Rush Limbaugh and Jim Cramer on Obama’s enemies list – Jon Stewart (real name is Leibowitz) is Obama’s throne sniffer

Updated March 13, 2009:

President Obama’s enemies now includes Jim Cramer of Mad Money. The list grows as the public finds life savings destroyed by BO’s socialist, wealth eroding Marxist ideals. 

Obama fan (voted for him)

Cramer, a former supporter of Obama, criticized the president yesterday on the Today Show, saying that his budget has “basically put a level of fear in this country that I have not seen ever in my life.”

“This is the most, greatest wealth destruction I’ve seen by a president,” Cramer added.


Cramer has a lot of business smarts. He left the newspaper business more than 10 years ago for and later Mad Money on CNBC. 




Obama White House’s chief spokesman Robert Gibbs on Friday said he enjoyed watching “The Daily Show” talking head John Sewart tear CNBC’s Jim Cramer (a former Hearst staffer) a new one.  It was a week of payback from Cramer’s opinion that Obama has been the worst president when it comes to economis in modern history. Cramer’s Thursday appearance on Stewart’s (his real surname is Leibowitz) Comedy Central program created buzz throughout the MSM. The Stewart attacks started last Monday.

This is a gaudy scene of Obama’s power in the media. But that is fading as his popularity numbers fall. 

Press secretary Gibbs said he had spoken with President Barack Obama on Thursday about watching the Stewart-Cramer showdown.


From Jim Cramer — “Now some, including Rush Limbaugh, would say I am on Obmama’s enemies list: that of the White House. Limbaugh says there are only a handful of us on it, and if I am on it for defending all of the shareholders out there, then I am in good company. Limbaugh — whom I do not know personally, but having been in radio myself, know professionally as a genius of the medium — says, ‘They’re going to shut Cramer up pretty soon, too, but he’ll go down with a fight.'”

Carlson, reached Friday, described Stewart as “a partisan demagogue.”

“Jim Cramer may be sweaty and pathetic—he certainly was last night—but he’s not responsible for the current recession,” Carlson told POLITICO. “His real sin was attacking Obama’s economic policies. If he hadn’t done that, Stewart never would have gone after him. Stewart’s doing Obama’s bidding. It’s that simple.” — Tucker Carlson on Jon Stewart’s hatchet job. 


JON Stewart, the leftist who continues to support only Democrat/Socialist causes and has proven to be a big supporter of Obama, may have had a secret weapon in his corner to help him prep for his grudge match with “Mad Money” host, Jim Cramer – his older brother.

As the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, Stewart’s brother, Larry Leibowitz, is head of US Markets & Global Technology at NYSE Euronext. (Stewart’s given surname is also “Leibowitz,” but he famously told “60 Minutes” that he changed it to “Stewart” because Leibowitz “sounded too Hollywood” Why? Is he ashamed to be a Jew?) Larry has also held high positions at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

A Page Six spy who recently shared an elevator ride at the NYSE with Leibowitz and Big Board CEO Duncan Niederauersays, “They both got off on the sixth floor, after Leibowitz had practically been doing everything but shine his shoes for the short ride up. What a routine they have. One brother pretends to kick Wall Street’s butt by crucifying Cramer on his show, while the other brother is down on Wall Street kissing it.”

Whatever advice the elder Leibowitz gave the talk-show host before last week’s showdown, it worked: The typically loudmouthed Cramer was uncharacteristically silent in the face of Stewart’s attacks and even seemed repentant at times.

Meanwhile, the hit to Cramer’s credibility has been followed by a hit to his ratings. While a CNBC rep says that March numbers for “Mad Money” are up overall compared to February, the show suffered a 2 percent decline in viewership in the days following Cramer’s appearance on Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and 6 percent in the 25-54 demographic. — The NY Daily News



Back to Rush

After the CPAC speech Rush Limbaugh gave — going  for  1.5 hours, the White House spokesman, Mr. Gibbs keeps up the attacks on Mr. Limbaugh to marginalize him.

This is Soviet-style politics. The Democratic/Socialists are targeting Rush Limbaugh because they know the “blame Bush” propaganda has lost its political currency with the masses. 


Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.

The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s. —

Rush Limbaugh has single-handedly solidified opposition to the Obama administration’s “Socio-Economic Stimulus Plan.”  Rush authored a “shot over the bow” opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday and it got some attention. 

Barack Obama warned congressional Republicans not to side with Rush Limbaugh. Next, George Soros, the multi-billionaire socialist, (who made his money in hedge funds and betting against UK and US currency)  helps fund the Democrat Party socialist organization and the new Obama administration with ad mad money. 

Limbaugh has said he hopes Obama’s liberalism fails. Rush’s huge national voice (20 million adults 18-65) is a serious problem for socialists. He is the leader of free enterprise and the enemy of Big Brother government.

The Obama White House has endorsed an ad attacking Limbaugh to try and isolate and muzzle him. They started airing immediately following the WSJ opinion piece. 

But wait, there are more attacks from the White House as financial analysts point out Obama’s lack of economics training. Jim Cramer stated on his popular cable show that Obama has destroyed more wealth than any other president. 

There is chatter on the Internet about plans at high levels to silence Limbaugh and later Michael Savage a Top 3 national radio host. They have had death threats before. But the online chatter seems to be at an all time high. 

The plans could go something like this: pick from a handful of  mentally handicapped, Islamic fanatics  and set a few up as the patsies in an  assassination of Rush. The blame will be deflected from the Democrats (who benefit). About two or three months later, Michael Savage will appear to have “committed  suicide.” 

Or just pave the way for the “Fairness Doctrine” by smearing Savage as a “Hate Monger.”  This will scare off advertisers and have stations dropping Savage thus ending his career.

Rush and Savage are very powerful free thinkers and targets. They are America’s last speed bumps on the Democrat machine’s highway to socialism. 

If these rumors come to fruition, it’s over. Welcome to the USSA.

…in my opinion.

There are a number of “legit” left-wing Web sites with subtle and sometimes bold campaigns trying to put Rush and Savage out of business, reminds me of the Nazi’s Kristol Nacht.

CAIR’s list of companies boycotting Savage show includes some that have never advertised on it or any other talk show. It’s apparently a phony list to try and defame Savage. 

CAIR —  the Council on American Islamic Relations, has been organizing a  boycott of Michael Savage’s show.

“AutoZone: CAIR wrong about Michael Savage ads,” from WorldNetDaily (thanks to D. C. Watson):

The Council on American-Islamic Relations claims a raft of companies have stopped advertising on Michael Savage’s top-rated radio talk show in response to a CAIR-instigated boycott campaign, but several of the cited companies say they don’t know what the Islamic lobby group is talking about.In a recent announcement claiming Universal Orlando Resorts “drops ‘Savage Nation’ ads,” CAIR stated:

“Advertisers that have already stopped airing, or refuse to air commercials on ‘Savage Nation’ include AutoZone, Citrix, JCPenney and Citgo.”


Most of these companies have not been advertising on any talk radio shows, including Air America. 

But we know that Media Matters, a leftist/socialist DC Web site staffed by college students, many working for free for the cause, has tried to have Rush’s show taken off Armed Services Radio.

We request that  talk radio host Rush Limbaugh from the American Forces Radio and Television Service (formerly known as Armed Forces Radio). 

The request never gained support in the Bush administration, what will we see happen with the new Obama/Democrat one party government? 

Limbaugh has had his share of death threats. He has also had his quota of criticism from the media, or the liberal media, as he tends to call it. He hates interviews and has rarely given any –The London Telegraph



47 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh and Jim Cramer on Obama’s enemies list – Jon Stewart (real name is Leibowitz) is Obama’s throne sniffer

  1. If Rush is assassinated. The entire US government is controlled by the Democrat party. There will be no real investigation. Let’s hope Rush has good security.

  2. Never in my life have I experienced what can only be described as nazi hate mongering to the extent it is going on today with Lamebrain Limbaugh and his ilk. Facts mean nothing. That the Republican Party is being brought down by deceit and Goebbles like propaganda means nothing. I’ll never vote Republican again. Well yes, maybe at the point of a gun.

  3. John,
    You have things totally assbackwards. Never before has a President been so open about silencing American citizens who disagree with him.
    That is the USSR, Nazi and Chicago way.

  4. John,
    Au contraire. The Republican Party is being brought down by the RINO wing that is sleeping with the devil (Liberals). Limbaugh, Savage, et al are doing there best to prevent this from happening.

  5. Gary // February 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Please ad links to the well known leftist Web sites that are trying to get Rush and Savage off the air.

    I hope the FBI speaks up about the threats to kill or silence people. Who is in the most danger?

  6. Thank God for talk radio and blog talk radio. It will take more than threats to squash the growing patriotism in America. Real Patriots may be slow to wake up, but they are waking up. Please continue to sound the alarm.
    I don’t know that we will win without God’s intervention, but I’d still rather die on the side of right then to join the O’bots.

  7. It’s sad isn’t it how a few sincere, honorable, articulate critics – like Mr. Limbaugh – can stir up so much fear in the Democratic party. The Democrats won the election but it’s not enough. They have the majorities they need to spend us into oblivion but it’s not enough.

    What more do the Democrats want? Evidently complete obedience by the masses and silence by the critics.

    Death threats against conservative commentators – it’s pathetic just like personal attacks against their weight or their age. Democrats are not skilled enough to do critical thinking and give good arguments so they just rant and rave. Ridiculous. I hope the authorities lock up the jerks sending the death threats.

    Cheers to Rush Limbaugh and to others like him. Keep up the good fight.

  8. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! A fat drug-addicted liar on the radio controls this many people. Charlie Manson is somewhere laughing his ass off. We are doomed is this many people are really that dumb.

  9. Is this a great country or what! A fat junky and a bumboy for a bunch of 60s ne”er do wells reinvent themselves as the guardians of family values and the American way, and no one is supposed to laugh! Come on guys, you can only get away with this because talk radio and the internet are such bloodless and detached media. A couple of barroom bullies, a bunch of cowards , wimps and losers huddling on the internet – ah, how you tax the notions of charity and redemption!

  10. I for one am glad that Limbaugh and Savage are the leaders of the GOP…they will help the ship of fools sink a little quicker.

  11. That is so stupid. Michael Savage had explained on his show about how he values life as a gift and he has had points in his life where he would have committed suicide, but that life is never worth giving up. Talking about assassinations on the internet is such a stupid idea.

  12. Must keep our heads in the sand. Must think of happy thoughts about Big Brother and Big Sis. Obama loves us. He’s just spreading the wealth around.

  13. I am an independant voter and I see bad guys on BOTH sides of the political fence. Rush (the pill popper) is killing whats left of the Republican party but the radicals just cant see it. The Demo’s are using him and it is working! He is a loud mouth and no friend of the Repub’s but they are afraid of him.

  14. What is it about liberals? You can’t win with good ideas so you call names, threaten and lie about the truth.
    Can you write about your own ideas rather than recite the Obama war book? How about some intelligence!!

  15. Now I actually voted Republican this past election, but I have to say I’m very disappointed by this article. Right at the top of the page is printed “The end of elite liberal media empires and rise of citizen journalism” which made me think this would actually have an even, fair view on things. This is simply anti liberal, not a true journalistic writing.

  16. Now the hit is on Jim Cramer. Even O’Rielly is helping the Obama team smear their enemies. I wonder if he knows that?

  17. Bill O’relly is not even a RINO. He’s in it for himself. I don’t think he even understands how dangerous socialisim is. He’s all about Pop culture. He dosen’t understand economics and how dangerous a Democrat majority is. He will find out soon enough.

  18. HAHAHA! Yeah, “Team Obama” huddled with Jon Stewart to “attack” Cramer for going after Obama. Obama is a regular mafioso leader (unlike “Team Cheney” for the past 8 years). You could tell Jon Stewart wasn’t genuinely furious at Cramer and CNBC for blaming mortgage holders for their losses while CNBC spewed whatever lies CEO’s told them, and praised spokespeople/tools for the Wall Street like Rick Santelli.

    I remember when the GOP actually had intellectuals and conservatives in their party(the opposite of the massive-government spending whores, nation-building enthusiasts, and moronic, conspiracy theory clowns blaming everyone but themselves for their spectacular downfall).

    “Obama’s numbers are falling”. And the GOP numbers are rising?? The American people are aware who is responsible for the current nightmarish Bush/Cheney economy and wars-without-plans the country is desperately trying to correct.

  19. Jon Stewart handed Cramer his arse!

    Watch the Unedited Interview

    Wall Street is supposed to have an early warning system that if something is amiss it will self correct in time to avoid a collapse of the system. That early warning system is known as price action. In other words, the trading price of Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and AIG should have begun a downward trajectory years ago as these firms loaded up on leveraged junk. There is only one possible scenario to explain why this did not happen: trading in the market was rigged. That is the root of the problem which Jon Steward is getting to with his questions.

    Now thanks to Jim Cramer, the public now knows how easy it is for an insider to manipulate the market and get a stock prices to move up or down. Jon Stewart has opened the floodgates. Let the hearings begin.

  20. Jim Cramer is a member of the media. He has been right more than wrong about stocks. I’ve learned lots from watching his show Mad Money on CNBC. I knew the Obama throne sniffers would be after him.

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