the small agency I am at. However, I find myself wanting to jump back into journalism, which I majored in, in the next couple years.

Mick Gregory’s advice — Are you OK? Taking all your meds? So you graduated way back in 2006. That was only a year ago. You have to stick it out a little longer than that. I think you had better look into the salary level of journalists at mid-sized newspapers. For recent college grads you are looking at $35,000 a year — at the top of scale. On the other hand, who’s hiring?

I know there are a lot of journalists in the region who are moving from the field into PR, but I was wondering how successful public relations professionals going into broadcast or print have been. With so many newspapers or television stations asking for clippings or a tape of previous broadcast work, I find myself feeling discouraged and settling into a pigeonhole that I may not want to be inside in the next few years.

What do you think? What steps should I be taking to make the career leap down the line?

Clipped Wings
Here’s Grimm’s advice: (Note, no mention of money)
A. This will not be easy.

You need to have recent clips to compete with others. You will run into a lot of questions about why you went into public relations and whether you will follow journalistic principles.

The only thing you can do about those questions is develop some good answers that essentially show you’ve turned your back on public relations. Editors like recovering sinners — not that you are, but they might treat you like one.

One thought on “Journalists think of corporate PR types as ‘sinners.’ It’s wrong to work in free enterprise?

  1. Mick — I earned my journalism degree 23+ years ago, but never worked inside a newsroom. Instead, I worked for more than a dozen of those years as a public affairs officer/corporate communications director. While I didn’t get rich, I always felt better off than most of the journalists with whom I dealt on a regular basis. One of my classmates did much better than I did, and he didn’t pursue a journalism degree either. Today, he makes tens of millions of dollars a year with his j-school degree (yes, his bio show “marketing,” but he got the same degree I did (journalism/advertising): Garth Brooks.

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