Michael Savage feeling the heat from big pharmaceutical companies and the usual liberal suspects

I know Michael Savage. I’ve been to a few of his events and was a regular caller on his show “The Savage Nation.” Savage is not a raving lunatic attacking autism victims. In fact he had a brother with severe mental and physical disabilities.

What the learned author and authority on herbal medicine is doing is exposing the AMA and BIG Pharmaceutical companies for taking control of the system and broadening the life-long sale of dangerous, under-tested drugs on innocent children.

Dr. Savage has always been against Big Brother/Big Sis manipulation and is one of the last true advocates of freedom in America.

Could Savage be on to something? Is Autism being over sold? Why are some calling it the American disease?

This story by Elizabeth Gorman on MinnPost.com shows an oddity. It should be researched further.

The article reports that an unusually large proportion of Somali-speaking children in Minnesota have autism, something that has also been noted in Sweden, where Somali immigrants call autism “the Swedish Disease,” because they did not see it back in East Africa.  Could it be that booth American and Swedish pharmaceutical companies are expanding the market for their drugs?

According to the report, almost 6 percent of the Minneapolis school district’s total enrollment is made up of Somali-speaking students. But in the city’s early childhood and kindergarten programs, “more than 12 percent of the students with autism reported speaking Somali at home,” and over “17 percent of students in the district’s early childhood special education autism program are Somali speaking,” the article said.

Somali kids with autism seem to be doing worse, on average, than their school mates: “About a quarter of all autism children who attend autism classrooms for students functioning too low to be mainstreamed in regular schoolrooms are Somali.”

The statewide autism rate in Minnesota is already quite high — at 100 per 10,000 children, as compared to the national average estimate of 67 per 10,000. In the Somali immigrant community, however, it could be much higher than either of those figures.

4 thoughts on “Michael Savage feeling the heat from big pharmaceutical companies and the usual liberal suspects

  1. Savage also figured out and exposed that the AIDS funding to Africa was really a bail out of the American pharma companies after they spent $$$ trying to find a cure for AIDS. The $45 Bil will get paid to the pharma companies and they will be whole for the money gambled to find a cure for AIDS.

    Get over Savage. He is the last remaining (unvarnished) truth teller on the radio.The whiners just can’t handle the truth…

  2. Marjon, thanks for bringing up that AIDS scam.
    The mainstream, liberal media, even FOX News wouldn’t cover AIDS funding for Africa scams or the expanded definition of Autism so that drug companies can scam Medicaid and Social Security. But I’m afraid Savage will be shut down. When that happens, only blogs will be able to replace his reports. But blogs will not have the audience of the “Savage Nation.”

  3. Wow, what a creepy website. you folks need some therapy to get over your anger issues. Savage and his ilk are doomed to the forgotten scrap heap of hate-mongers. The vast majority of Americans see right through his lame hateful rants. You are all fools for thinking this man is any different from the bitter old fool you can find in any corner bar. Get a life.

  4. Speak Truth,
    You may find it ironic, but I believe Savage is full of hate. His latest rant on Autisim will be his undoing. It reminds me of the story of General Patton, who smacked and slapped a shell shocked GI.

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