Ike is heading toward Houston — Cat 3 — Time to Evacuate

Where are the NBC, MSNBC and CNN anchors? Why aren’t they interested in the fourth largest city in the U.S.? Why did they all spend so much time to cover the storms in New Orleans?

(Because they were hoping to keep the U.S. voters’ attention away from the Republican National Convention.)

Then came Hurricane Sarah.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. not including the population of Galveston. Imagine 5 million people on the move. It’s like scenes in the movies Independence Day and Asteroid.

Gas stations are already running out of regular. Wal-Mart shelves are wiped clean of water and toilet paper.

Why are people so concerned about toilet paper before natural disasters? I’d think your rectum would be the least of your worries.

I think local TV stations and grocery stores like Ike.

How about selling hurricane names to major sponsors — Hurricane Ikea.

You might remember I posted a suggestion that McCain/Palin and Bush will coordinate humanitarian aid to Cuba. Though my post didn’t raise many eyebrows, someone agrees with me in Washington DC.

Look at this:

Evacuations appeared to have saved lives in Cuba when Ike slammed into the island. Four deaths were reported from the storm, according to the Cuban government. The Cuban Civil Defense brought buses or trucks to take people to shelters. Photo See the damage from the storm »

The United States, which provided $100,000 in emergency aid to communist-run Cuba through private aid agencies after Hurricane Gustav hit the island August 30, said that it was considering additional emergency aid for Cuba because of Ike. Video Watch as winds and waves pound Cuba »

It is 9-11 — 35 percent of the Democrat Party voters believe Bush was behind it.

2 thoughts on “Ike is heading toward Houston — Cat 3 — Time to Evacuate

  1. Mick,

    Perhaps there is no outrage over the NYT investment by a Mexican billionaire because it’s got to be the worst investment ever. I’m not that outraged because I’m too busy laughing at him. I’m sure you’re worried about international influence though and you should be. Did you see the lastest “global poll” on who is responsible for 9/11?


    30% of Mexicans believe 9/11 was an inside job by our own government. That’s double the international average and 2nd behind Turkey. Even the Palestinians are smarter than them.

  2. Scott, I’m laughing with you. I couldn’t care less what happens to the New York Times. They have become patsies for the Democrat party and European socialists for the past 40 years.

    That’s an amazing study on the power of propaganda put out by the Democrat Party leadership.

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